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About Last Night
Season 2, Episode 16
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Air date March 10, 2014
Written by Melissa Glenn
Directed by Stuart Gillard
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Beast is the New Black

About Last Night is the 16th episode of the Second Season, and the 38th episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT ARE REMINDED OF HOW IN LOVE THEY ONCE WERE — In order to prevent Sam (guest star Tom Everett Scott) from destroying a large group of people, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are forced to revisit a romantic destination from their past, which enables them to come to a new realization about what they mean to one another.[1]



The episode starts with a montage of Vincent and Catherine’s relationship. Cat wakes up smiling due to her dream, but the smile vanishes when she realizes she is in Vincent’s bed. She grabs her clothes and sneaks out. 

When Vincent wakes up, he goes to the gentlemen’s club to vent to JT.  Meanwhile, Catherine tells Tess a different story. Vincent says, it meant something special to him; Cat maintains it was only break-up sex. Even so,  they agree it was great. Tess decides it was not breakup sex because there was kissing and eye contact. JT agrees, because break up sex tends to be sloppy, short and generally not great. He tells Vincent to talk to Cat and figure it out. She may be with Gabe, but they aren’t married. Cat wants to move forward.

Meanwhile, Sam smuggles his beast-serum into the Rikers infirmary. He injects another inmate and escapes prison in the middle of the confusion. 

Over at the precinct, Catherine braces herself for coming clean to Gabe. He asks if she ended things with Vincent. Cat beats around the bush. Gabe wonders if she is having second thoughts, which Cat denies. Gabe notices she is lying. They don’t go any further with the conversation because Tess tells them that Sam escaped from prison.

Catherine and Gabe go to Rikers. They discuss their need for JT to synthesize an antidote for Sam and decrypt the CIA file Sam got. As she walks out, Cat gets a phone call from Vincent. He wants to talk about last night. Cat tries to avoid the conversation and her not a good time excuse is valid. Vincent tells her last night was incredible. Cat corrects him saying it was a mistake. Catherine tells Vincent that she needs to move on, adding that she is afraid to go back to being defined by him. Vincent tells Cat that he knows she is lying, that he can sense what she feels and that they are meant to be together. Vincent says he is not going to give up on them. 

Back at the gentlemen’s club, Tess makes JT tap into the NSA’s software to find Sam. While JT works, they discuss their friends’ love life. Tess says that guys walk out on girls the morning after all the time… so Catherine should be allowed to do it too. JT retorts that women sleeping with guys who have been chasing them for months and then disappearing is rude. It was a not so subtle dig at Cat and Tess. Vincent arrives as Tess leaves.

Meanwhile, Sam threatens the judge and demands to have his pin. Once Sam finds the pin, he gets ready to kill the judge but stops when he sees a picture of the judge with his son.

Back at the precinct,  Gabe is disappointed with how things are turning out, but tells Catherine that she is allowed to change her mind. Cat denies that she is backing out. Cat acknowledges that she is confused and maybe not ready to take their relationship to the next level. Gabe blurts out that he loves her, and he is right for her and Vincent is wrong. Cat seems uncomfortable. 

Vincent can’t track Sam because he is using scent killers. JT has partially decrypted Sam’s files. JT found names from all over the country with two in Manhattan. The closest one is Judge Westbrook’s office. Vincent hurries there and asks JT to call Catherine, finish the antidote an bring it to Rikers.

Catherine and Gabe meet with Vincent at the Judge’s office. Judge Westbrook gives evasive lies to Gabe’s questions, which Vincent points out. Vincent volunteers to persuade the judge. Gabe wants to be in charge of the situation so he asks Vincent “What can you do that I can’t do?” So, finally, Cat and Gabe allow Vincent to use some beast-persuasion with the judge.

They learn that Muirfield turned children into beasts. Since the members don’t know each other, they communicated on the CIA server that Sam blew up. They are holding a secret emergency meeting at a masquerade party. The pin is their way into the meeting. Vincent suggests they visit the other Manhattan address on the list and borrow the pins from Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont. Catherine will impersonate Mrs. Beaumont, but the question is who will play the part of her husband? Gabe and Vincent disagree until Cat breaks the tie and sides with Gabe.

Catherine and Gabe arrive at the masquerade and realize that he is too high profile for undercover work. Vincent arrives as the backup fake husband. He reminds Cat that they are better together than they are apart and asks for another chance.

Back at the gentlemen’s club, Tess blames JT for losing Sam and his next target. After telling Tess that he is doing all he can, JT says he deserves a shot with her. Tess tells him that he was the last person in the planet she thought she would date. She says that even if they don’t make sense, all she thinks about being with him and it is driving her nuts. Tess kisses him just as the list gets decrypted. 

At the masquerade, Sam finds Catherine. He poses as Judge Westbrook and tells the security guards that Cat is not Mrs. Beaumont, so they take her away. Gabe calls JT and fills in Vincent; when JT decrypted Sam’s flash drive, he found out that the organization, was actually behind Muirfield’s reboot. Gabe tells Vincent to do himself a favor and stay away from Catherine. Vincent smugly replies, “is that so?”
Badass Catherine About last night

The ultimate b*tch slap

Gabe walks away. Vincent spots the security guards escorting Catherine to the kitchen. Cat proceeds to disarm the guards and take them down. Vincent arrives just in time to throw the last punch, which upsets Cat. She says she had it under her control. Cat walks away from Vincent proclaiming, “I am not some damsel in distress, I don’t need a knight in shining armor!”

Meanwhile, Sam heads to the basement for the Muirfield’s reboot meeting. Sam approaches a member, Andrew Martin and confronts him about the clinical trials they did on children. Andrew smiles until he realizes Sam isn’t who he says he is. Before Andrew can react, Sam injects him with the Beast-serum. Andrew turns out to be beast inclined so he transforms. 

Vincent and Catherine want to go after Sam, but Gabe thinks it is too dangerous. Cat refuses to let Sam get away with it and just walks to the elevator. Vincent says to Gabe, “I obviously don’t make decisions for Catherine” and then follows her to the elevator. 

They arrive at the secret meeting floor. The Muirfield’s reboot members fall one by one to the hands of the newly created Andrew-Beast. Vincent transforms and attacks Andrew while Catherine tends to the wounded. Vincent kills Andrew. Sam breaks down, runs to the rooftop and tries to kill himself.

Vincent and Catherine go after him. Vincent tries to talk Sam off the ledge by giving him a heart-felt speech about not getting lost in the need for revenge and finding a way to honor his son’s memory without hurting more people in the process. Cat realizes that Vincent has changed. However, Sam jumps. But Vincent uses his reflexes and catches him. Sam, defeated, says Vincent should have let him die. 

Sam gets arrested. Vincent watches with a feeling of helplessness. Catherine approaches Vincent and tells him that he doesn’t have to take the law into his own hands anymore. Vincent assures her that he is not planning on going back to that life, but he understands what Sam is going through. Cat likes the new him better and believes he has changed. Gabe arrives and Vincent takes his cue, but not before giving Cat a look that lets her know that he will wait.

Gabe drives Catherine home and stops in front of her building. He calls Cat naïve and tells her she is making a mistake. Gabe claims that Vincent is a beast and always will be and he will hurt her. Gabe says that he can’t keep protecting her from Vincent. Cat is upset that Gabe wants to protect her and is trying to control her life and she will be sorry. Gabe says “I won’t let him hurt you.” And with that, Cat gets out of the car and walks the rest of the way home.

Once inside her apartment, Catherine finds her living room door open and smiles to the ceiling, knowing that Vincent is waiting on her. Cat finds him standing on her roof looking at the skyline. She approaches him and he silently presents her with a single red rose. Vincent tells Cat he loves her. Cat looks up at him and says that she loves him too. They kiss.

The next morning, Catherine wakes up next to Vincent. He is happy to see her next to him this time. Vincent says he doesn’t want to hurt her again. She kisses him and things get heated but a knock on the door interrupts them. Catherine gets up. She answers the door to  the police; they are there to arrest Vincent for the murder of Curt Windsor.


Vincent: Catherine, I have changed, okay? We both have. The one thing that hasn't changed – that will never change – is that we are better together than we are apart, and you know it.


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  • In the final scene where Vincent & Catherine reunite, Vincent gives Catherine a rose. The rose can be seen as an homage or reference to the original Beauty & the Beast story.


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