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Beast serum
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Changes the subjects DNA and grants them superhuman powers.

Known ingredients

Proto Beast DNA


This serum was created by Muirfield scientists, who were then instructed by the U.S. government to inject it into their soldiers (how many is currently unknown), in a bid to create genetically enhanced super-soldiers. The serum was administered through an injection in the side of each subjects neck.

The serum itself was based on the DNA from Proto Beasts that was obtained by Muirfield.


The effects of the serum on a person are described to be permanent and near instantaneous; it essentially changes the person's DNA, making them stronger, faster and heightens all their senses.

Main article: Transformation

However, the serum had a few negative side effects. The catalyst for these undesirable effects are rage and anger. These emotions cause chemicals to build up inside the subjects bodies, which in turn, transforms them into these so-called beasts.

The serum can only be injected into someone with a certain pre-existing gene that allows them to become beasts. If a person is injected without being pre exposed the person's body will reject the changes and eventually die.

Psychogenic fugue[]


Vincent wakes up after a blackout.

In 2012, Vincent started to experience blackouts, which J.T. later diagnose as fugue states, meaning Vincent is up and walking around but it's like he has amnesia. The first time Vincent blacked out, he was on his way to see Catherine. He woke up sometime later on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

During his fugue states, Vincent will become highly aggressive towards others- even those to whom he is close, so to protect themselves and stop him, Catherine and J.T. shot him with tranq darts.

At first, J.T. thought jealousy was the cause of Vincent's blackouts, but was proven wrong when Vincent slipped into one of his fugue states after he and Catherine took their relationship to the next level. He then claims Catherine was the cause of Vincent blackouts, but was proven wrong again when Vincent started to remember what happened to him in Afghanistan after being injected with lorazepam.

He remembered speaking to Vanessa, in Afghanistan, about the changes that he was going through. He also remembered her taking notes in a olive notebook, and that she tried to help him. Her notes proven that the blackouts also happened in Afghanistan, and that she had been working on formulas to counteract them. With Catherine's help, J.T. was able to used Evan's medical equipments to replicate a serum for Vincent.


The effects of the serum can be undone if a beast temporarily dies and are resuscitated afterwards. However, this has only occurred once, and the beast in question was from an earlier generation with unstable genetics, who was also regularly taking special medications to supress his beast DNA.


  • Pilot (First appearance) (Appears in flashback(s))