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Beast of Wall Street
Season 3, Episode 1
BB301B 0393r
Air date June 11, 2015
Written by Brad Kern
Directed by Jeff Renfroe
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Déjà Vu
Primal Fear

Beast of Wall Street is the 1st episode of the Third Season, and the 45th episode overall.


VINCENT HAS WEDDING BELLS IN MIND — With the happy couple seeming to be enjoying an ordinary life, Vincent (Jay Ryan) thinks the timing might finally be right to pop the question until Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbles on an extraordinary case with the FBI involving somebody who goes on a superhuman rampage. Though reluctant to engage with the case for fear of losing the normality he has found, Vincent finds himself with no other options when Cat is injured after discovering that someone is drugging innocent victims and transforming them into super-humans. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) accuses JT (Austin Basis) of stalling his recovery as he tries to understand how he’s still alive.



It has been two months since Gabe’s demise. Vincent got reinstated as a doctor. Catherine got a haircut. Vincent seems happier than ever. Cat gives Vincent a stethoscope to remind him to check heartbeats and not get outed on his first day.

Speaking of first days, JT is lecturing at Hudson University for the first time since his ordeal. JT suffers from PTSD after his near-death experience.

Agents Thomas and Barnett call Catherine to their office. They want Vincent and Cat’s services as a supernatural crime-fighting duo. Cat isn’t against the idea, but Vincent just wants to live as normal as a beast can.

Vincent goes over to JT’s to digs out his mother’s ring to give to Catherine. Speaking of, Cat is at a bridal shop helping Heather pick out a wedding dress. Heather is eager for her fiancé and Catherine to meet.

At Il Cantuccio, JT tells Tess how he froze in class. Tess tells JT to snap out of his pity party and live instead of wondering why he didn’t die. 

Catherine visits Agents Thomas and Barnett to hear their job offer. Cat wants proof before bringing Vincent in; so, Agents Thomas and Barnett take Cat to see Marissa Zane, the wife of Tyler, a stockbroker who they think may have developed super speed, strength and can scale buildings. 

Catherine is not convinced, but she has trouble walking away. While she weighs her options, Zane attacks Cat, Agent Barnett and Agent Thomas. Barnett dies while Thomas and Cat wind up at St. Benjamin’s Hospital, spoiling Vincent’s restaurant-proposal plans. 

Vincent goes to JT to vent. Vincent doesn’t understand why Catherine would want to go back to the life they worked so hard to leave behind. JT snaps out of his trauma and makes Vincent understand that his beastliness is not a burden, but a gift. JT concludes that his purpose in life is to be the greatest sidekick he can be and that he saves the world by proxy. With his hero impulses up and working, Vincent goes back to the hospital just in time to find Tyler Zane choking to Agent Thomas.

Agent Thomas manages to gather enough strength to guilt-trip Vincent: “If you don’t stop him, who will?” Vincent beasts out and goes after Zane. They end up on the roof of Zane’s office building, where he wants to set off a bomb. Vincent attacks Zane and is about to kill him but Catherine stops the beast by appealing to his “human side”. In the end, Vincent chooses not to cross that line and doesn’t kill Zane. 

On Catherine’s roof, Vincent acknowledges that no matter how much he wishes he could be normal, he is not. Cat agrees, but she makes it clear that she plans to stick by him during their “abnormal life”. Cat points out that Vincent chose to join the army and became a doctor; so he wanted to “save” people. He has no reason to avoid “saving” people as a beast too. Vincent tells Cat they might have a greater purpose but without her love he would be lost. Nervously he gets down on one knee, takes out his mom’s ring and asks “Will you marry me?” Cat cries and says yes.


Catherine: I really believe that we're in this together for a reason, not just for love.

JT: What are you doing here McBeastie? Aren’t you supposed to be playing doctor or something?

Catherine: For the record, [Vincent] is my perk not yours.

Heather: Is this a beast case?

Vincent: Of course I want you. That's never gonna change. You know that.

Tess: You just made my day suck less.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Charlotte Arnold as Marissa Zane
  • Maxime Savaria as Tyler Zane
  • Neil Girvan as Agent Barnett




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Behind the scenes[]


  • The title is a reference to 2013's The Wolf of Wall Street.


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