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Olivia Dylan is a Special Agent with Homeland Security. Dylan is Catherine Chandler's boss and in charge of the manhunt against Vincent Keller.

Agent Dylan and Cat track down Vincent and crash the party to arrest him. Diane, a Graydal asset that Vincent is undercover with, attacks Dylan. Cat checks on Olivia at the hospital. She explains that Vaughn is a hit woman wanted by Interpol on multiple charges. At DHS, Dylan informs Cat that she is aware that Vincent broke into the Lewis home. Olivia is unclear on why Vincent saved the guard after he killed him. (Love is a Battlefield)

Agent Dylan raids Graydal to find Vincent.  Braxton assures Dylan that Graydal does not hire criminals. The search turns up empty and DHS leaves. Dylan shows Tess the photographs of Vincent handing over evidence to criminal Erick Lee. Kyle goes to Cat’s office Dylan searching the place. Kyle informs Dylan he’s dating Agent Chandler’s sister Heather. Dylan “thought Professor Forbes was dating Heather Chandler.” Kyle is confused when Olivia shows him security footage of JT and Heather at Graydal offices. (Means to an End)

Thanks to a tip from Kyle, Dylan is able to track Vincent and Cat to the airport before they leave. (Meet the New Beast)

Dylan visits Cat in prison to try to persuade her to do the right thing and turn on Vincent. (No Way Out)