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Alton Finn was a recurring character and superhuman on Beauty & the Beast. He was portrayed by Zach Appelman.


Alton was a successful businessman in the tech industry when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. He later discovered the tumor was giving him the ability of electrokinesis. Alton figured out his tumor could be removed with a risky procedure, but before he could use it, he was sent a serum from someone who promised to cure him. After getting the first dose, he believed that he was getting better.

When he failed to receive the second dose, Alton tracked down the courier who was supposed to give it to him to find out where it is. The courier admitted that it was taken from him by Agent Thomas under coercion, but before Alton could get any more information from him, the courier was killed by electrocution.

Alton got into Agent Thomas' office at DHS, and tried to figure out where the serum was. When he couldn't find it, he went to New York General, where Thomas had been admitted after being injured, and tortured him into admitting he had given the serum to J.T. Forbes, who was trying to synthesize a dose of the serum to use on Agent Thomas.

Alton lured J.T. to the hospital, and forced him to give him the serum. J.T., though, tried to tell Alton that the serum might be making his tumor worse to improve his electrokinesis. Alton refused to believe him, but J.T. escaped and injected the serum into Agent Thomas. Alton then shocked J.T. unconscious, and tried to transfuse J.T.'s blood into himself in order to get the healing power of the serum. Before he could, though, he was stopped by Vincent Keller. Before he could kill Vincent, Catherine Chandler came in and got Alton and Vincent to stop fighting each other. Vincent later had Alton admitted to remove his brain tumor, using the notes Alton had written up, and Alton was supposedly cured.

Several weeks later, Vincent found Alton while tracking a mercenary working for Liam Cullen. Liam was trying to kill anyone who is or was superhuman, and Vincent was able to save Alton before he could get killed, too. Alton was put in police protection. Liam, though, placed a bomb in the room adjacent to Alton's, killing him and other innocent people.