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Catch Me if You Can
Season 2, Episode 15
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Air date March 3, 2014
Written by Eric Tuchman
Directed by Norma Bailey
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Catch Me if You Can is the 15th episode of the Second Season, and the 37th episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT FIND THEMSELVES IN A COMPROMISING SITUATION — Feeling pulled between her current boyfriend and her ex, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) has to decide between Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Vincent (Jay Ryan).  While Cat and Vincent work together to save Sam’s (Tom Everett Scott) latest victim, Cat’s decision gets complicated when she and Vincent find themselves in a compromising situation.



Vincent is at the gentlemen’s club using face-recognition software to find Sam. Vincent tracks Sam the old fashion way to prove to Catherine that he can be a beast-free man. 

At Il Cantuccio, Catherine tells Tess about her Vincent dream. She explains that it wasn’t sexual, but it proved how she still cares about Vincent and how she fears him getting hurt. Tess thinks Reynolds messed with Cat’s head when he told her she is destined to slay beasts. Cat’s plan is to catch Sam so she can stay away from Vincent and focus on Gabe.

Vincent and JT show Sam’s picture to passerby, with no luck. JT convinces Vincent to sense Sam, which he does. Meanwhile, Catherine arrives at Gabe’s apartment and discovers that he has a plan to bust Sam. They can’t charge him with conspiracy to create beasts so Gabe wants to arrest him for identity theft. Cat mentions that catching Sam will be a way to start their beast-free life. Gabe agrees and takes the opportunity to give her a set of keys for his apartment. Cat freaks out. JT calls to tell them Vincent caught Sam.

Sam comes to terms with his plan’s failure. Sam reminds Vincent and JT that he is avenging his son. Sam mocks Vincent for taming his inner beast to get [his] girl back. Vincent beasts out on Sam just as Catherine and Gabe arrive. Cat and Gabe are upset because “Beast Justice” won’t hold up in court. JT defends Vincent, but is sent away. Gabe interrogates Sam, who realizes the lawyer is trying to “Al-Capone” him. Sam revels he has a beast tied up somewhere in New York and if they don’t let him go, it will die.

So they let Sam go. He visits the history-teacher-turned-beast, Xavier Wright. Sam tells Xavier that he is transitioning from ordinary to extraordinary. Sam explains that the Beast-serum 3.0 makes the beasts suggestable. Sam compels Xavier to find Vincent.

Vincent goes home to find Gabe helping himself to his scotch. Gabe confronts Vincent about his redemption. He says it is obvious Vincent is trying to get Catherine back. Gabe tries to guilt Vincent into walking away so he can give Cat a beast-free future. 

After Gabe leaves, Vincent heads over to the bar to play pool with JT. He sulks about failing to go beast-straight and being cut out of Catherine’s life. JT tells Vincent that Gabe doesn’t know what he is talking about. JT reminds Vincent he has already regained his humanity, so his efforts have not been in vain. JT also says that Vincent shouldn’t live his life trying to do what he thinks Catherine wants. Vincent should do what he thinks is the right thing and the rest will come later. Vincent takes it in and decides he wants to save Xavier from the suffering of beast-hood. 

At the precinct, Tess can’t figure out why Vincent doesn’t just go after Xavier. Catherine explains that Gabe decided to do this by the book. Cat asks Tess what she thinks about the key. Tess concludes a key is never just a key. Cat decides to go find Xavier herself.

Vincent arrives at Xavier’s apartment and, using his tracking, pieces together everything that happened. Vincent walks out of the apartment and tracks Xavier until he almost gets hit by Catherine’s car. After arguing about who should and shouldn’t be there, Vincent gets inside Cat’s car. He mentions that she is focused on Sam, but they should worry about Xavier too.

Catherine realizes that it was too easy for Vincent to track Xavier. Sam knows better. Vincent argues with Cat’s logic, but she is proven right when a truck crashes into their car and flips them over. Xavier exits the truck and approaches the car to finish the job but the accident has attracted too much attention, so he leaves.

Vincent and Catherine attempt to get out of the car while coping with their close proximity. With so many witnesses, they have to wait for the first responders. Cat gets a phone call from Gabe. After some shuffling and groping, she answers her cell. Gabe found Sam’s apartment. JT discovered the apartment is right in front of a CIA bunker. Gabe hears that Cat and Vincent are stuck too close together, that her leg is falling asleep and a saw is involved. Vincent hangs up on Gabe. Then he bursts the car door open and makes it look like the fireman are responsible. They emerge from the car and start running towards Sam’s apartment and the CIA Bunker.

At said bunker, Sam tells Xavier to go down to sublevel 20 to download something from the server. Xavier learns that sublevel 20 is a no oxygen level.  Later, Vincent and Catherine arrive. She tries to stop Vincent from getting in the elevator. Cat doesn’t want him to risk his life for her. Vincent explains that saving Xavier is not about her, it’s simply the right thing to do. Cat lets him go and goes after Sam. Vincent rides down the elevator to sublevel 20. Before he can find Sloane’s office, he spots Xavier who has collapsed in front of the server.

Catherine finds Sam in his apartment across the street. Cat tries to arrest him when she notices Sam holds a bomb trigger. Once the server download is complete Sam pulls the trigger. Cat attacks him and cuffs him to the radiator. She threatens him, saying, “If Vincent is dead, you are dead.” She leaves. 

Across the street, Vincent picked up Xavier and got into the elevator before the bomb went off. Catherine finds Vincent giving CPR to Xavier in the middle of the wreckage. For a moment, it looks like Xavier is gone but Vincent refuses to give up and resuscitates him. Cat embraces Vincent and says you could have died. Gabe and Tess arrive in time to witness the exchange. 

Back at the precinct, Gabe tells Sam, on top of identity theft, they now have enough to charge him with domestic terrorism. Sam is unfazed until Gabe mentions his son. Sam rants about the people responsible were playing God and are above the law. Sam tells Gabe he couldn’t understand because Gabe doesn’t know what it is like to love someone like that.

After Sam is taken away, Gabe gets upset with Catherine. She apologizes for hugging Vincent. Gabe says he is tired of being the nice guy even if he has to make up for a lot. Gabe asks Cat if she is with him or with Vincent. Gabe tells Cat to inform Vincent they are over.

Vincent and JT discover when Vincent flatlined Xavier it made him human. JT commends Vincent for saving the day and for all the good reasons. He rewards him with a gummy worm.

In jail, Sam coughs up something and the guard comes to check on him. Sam says he’s fine. The guard leaves. Sam holds up a pill.

Catherine arrives at the houseboat. Vincent is in his bathrobe, heating up his microwave dinner. Cat reminds him that she is with Gabe and they can’t see each other anymore. Vincent understands. He acknowledges she is right, he tells her she deserves happiness. Vincent approaches Catherine and tells her to take care.  Cat nods. They look into each other’s eyes for a charged moment and he kisses her. She pulls back, before she kisses him. Vincent picks her up and carries her to his bedroom. 


Catherine: What are you doing here?
Vincent: What are you doing here?
Catherine: I asked you first.
Vincent: What are you, like, six?

Vincent: I was just closing in on him – okay? – until you rammed your car into me.
Catherine: Well, it would have been justified, interfering with a police investigation.

Vincent: Is this another of your pep talks?
J.T.: Yes, and pretty soon, I'm gonna start charging you for them.


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