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Brooke Chandler
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Thomas Chandler
Unknown Man (divorced)

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Bridesmaid Up

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Rachel Skarsten


Brooke Chandler is the widow of Thomas Chandler, and the step-mother of Heather & Catherine Chandler.


Season One[]

Brooke is first introduced as a woman a lot younger than Thomas, and Catherine is unable to accept Brooke as part of the family. She attends their engagement ceremony, though Catherine doesn't really acknowledge Brooke.

Brooke is later seen at a fitting with Catherine and Tess Vargas, where she's trying to find a bridesmaid dress for Catherine. She acknowledges to Catherine that the situation is probably weird to her, but she wants to get to know Catherine. Just as Catherine seems to change her mind, she catches Brooke being kissed by another man and finds out Brooke is still married. Thomas later tells Catherine that Brooke is getting a divorce, but her ex-husband is refusing to sign the divorce papers, and Catherine also remembers Brooke pushing the man away. Catherine later meets Brooke when she tries on her bridal dress, and apologizes to her. The two start to form a relationship.

Catherine hosts Brooke's bridal shower, and Brooke & the other bridesmaids, including Heather, try to get Catherine to sit at the singles' table because she doesn't have a date. Catherine blurts out that she's dating somebody, and Brooke insists she bring him to the wedding. When Brooke asks for a name so she can get a place setting, Catherine claims his name is Vincent Zalanski. Brooke later gives a place card to Catherine with the name for her to keep, and Catherine loses her resolve to tell both Thomas & Brooke that she doesn't actually have a date.

At Thomas & Brooke's wedding, Catherine gives a touching toast to them, commending both at taking a chance with love. Brooke is moved to tears, and silently thanks Catherine at the end of her speech.

Sometime later, while Catherine is having relationship woes with Vincent, she talks to Brooke on the phone, asking for advice, showing their relationship has gradually become better.