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Beth Bowman
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Annie Ilonzeh


Beth Bowman was a recurring character on Beauty & the Beast. She was portrayed by Annie Ilonzeh.


Beth is first introduced as a reporter and high school friend of Catherine Chandler. While attending a party at Cat's house before their high school reunion, Beth witnesses Cat being attacked by Zach Hayes, a beast. Beth calls the police, and tells them she saw the attacker's eyes glowing. The police don't believe her; Beth, though, keeps digging, intent on publishing a story about what she saw.

At the reunion, Beth is still digging into what happened. Zach later shows up at the high school reunion looking for Cat, but he's killed by Vincent Keller before he can kill Cat. Beth later asks Gabriel Lowan and Tess Vargas why Zach targeted Cat, but they feign ignorance. Beth seemingly stops digging for a story.

Beth is only seen again weeks later when Gabe tries to expose Vincent by calling Beth and revealing his secret. Beth starts pressing Tess for answers, following her around to corroborate the story. At a press conference, Beth speaks up and asks Vincent about the military experiment and his super-charged DNA; she is quickly shut down, though. Beth becomes angry, and tells Gabe her reputation is at stake because of what she's looking into. Gabe claims he has proof that can back his claim, and also tells Beth that Cat is in love with Vincent.

Beth gets a call from Cat, inviting her to her sister, Heather's, bachelorette party. At the party, Cat reveals that Gabe is her ex-boyfriend to discredit him. Tess then reveals Gabe had Heather kidnapped. She asks Heather to confirm this, but Heather denies this and has a meltdown later during the party. Afterwards, Heather admits that she had the party because she wanted to forget what she experienced when she was kidnapped. Beth later realizes she had a similar experience after she saw Zach attacking Cat. She decides to call off her story.

Beth later meets Gabe late at night, and tells him she's not going to publish the story when he refuses to provide his proof. Gabe then transforms into a beast and rips Beth's heart out, killing her.