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Cat and Mouse
Season 2, Episode 18
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Air date June 9, 2014
Written by Amy Van Curen
Directed by Jeff Renfroe
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Beast is the New Black
Cold Case

Cat and Mouse is the 18th episode of the Second Season, and the 40th episode overall.


THE SEARCH IS ON FOR VINCENT — When Vincent (Jay Ryan) becomes the subject of a city-wide manhunt, he and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) try to stay below the radar. They find a surprising ally when the FBI approaches them about helping on an important case. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Jeff Renfroe directed the episode with the story by Amy Van Curen and the teleplay by Brad Kern (#218).



Tess, panicked, storms into the Gentlemen’s Club to find JT drowning his sorrows in scotch and gummy worms. After some shaking, he wakes up screaming “get the camel off me!” The detective has more pressing concerns: Catherine is missing, and they need to find Vincent so he can track her. JT and Vincent discussed having a rendezvous point if he ever escaped.

At the precinct, Gabriel has taken over Captain Ward’s office. The Captain is not happy about being pushed out to “Bishop’s old office” but Gabe doesn’t give him much of a choice.

Meanwhile, Catherine trapped in a dark room with a cot, some chairs and construction lamps.

At the remote Aloyau Diner, Vincent’s wanted picture flashes on the screen. He pulls down his hat as JT enters. Vincent decides to not run anymore because he can’t leave Catherine. JT stops him by telling him that Catherine is missing’. Tess enters the diner and sits next to them. Vincent realizes he can’t go back to Cat’s apartment to track her because the police are staking it out.

A pair of feet enter Catherine’s apartment. SWAT and Gabe point their guns at… JT. Gabe demands to know where Vincent is. JT replies, “Vincent, who?” Gabe and the cops drag JT away. Once they leave, Vincent enters and starts tracking. Gabe, gun drawn, returns and interrupts Vincent. Gabe rants about keeping Cat safe. Vincent realizes that Gabe ratted him out to the cops. Vincent grabs Gabe’s throat and pins him to the wall. Gabe vows to catch Vincent and free Cat. Vincent drops him and blurs away.

Back at the precinct, the ADA interrogates JT. Gabe tries to win JT over with arguments of misguided loyalty. When that fails, Gabe yells. Tess enters and reminds Gabe that he can’t hold JT because probable cause requires hard facts, not just suspicion. JT leaves. Gabe moves to threaten Tess. She calls him a hypocrite, saying his actions in the past were even worse. She tells him he

Meanwhile, Catherine tries to suss out her makeshift cell. Two men enter, one identifies himself as an FBI Special Agent Henry Knox and says the other one is Agent Jay Bates. Special Agent Knox says that Dana vouched for Cat and Vincent. Knox needs help extracting an undercover agent. Cat is not buying his story. So Agent Knox tries to sweeten the deal by offering to get Vincent exonerated. That catches Cat’s attention.

At Gabe’s apartment, JT and Vincent break in. The plan is to hack Gabe’s beast-alert system, so Vincent can find Catherine. Vincent points out that JT risks too much for him, but JT just restates his loyalty. 

Vincent tracks Catherine to the warehouse, just as she hits Special Agent Knox with a chair. Cat knocks out Agent Bates too, runs and bumps into Vincent. Agents Knox and Bates chase after them. Vincent and Cat hide while the agents run in the opposite direction. They are arguing when they exit the warehouse, which, unfortunately, distracts them, and they fail to notice a surveillance camera. Vincent gets caught on camera and they run away as JT says they've been pinged.

Back at the precinct, Gabe corners Tess. He says if Catherine comes back now, he will make it look like Vincent kidnapped her. Tess is conflicted and scurries out of the room.

In the dungeon, JT, Vincent and Catherine watch the NYPD’s live press conference. Gabe brands Vincent as Public Enemy No.1 and locks down Manhattan. Vincent says he is done running. He tells Cat that she can choose to leave, but he is not running just to save himself anymore. There is always going to be someone after him and he can’t wait until it is over to be with her because it might never end. He gives Cat a choice of running or fighting.

Catherine chooses to fight, so they have to go back to Special Agent Knox. Cat and Vincent walk into the warehouse and find Agent Knox looking defeated. Cat tells him she's sorry for hitting him with a chair and looks at Vincent to go on. He nods and asks if one of his agents actually got captured.

After passing Vincent’s beast-polygraph, Knox revels that Agent Karen Mallory worked as a sleeper agent inside a terrorist cell but she was made and abducted. Even worse, they took Agent Mallory to the heavily guarded United Nations. The FBI does not have jurisdiction inside the UN, so Henry asks Vincent and Cat to save Mallory. Catherine agrees to do it as long as she gets the exoneration in writing first.

At the precinct, JT shows up because he got tired of Tess avoiding his calls. Tess traps him in the elevator and asks him to leave. She doesn’t think there is a way out for Vincent. JT tries to brief her on the new plan. Tess begs him to avoid doing anything stupid and walks away. 

Catherine and Vincent try to come up an extraction plan.  Cat suggests that she should sneak in, somehow get caught by the terrorists so they put her with Agent Mallory and then Vincent can track her. Special Agent Knox gets the future dated amnesty. Without a better plan, Vincent settles on Cat’s idea.

Back at the precinct, Tess spots Vincent in a security camera and tells Gabe about it. She says that she is hopes Gabe will protect her friends. So Gabe and five cops go to the location where Vincent was allegedly spotted, but all they find is a homeless man. Meanwhile, over the phone JT tells Tess that he never doubted her. When Gabe confronts Tess, she tells him she picked a side, and it wasn't his psychotic one. 

Catherine uses the alias Katerina Soro to get inside the UN. She  meets with Vincent in the parking lot where he holds a security camera, saying it's one less camera to worry about. Once inside, Cat tells Vincent that the terrorists will come to them because when Katerina Soro scanned her ID they were alerted. Vincent and Cat go their separate ways and, just as planned, Cat gets caught. Cat is dragged to Agent Mallory’s makeshift cell. Cat tells her she's there to rescue her, but Mallory says she's doing a great job by getting captured herself. 

While Catherine explains the plan to Agent Mallory, Vincent arrives and sends the door flying. Mallory looks at him wondering if he is superman. The trio runs downstairs to the UN parking lot as an alarm goes off. The doors come down. Karen makes it out, but Vincent and Catherine are trapped inside. They run as UNPOL storm the place.

Catherine stops in the middle of the stairs because she needs to catch her breath. Cat doesn’t want to hold him back and be the reason he gets caught. Vincent denies that he would leave her behind.  He has a plan to get them out, which involves jumping through a window from an unknown floor. They jump into the safety of American waters.

Vincent and Catherine go back to the warehouse. Special Agent Knox regretfully informs them that someone got the Bureau of Prisons involved and they rescinded the exoneration.

Catherine goes back to the precinct and demands to speak with Gabe, alone. As soon as the other cops leave, Cat slaps Gabe. She accuses him of rescinding Vincent’s exoneration. Cat tells Gabe that she trusted him. Cat concludes that he hasn’t changed and that he is still the beast he was a year ago. Gabe vows to do whatever needs to be done to destroy Vincent. 

Catherine goes back to the rooftop and finds Vincent. He asks if she is sure about their new stay and fight plan. He reminds her that he's more trouble than she should put up with. Cat says she is sure and that secret romances are hot. Cat promises that they will have some sort of future together and they kiss.


Vincent: I don't know. I can't believe we're back where we started. Me hiding in shadows, you hiding me.
Cat: At least it's romantic. Stolen moments, secret love.
Vincent: Still, it's no future and I think we deserve a future.
Cat: We'll have one, I promise. Together.

Cat: Maybe you're right. Maybe some beasts only get worst.
Gabe: Look, I can't change what you think about me. But I am not going to change what I am doing or why I am doing it. Vincent is a criminal and make no mistake, I will do whatever it takes to destroy him.
Cat: Destroy him? Don't you mean arrest him?

Gabe: You broke into my apartment?
Tess: No Gabe, I picked a side. And it wasn't yours.

JT: Seriously, you are gonna try to turn me against Vincent??

Tess: So now you are the paragon of justice? After everything you used to do? Give me a break. 


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