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Beast is the New Black
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date June 2, 2014
Written by Sherri Cooper & Jennifer Levin
Directed by Fred Gerber
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Beast is the New Black is the 17th episode of the Second Season, and the 39th episode overall.


VINCENT IS ARRESTED - After Vincent (Jay Ryan) is arrested for murder, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and the team must work together at all costs to clear Vincent's name. When they discover who turned Vincent in, they realize they have a bigger enemy to handle. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin (#217).[1]



Vincent is arrested for Curt Windsor’s murder. Catherine runs outside as Vincent is dragged to the squad car. Cat tries to explain that Vincent “didn’t do it” and there were “extenuating circumstances.” Vincent is taken away, but he tells Cat to get him the gem. 

Cat calls JT. She is so distraught, that she drops her badge in the street. The police car drives away. 

JT is in bed with Tess when Catherine calls. Tess doesn’t want Cat to know she is there. JT says, “it was only one night”. He picks up the phone and learns the bad news. Cat needs the gem and she is on her way to the 95th Precinct to intercept Vincent’s lab work. 

Catherine, frazzled in her PJs, tells the reception cop she is a detective and demands to see Vincent. That is the moment she realizes that she lost her badge. JT calls Gabe and tells him he is a “son of a bitch”.  Gabe replies, “wrong number.” JT fills Gabe in and accuses him of getting Vincent arrested.

While Vincent gets booked and strip-searched, Catherine struggles to get inside the precinct. She shows her gun to the reception cop. Just as they are about to grab Cat and haul her out for a psych eval, Gabe arrives. He flashes his ADA ID and demands that they let Cat in. They let her go and Cat runs inside.

Vincent is escorted to the jail infirmary, where they prepare to take DNA and blood samples. Vincent can’t tell the truth about his beast-hood as to why he doesn’t want samples taken, so he says he is “afraid of needles.” The nurse gets ready to take his blood, Vincent beasts out, sends the guard flying and retreats to a corner.

Catherine steals a uniform from the locker room. While she changes, Gabe tries to convince her that he had nothing to do with Vincent’s arrest. Gabe claims that he is going to “help Vincent”.

Back at intake, three guards are trying to tackle Vincent. He is on the verge of beasting out and starts thinking about Catherine. Just then, Cat walks in. She tells the guards that she is a “visualization expert” called in to help with Vincent’s belonephobia. And seeing as how he starts to calm down, a bit they believe her. Cat approaches Vincent and talks in “code” about the gem. Vincent tells her that the gem is hidden in his brother’s headstone. 

Gabe reaches out to his D.A. office contacts. Tess and JT arrive as Cat comes out of prisoner’s intake. JT is too worried about his best friend’s arrest and ends up telling everyone that he and Tess slept together. 

Later, at the cemetery, Tess informs Catherine that she only slept with JT twice. Tess asks how they are going to smuggle and hide the gem. Cat snaps at Tess for pointing out the flaws in her plan because it is the only thing holding her together. Tess tells Cat that they “are not some newbie couple, they are epic” and can overcome anything. Tess says she is worried because two people that she cares about would be devastated if Vincent stays in jail. They find the gem (and a go bag) in one of the headstones.

Gabe receives a file from the DA’s office that shows that they have pictures of Vincent dumping Windsor’s body. Catherine’s legal argument is that maybe Vincent came across Windsor when he was dying and tried to help, but failed. He didn’t report the incident due to his PTSD. Then, they could tell the judge that Vincent “saved Tori” except they found Windsor’s heart inside Vincent’s fridge. Cat concludes that Reynolds is most likely behind it.

Back at prison, Catherine confronts Reynolds and tries to trick him into confessing. Bob realizes she is recording the conversation, so he doesn’t admit to anything. The working theory is that he paid someone to put Windsor’s heart inside Vincent’s fridge. Reynolds tells Cat to move on. Cat leaves, but not before telling him that she and Vincent “will survive”.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Forbes” arrives to “retake some samples.” As soon as Vincent sits down, Detective Vargas “from IA” takes the corrections officer, Miller, away to talk about some case. JT gives Vincent the gem and tells him that he swapped his blood with his own. All JT needs to do now is avoid getting arrested. Vincent notes all the risks they are taking. Which JT takes a compliment. Feeling guilty, Vincent decides to confess.

After learning this, Catherine visits Vincent in jail and tells him that she is tired of all the men in her life doing misguided things to “protect her”. Vincent reminds Cat that just a few days ago, she was all about “moving forward with her life” and he wants to give her a chance to do that. Cat realizes that he is not backing down, so she does the only thing she knows will stop Vincent. She tells him that if he goes down, she will come forward as a witness. Vincent objects because Cat would go down with him.  Cat tells him she loves him and leaves. Vincent goes back inside and starts a fight.

Catherine asks Gabe to corroborate her “self-defence” story because Vincent’s rival’s testimony would be more credible. Cat tells Gabe this is about “truth above all”, “doing the right thing” and “redeeming themselves in the eyes of the law”.

En route to the hospital, Vincent gets rid of the gem, beasts out and escapes the ambulance without issue.  Then he blurs away across New York City. As all of this unfolds, Catherine meets with the lawyer Gabe recommended. The meeting barely starts because of the breaking news that Vincent is a fugitive.

Gabe and Catherine arrive at abandoned ambulance. Detective Flannery tries to explain the gravity of the situation to Cat, but she cuts him off when he mentions “a guard with hallucinations”. Said guard is speaking to a reporter. Cat approaches the guard and slips back into her “visualization expert” cover.

Over at the gentlemen’s club, JT refuses to believe Vincent planned his own escape until he realizes Vincent did it to protect Catherine, which angers him. Cat tries to stay positive and wants to focus on clearing Vincent’s name, but JT tells her that she needs to face reality. Vincent left to protect them and he is not coming back. After yelling at Cat, JT leaves and Tess goes after him.

Tess finds JT at the Keller’s graves and wonders why the cemetery is her new hang out. JT snaps, so Tess asks if he is upset about dropping him off around the block. JT doesn’t want to talk about it. He is too focused on coming to terms with losing his best friend. JT and Tess haven’t had time to discuss their “non-relationship” so he doesn’t know how she feels and everyone just yells at her. JT realizes she has a point, but first he has a grave to dig.

Catherine and Gabe look (with no luck) for Vincent in the dungeon. Gabe is quiet and Cat asks what is wrong with him. He says he doesn’t want to sound like a “vulture waiting to swoop in”. Gabe thinks that Vincent left out of self-preservation rather than concern for Cat. Gabe hears himself and concludes that he “does sound like a vulture”. JT calls Cat to tell her the money and passports are gone so looks like Vincent is gone for good.

Catherine, depressed, goes back to home and finds Vincent waiting on the roof for her. Vincent says he is there to “say goodbye”. He doesn’t want Cat to throw away her life for him. She reminds him that “sacrifice for love” is a two way street but, truth is, they have too many things working against them. Vincent asks for one last night with her. Cat accepts, but she is not going down that easily. She calls JT and tells him he has one night to figure out a way to save Vincent. 

Inside, they realize Catherine’s apartment is very well-lit. So Vincent and Cat spend their last night inside the tiny bathroom. Vincent asks Cat for her phone and plays the song they danced at her father’s wedding, then he takes off his shoes and asks Cat for a dance, inside the shower, with water running, fully clothed. 

Vincent looks up and announces that there is someone at the front door. Catherine opens the door to Gabe. He found out that Reynolds used an ex-convict named Harry Salvo to deliver organs. Cat gets excited and calls for Vincent enters the room just as he slips on a dry shirt. Vincent doesn’t want to get his hopes up. Cat and Gabe arrive at Salvo’s apartment all they find his body. 

Catherine and Gabe confront Reynolds, who is surprised when he hears Salvo is dead. Bob points out that Vincent’s escape is all over the news, so somebody from Muirfield knows he is out there… and they aren’t fond of loose ends. The theory is confirmed when Gabe gets word that Miller was found “dead”. Catherine doesn’t feel like getting another dating lecture from her dad so she exits, leaving Gabe and Bob alone. Reynolds tells Gabe to “try harder” to protect Cat.

Catherine goes back to her apartment and informs Vincent that they have to run. He doesn’t want to put her in that position; however, Cat has figured out what she wants. She explains that she tried to “move forward” but she never knew where she was going. All she wants is to be with him and maybe what she needs is to take the final step and just leave her life behind, “unless he doesn’t want to”. Vincent tells Cat that she is “his gem” and he “wants to take her everywhere with him”, but he thinks it is too much to ask. Cat says it is not his decision to make. Their conversation is cut short because the cops are on their way.

Catherine concludes that she can’t come with him because she would slow him down. Cat promises Vincent that they “will find each other”. He cuffs her to a chair, so that the police don’t suspect her of helping him. Vincent mentions it is the “fourth” time he has tied her up… He kisses her and leaves just as the cops barge in.

A defeated Catherine goes to tell JT that Vincent is gone. They try to comfort each other but they are devastated and scared that they won’t see him again. They hug, emotionally.

Later at the precinct, JT explains to Tess that even though he was preparing to lose Vincent for over a decade, it still hurt. JT apologizes for taking his anger out on Tess because she means more to him than a “one two-time-thing”. Tess explains she wasn’t hiding their “non-relationship”, she just didn’t know how to tell Catherine. JT understands and concludes that a fight upgrades them to an “actual relationship”. Tess decides to cement their new “relationship status” by having a drink in public.

At home, Gabe sits in the shadows and watches the news of “fugitive Keller” while smiling to his glass of scotch. Elsewhere, Vincent longingly looks back at New York City. Back at Catherine’s place, she tries to fall asleep when she hears a tap in the window. Cat gets up expecting to see Vincent but… she is grabbed and abducted by a couple of masked men.


Vincent: The whole time I was in there, they're trying to take my DNA, all I could think about was you. You stopped me from losing myself. Catherine, don't you get it? You are my gem, okay? I want to take you everywhere with me.

JT: Well, I posted that photo of you in my bed on Instagram…

Gabe: For the record, I have not been holding onto organs in case you and Vincent get back together.

Vincent: I like older women.

Catherine: I love you… no but. 

JT: It’s a Harrison Ford movie over there.

JT: Stop JT-ing me.

Catherine: I don’t know whether to kiss you or throw you off this roof.

Catherine: I am risking everything because I love you!


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