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Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date January 20, 2014
Written by Roger Grant & Rupa Magge
Directed by Steven A. Adelson
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Don't Die On Me
Held Hostage

Ancestors is the 10th episode of the Second Season, and the 32th episode overall.

"Someone who's not afraid to arrest her own father is someone I can trust."


VINCENT REVEALS HIS TRUE IDENTITY TO THE WORLD — Vincent (Jay Ryan) goes on a national talk show to reveal he is still alive, while Cat (Kristin Kreuk) dives into an undercover case for FBI Agent Dana Landon (guest start Elisabeth Röhm). Vincent, determined to learn more about his beastly origins, ends up coming face-to-face with Cat in the middle of a heist, which forces them to work together. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Steven A. Adelson directed the episode written by Roger Grant and Rupa Magge.



Vincent has been invited to The Talk. Sharon and Julie introduce Vincent as a “good looking war hero with amnesia”. Tori stands backstage. Julie asks Vincent if he has a special girl in his life and he answers “no comment.” Finally, Julie asks Vincent what is next for him and you can tell he has no idea.

At Il Cantuccio, Tess walks in on Catherine media-stalking war heroes. Tess comforts Cat and tells her that getting over Vincent will take some time. Tess is very understanding.

After the interview, Vincent is mad at Tori for “talking him into it”. Meanwhile, Gabe, Catherine and Tess meet with FBI Agent Dana Landon and the body of Mara Angel. Dana explains that Mara was a professional thief hired for a big heist. The other thieves don’t know Mara is dead so the FBI wants Cat to go undercover and take her place. Cat is desperate for a distraction to avoid thinking about her now famous ex, so she is in.

Vincent and Tori arrive at the Gentlemen’s Club to find JT recuperating from a violent home-invasion. The thug stole the Beast shackle. JT can’t figure out why he didn’t take the more valuable skeleton. The skeleton has some of Vincent’s Beast-markers, so looks like the Muirfield serum wasn’t synthetic. Vincent tracks the attack and sees JT experimenting when a guy breaks in, throws JT across the room and takes the shackle.

Back at the precinct, Dana gives Catherine her mission’s details. Mara was supposed to go to Fitzpatrick’s Bar, find the guy with the neck tattoo and “twirl her ring”. They never figured out what Mara’s specialty was, so they hope she was a security expert and not a sniper. It is clear that this mission is somehow something personal for Dana.

After the briefing, Gabe tries to talk Catherine out of the dangerous mission and suggests she should go “find herself” under more controlled circumstances. Cat thanks him for his concern but tells him that this is who she is, that she is going back to what excited her about being a cop in the first place.

In the meantime, Vincent and Tori go to JT’s attacker’s empty apartment to track where he is. Vincent wants to find the shackle because it may be connected to his past. Tori suggests Vincent’s obsession with the “past” is just a way to get back with Cat. Vincent says that it “has nothing to do with Catherine”.

Catherine walks in Fitzpatrick’s Bar. She spots the man with the neck tattoo and gives twirls her ring. Pete Franco introduces the rest of the crew: his brother Patrick, Shorty (AKA JT’s attacker) and Ian. Pete gets suspicious of Cat’s questions. He threatens her and Cat pins him down to the pool table until he apologizes. Cat lets Pete go and he thinks she's a psycho bitch. She tells him to never forget it and she will only take orders from Patrick because he is “cuter.”

Catherine and Patrick leave the bar just as Vincent enters. Cat and Vincent freeze and look at each other for just a second. Vincent heads her way. Not wanting her cover blown, Cat kisses Patrick. Tori walks in and assumes Vincent tracked Cat. She tells Vincent to screw himself and walks away.

Catherine, Patrick and the rest of the gang walk in a warehouse. Patrick and Cat talk about loyalty, difficulties letting go and finding yourself separate from others. The unnamed team member sets them up with some plastic guns; they talk about getting a “gem” and something about “outfits”. Leaving Cat in the dark about what her mission really is.

Vincent goes to JT’s. JT asks if Catherine was in danger when Vincent found her. Vincent replies “in danger of running out of air while she was making out with some dude”. JT tells Vincent that Tori values their “beast-connection” and understands why she got mad. JT gives Vincent a pep talk and encourages him to “beast up” and go “avenge me!”

Vincent goes back to Shorty’s apartment to avenge JT. Vincent grabs Shorty by the neck, hits him and grows until Shorty comes clean. Shorty tells him that they wanted the shackle because it goes with the “gem” in the Russian Embassy. Shorty reaches for his gun but before he can shoot, Vincent kills him. Before leaving, Vincent finds the shackle in the chimney.

At the precinct, Catherine, Gabe and Dana go over the mission’s final details. Cat mentions Patrick. Dana is unaware of this new player. Cat would like to protect Patrick because “he’s reluctant.” Gabe wants to know who will protect Cat. She replies that she doesn’t need protection. They bicker until Gabe convinces Cat to wear a “wire”.

At the warehouse, Pete suspects Catherine of Shorty’s murder. Cat shows up in the “wrong outfit.” Pete, more suspicious, concludes she is a cop, so they take her to the pier. When they are about to scan her, Cat attacks Pete and jumps into the river – killing the wire. Pete and the gang fish Cat out of the water and scan her with no beep. They ask why she jumped if she wasn’t wearing a wire. Cat replies, “I told you I don’t like people threatening me.”

Later, Catherine is inside a bathroom. She has changed into a waitress outfit and disposes of the infamous wire. Patrick knocks on the door to check on her. Cat tells Patrick that he shouldn’t be afraid to make a change in his life, but that he should do it before it is too late. Patrick goes to kiss Cat but Pete interrupts them to start the mission.

When Gabe and Dana arrive at the pier, Catherine and the heist crew has already left for the embassy. Dana wants to look for Cat. Gabe decides they should let it “play out”. Gabe is a nervous wreck, which makes Dana realize he is in love with Cat.

Catherine and the heist crew arrive at the Russian Embassy. Cat learns her job: She has to pickpocket the consul’s keys and give them to Patrick. Which she does easily. Patrick instructs her to keep Mrs. Kozar drinking while he steals the gem.

Catherine approaches Mrs. Kozar with a tray of champagne only to find her talking with Vincent. Cat forgets she is undercover and blurts out his name. Mrs. Kozar concludes she must be a groupie and Vincent doesn’t correct her. Later, Vincent and Catherine talk at the bar. Cat asks if Vincent followed her. Vincent denies it and asks what she is doing there. Cat replies, “Same thing I am doing here: working on a case. So don’t blow my cover.”

They realize they are after the same thing. Catherine is annoyed to discover that she can’t catch a beast-free break to go “find herself”. Then they fight about who gets the gem first. Vincent warns her not to cross him. Cat says, “don’t make me shoot you again, Vincent.” Vincent walks away and approaches Mrs. Kozar. Since he doesn’t have a key (like Cat and Patrick), Vincent’s strategy is to “get invited” to the room; which Mrs. Kozar does.

Vincent and Mrs. Kozar go up to her bedroom and he starts seducing her. Vincent does his pressure point trick and Mrs. Kozar faints. Vincent finds the safe while Catherine and Patrick crawl inside the air ducts. Vincent opens the safe beast-style just as Patrick drops from the ceiling. Vincent half-beasts-out on Patrick until Cat comes down and points her plastic gun at him. Vincent grabs Patrick by the neck. Cat lowers the gun and asks him: “What happened to you?” Disappointment and pain clear in her eyes. Ashamed, Vincent grabs the gem and leaves.

Back at the warehouse, Catherine urges Patrick to leave town before the police catches him. Cat suggest he take the opportunity to reinvent himself away from his criminal brother. They say goodbye, wish each other luck and then Patrick kisses Cat.

Later at the precinct, Dana asks who has the gem. Catherine deflects by accusing Dana of withholding information. Dana reveals her husband was an archeologist helping her in a case involving “stolen artifacts” and was murdered for what he found. Dana confesses that she had her eye on Cat for a long time. The gem was linked to murder cases that go all the way back to 1836. And Cat’s ancestor, Rebecca Reynolds, was somehow involved. Dana concludes that “there is something about the gem that is connected to Cat”.

Meanwhile Vincent and JT analyze the gem. Turns out, it fits perfectly in the shackle. JT concludes it was a collar for the ancient Beast and this upsets Vincent. He wants to find out what the “gem” does. JT reminds Vincent that this involves Tori too, that they are connected because they are probably the last two members of an extinct species.

Back at the precinct, Catherine comes down and Gabe nervously rushes to her side. Cat realizes that Gabe “trusted” her when the wire went down and let her finish the mission. Cat kisses him.


Sharon: See ladies, even when men have amnesia, they still remember to keep their options open!

JT: Come on! Beast Up!

Cat: I just realized, you uh, didn't call in the cavalry when my wire went dead. You trusted me.
Gabe: You asked me to.
Gabe: The only thing I am sure of is that I am worried sick.
Dana: How long have you been in love with her?

J.T.: Now get back out there on that beast trail and kick some ass. Avenge me!

Vincent: I don't know Tori, this whole public thing. I thought maybe it would help stop the lying, but the truth is I'm lying about myself now more than I ever have.

Thug: Crazy bitch.
Cat: And don't you forget it.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Julie Chen as Herself
  • Sharon Osbourne as Herself
  • Rob Mayes as Patrick Franco
  • Ian Bohen as Pete Franco
  • Jeff Teravainen as Shorty
  • Darren Hynes as Ian
  • Yury Ruzhyev as Russian Soldier
  • Kresimir Bosiljevac as Consul General Kozar
  • Vlada Verevko as Mrs. Kozar
  • Sara Sue Vallee as Mara




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