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The newspaper clipping reads "Murder Victim's Daughter Claims "Beast" Saved Her".

A Beast is term coined and used by Catherine Chandler to describe the thing that saved her life in 2003. That thing was actually a person, Vincent Keller, but coupled with the fact that he was moving at super-speed in the dark, Catherine at first was only able to make out a tall silhouette, but when he stopped and moved towards her to make sure she was ok, she got one short glimpse of his face — which at the time was distorted because he was enraged — before he heard the sirens and ran away. So naturally, she thought is was a sentient being.

Because of this, the witness statement she gave recalling the killing of the men that killed her mother, lead everyone to believe it was just a wild animal. That the "thing" she thought she saw was just a result of her concussion.

Interestly enough, Vincent does not consider himself human anymore, partly because he was genetically modified, but mainly because of the mental and physical metamorphosis he goes through when adrenaline builds up in his body, but has never referred to himself as a beast.


Catherine reassuring Vincent.

He has however referred to himself as a Monster. He defined himself as such to Catherine in the fall of 2012.

But after spending just a few hours in his company, over the span of two day, Catherine came to realize and was able to reassure him that he was not a monster, in fact, she called him a Superhero, because of all the things he has done to help save people.


  • The newspaper article that announced Vanessa Chandler's death had "Beast" in the title.