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Catherine Chandler
Biographical Information
  • September 4 [Mentioned by Vincent in "It's a Wonderful Beast"]
  • Isabelle
  • Katerina Soro
  • Veronica Vaughn
  • Married
  • Cat
  • Bartender (formerly)
  • Detective (formally)
  • DHS Agent (formally)
  • Lawyer
Physical Description
  • Female
  • 5'4
Hair color:
  • Brown
Eye color:
  • Hazel
Skin color:
  • Multiracial
Work partner:
Romantic Exes:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Kristin Kreuk
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Au Revoir
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I was saved by a beast. He didn't get there in time to save you, but he's still out there, and I have a feeling that now.....we're going to have to save each other.
Catherine Chandler in the Pilot.

Catherine Chandler is a main character and the titular "Beauty" on Beauty and the Beast


Catherine's personality is rather complex in nature as a result of the trauma witnessed during her mother's death. She exhibits a large range of characteristics. Catherine is patient, kind, caring, intelligent, and compassionate, especially towards Vincent. However, she has trouble communicating her emotions to others directly, and often tries to hide them, this is seen in the episode, ("On Thin Ice"). Catherine shows difficulty handling her emotions, and often directs her energy into her work. By helping others, it gives Catherine a way to avoid dealing with her issues in her personal life. This is largely rooted from the tragedy from her mother's death, evident and indicated from her outburst toward her therapist. This traumatic event left Catherine emotionally fragile about what happen to her mother. Her toughness, courage, and fearlessness serve her well on the job as a detective in pursuit of criminals, but also during Vincent's transformations. Catherine is able to maintain a calm and level head in these heated situations. Catherine is highly altruistic, supportive, and resourceful towards her peers, but also towards those she serves. The development of her character along with her personality is likely to change as the series progresses further.


Catherine stands approximately 5'4'' tall (the same height as actress Kristin Kreuk) and has a mixed background, half asian, half caucasian, and has dark brown hair. Catherine is mostly seen wearing jeans along with her casual top, and jacket as a detective. She changes her look frequently depending on the time of day, and occasion, such as her Dad's wedding. Catherine is very beautiful and fills the show's role as "The Beauty," and this has been indicated by other characters such as J.T. from the episode, "On Thin Ice."


Early years[]

Quote1-1- For years I've been asking myself. Why did my car break down that night? What if my mother simply hadn't answered her phone? Who were those men? And....or what stopped them? Everyone told me it was just a wild animal. That this thing I thought I had seen was just a result of my concussion. I believed them..until now. Quote2-1-
Catherine Chandler. [src]

Catherine grew up in Westchester[2] with her parents, Thomas & Vanessa Chandler, and her younger sister, Heather. She graduated from Fenton High School in 2003,[3] and attended Princeton, planning to become a lawyer like Thomas.

Catherine is saved by Vincent. ("Pilot")

While attending Princeton, she got a job as a bartender at the Salty Dawg in order to pay for tuition. On her first night, she had car trouble after closing up and called her mother for help. After Vanessa arrived to assist her daughter, two men showed up and gunned down Vanessa in front of Catherine. When they tried to kill Catherine, she ran into the woods but tripped and fell. Suddenly, the two gunmen were attacked by what Catherine described as a "beast." No one believed her, though, and she eventually came to believe that she was so traumatized she'd misunderstood what happened.[4]

Catherine graduated from Princeton, magna cum laude, and later graduated from the police academy with high marks.[5] She worked her way up through the ranks to become a homicide detective at the 125th precinct.

Season One[]

Nine years later, Catherine and her partner, Tess Vargas, were investigating a case, and Catherine discovers a clue that leads her to Vincent Keller, a soldier, who was reportedly killed by enemy fire while serving in Afghanistan in 2002.

Catherine follows up with his roommate and friend, J.T. Forbes, and finds out that Vincent is actually alive. He convinces her not to tell anyone he's alive, but she notices an article about her mother's murder in his belongings, and insists on getting answers. She finds out that there was a hair with cross-species DNA found in her case, similar to one found at her mother's murder. She tries to get answers from Agent McCleary, but she almost gets killed. The same mysterious beast saves Catherine again, and Catherine finds out the "beast" is actually Vincent.

Vincent later tells her how he was part of a classified military experiment called Operation Muirfield, which changed his DNA and turned him into a beast. The experiment went awry, and the military shut it down by killing all the experiments. Vincent survived, and has been hiding. Catherine decides to keep Vincent's secret, but also lets him know that she will not let him push her away or disappear again.

Catherine quickly learns that working with Vincent would not be easy. First, she alienates him by pushing him to reveal himself and then labeling him a victim. She later makes amends for these mishaps by apologizing to him.[6] Though initially trying to push her away, Vincent finds it hard to stay away from Catherine and starts spending more time with her. Catherine is glad when Vincent lets her be a part of his life, but realizes she's going to be leading a "double life," hiding her life with Vincent away and lying to her family and friends.

Muirfield is alerted to Catherine's involvement with Vincent, and starts digging. Eventually, Agent Silverfox kidnaps Catherine, hoping to make her give up Vincent to them. Silverfox tries to scare her, then offers Catherine information on her mother in exchange for Vincent. Catherine is let go, and tells Vincent what happened. Catherine is shaken up, but when J.T. informs her that Vincent turned himself in, she helps him track down Vincent, and the three kill Silverfox and the other Muirfield agents.[7]

Cat's birthday party. ("Saturn Returns")

When Catherine's birthday comes around, she is reluctant to celebrate it, and is upset when she realizes Heather already planned a birthday party for her. Catherine tells Vincent she'd rather spend time with him, but he encourages her to go to the party. During the party, her co-worker, Evan Marks, kisses her, surprising Catherine. Catherine later asks Vincent to join her for dinner, because that's what she would want for her birthday. Vincent never shows up, and Catherine thinks it's because he's not interested, and starts to pull away.[8]

Vincent tracks Catherine down while she's working on a case, and is able to get her to understand that he is interested.[9] The two makes plans to meet up again, but before they can get away, Catherine finds out the reason Vincent has been distant from her is because he's been having blackouts, during which he can be violent and can't remember what happened. When J.T. and Vincent realize the blackouts are occurring when he's thinking about or around Catherine, she's forced to stay away from Vincent.[10]

Vincent later calls her over when he has a flashback that reveals Vanessa was in Afghanistan, and part of Muirfield. Catherine is around when Vincent finds out she's not the trigger, and the blackouts are actually a side effect of the experiments. Catherine goes through her mother's old files, and helps J.T. find and synthesize a cure that stops Vincent's blackouts. Catherine is upset that her mother was responsible for what happened to Vincent, but Vincent tells her that it's not her fault.[11]

Evan saving Cat's life. ("Bridesmaid Up")

When her father gets married to Brooke, Catherine is one of the bridesmaids, and wishes that Vincent could come with her. However, during the reception, Vincent sneaks in and the two share a dance. Evan tells Catherine that he has been studying Vincent's DNA, and discovered that it has been slowly mutating. Vincent is becoming less and less human. She shares this with Vincent, who leaves the reception. After Catherine gives a speech to Thomas & Brooke, she's inspired to find Vincent to tell him that her feelings for him won't change. However, she ends up getting into a serious car accident after Sabrina Meyer tries to kill her. Vincent pulls a badly injured Catherine out of the car, but leaves her in the middle of the road when Evan and Heather show up. Evan performs a roadside surgery on Cat to stabilize her so she will make it to a hospital. [12]

While recovering in the hospital from her injuries, Catherine is visited by Vincent, and the two make amends after her father's wedding. Catherine finds out later that her attending nurse, Alex Salter, knows Vincent and caught him visiting her. When she asks Vincent about it, she finds out Alex is his ex-fiancé. Catherine finds out Alex has a stalker, and is suspicious that it's actually Muirfield. However, it turns out to be Connor Sorvino, Alex's former patient who became obsessed with her, and Vincent & Catherine are able to save Alex when Connor tries to kill her. Catherine thinks Vincent might still be in love with Alex, and tells him to find out if that is true.[13] Vincent starts spending more time with Alex, and Catherine is upset and jealous over being pushed aside. She comes to terms with the fact that she is in love with Vincent, and confesses her feelings to him. Sadly, Vincent turns her down for Alex. Heartbroken, Catherine decides to let him go, but warns him to be honest with Alex about what happened to him.[14]

While Alex and Vincent go away to a remote location in the mountains, Catherine tries to move on with her life. However, she finds out that Muirfield has been watching Alex, and Vincent's in danger. She goes and finds them in a cabin, where she helps Vincent kill the Muirfield agents who come after him. Alex sees Vincent as a beast and walks away, unable to handle what he has become. Vincent later comes to Catherine, and apologizes for choosing Alex, saying he realizes he would never be happy with her. Catherine, though, can't trust Vincent anymore for not choosing her, and decides to distance herself from him. Vincent promises he'll do whatever it takes to make things right with Catherine.[15]

On Valentine's Day, Vincent tries to win Catherine over again with romantic gestures. Initially annoyed, Catherine is later touched by his gifts and thoughtful actions. She ends up having to save Vincent when Muirfield tries to get Alex to turn him in, making her believe they can cure Vincent. She tries to stop Catherine from helping Vincent escape, but they convince her to let Vincent go. Afterwards, Catherine helps Alex disappear and leave town. Alex tells Catherine that Vincent is in love with her now. Catherine is caught by Tess destroying evidence that could expose Vincent. Angry with Catherine's constant lies, Tess decides to find a new partner. When Vincent & Catherine decide to try and start a relationship, Heather catches them together, worrying Catherine.[16]

Catherine tries to feign ignorance with Heather, but Heather recognizes Vincent from Thomas' wedding. To stop Heather's suspicions, Catherine has Vincent come over for dinner, but finds out Heather also invited her new boyfriend, Darius Bishop. Heather does not warm up to Vincent, and later confronts Catherine with Tess while she's at work, asking who Vincent really is. Catherine still does not expose Vincent, causing a rift between her, Tess, and Heather. When Heather is nearly killed by Darius, on orders from two loan sharks he owes money to, Vincent intervenes, and ends up accidentally killing Darius. This proves to be dire, as Darius is the brother of Joe Bishop, Catherine's boss. When Catherine realizes Vincent was trying to protect Heather, she promises to help clear his name, and the two finally begin a relationship.[17]

When a new district attorney named Gabriel Lowan comes to Cat's precinct, she tries to find the man that ordered Darius to kill Heather in order to prove Vincent's innocence. Vincent helps her find the man, Ray Sheckman, and Catherine & Vincent are able to scare Ray into coming forward and admitting the truth. Ray mysteriously dies before he can clear Vincent's name. Joe and Gabe then reveal they are creating a task force to hunt down the vigilante (Vincent), and have assigned Cat, Tess, and Evan to this force.[18] Cat hopes she can keep an eye on the investigation, but tells Vincent she's not going to leave him.

In order to stop the investigation, Vincent devises a plan to fake his death. Meanwhile, Tess is investigating the vigilante cases, and ends up finding Vincent just as he's trying to escape. Tess finds out Vincent's secret and Catherine's involvement. She tries to report them, but ends up nearly getting killed by two rogue cops who were hunting Vincent on behalf of Gabe. Vincent saves Tess, and Catherine later apologizes to Tess for lying to her. Tess accepts her apology, and keeps Vincent's secret. Meanwhile, J.T. finds out that Evan has been working with Muirfield to capture Vincent. When Evan catches Cat and Vincent together, he confronts her and, jealous and hurt, helps Muirfield capture Vincent.

J.T., Tess, and Catherine are able to track down Vincent to the spot where Muirfield has taken him. Catherine goes inside to rescue Vincent and Evan, who realized Muirfield used him. As they're escaping, Evan asks Vincent if he knows about Catherine's parents, to which Vincent replies he does, but says they can't tell her. As they try to leave, Muirfield closes in on them, and Evan sacrifices himself, getting shot and killed, allowing Cat and Vincent to escape. Cat finds out he also took the blame for helping the vigilante, clearing her of suspicion.[19]

Cat becomes suspicious of Gabe, and thinks he's a part of Muirfield. When she confronts him, she finds out that he's actually an experiment of Muirfield, and has been hunting them down too. Gabe later confronts Catherine when he realizes that the vigilante is still alive, and Catherine is the one protecting him. He reveals himself to also be a beast, and explains that he's trying to find Vincent because he uses medication to control his transformations, but is hoping that Vincent could help him control them without it.[20] Catherine brings Vincent to him, and he agrees to give Gabe a blood sample in exchange for some of his medication. Initially hopeful that he won't have to be a beast anymore, Catherine finds out that Gabe's medication will kill Vincent, and tells him to stop taking it for her sake. For a while, though, they're able to feel like a normal couple.

Catherine gets a call from her father, asking her to meet him immediately. When she goes to meet him, she sees him get run down by a car. Cat suspects it wasn't an accident, and Muirfield is responsible. At the hospital, she donates blood for Thomas, but leaves when Heather comes by to find out who was after Thomas. Before she can, though, she's kidnapped by Gabe, who is trying to kill Vincent in order to save himself. Vincent shows up to rescue her, but is unable to transform due to the effect of the medication.

At the same time, Heather is still with Thomas, and the hospital drops a bombshell on her: Catherine is not Thomas' biological daughter.[21] Vincent & Catherine try to escape, but Gabe attacks them in full beast form. Catherine is able to reverse the effect of the medication, helping Vincent transform to fight Gabe. Just as Gabe is about to kill Vincent, a sniper in a helicopter shoots Gabe. Though Catherine tries to stop them, they capture Vincent by dropping a net on him and flying away. As Vincent is taken away, his kidnapper is revealed to be FBI Agent Robert Reynolds, Catherine's biological father and head of Muirfield.

Season Two[]

2x02 stills15
Catherine finds Vincent.

Three months later, Catherine is still trying to find Vincent. Catherine revived Gabe using a defibrillator, hoping he would track Vincent. Instead, when he was revived, Gabe became completely human. Catherine eventually finds Vincent with J.T. and Gabe's help. When she does, though, she finds out his memory has been wiped clean. Catherine leaves Vincent with J.T. in order to attend a tribute for Thomas, who died recently. During the tribute, she meets Agent Reynolds, though she doesn't know who he really is. Both J.T. and Gabe think that Vincent has become more dangerous, but Catherine still tries to get through to him.

Catherine finds out that Vincent's DNA has been modified so he can track like an apex predator. She follows him, hoping she can find out who is controlling him. Initially frustrated by her, Vincent starts to feel drawn towards Catherine and the two grow closer. Catherine finds out that Vincent is being sent on missions to hunt down other beasts. She tries to find out who he's working for, but ends up getting hurt when Vincent reacts violently. Realizing he is dangerous, she asks Gabe and Tess for help to go undercover so she can find out who Vincent is working for. Meanwhile, Heather tells Catherine that Thomas is not her biological father, shocking Catherine.

Catherine is able to get Vincent to trust her initially when she goes undercover, but he later figures out her true motive. He tries to throw Catherine off his trail, but Catherine catches up with Vincent as he's tracking down another beast. Cat shows up with Tess and Gabe, and decides to help Vincent kill the beast, Sebastian Clifton. Catherine tries to trap Sebastian, but is overpowered. Vincent saves Catherine and kills Sebastian. While saving her, Vincent starts to regain some memories of Catherine. Meanwhile, Catherine goes home, where she & Heather make amends before Heather leaves to Miami. Vincent later finds Catherine and tells her how he's starting to remember her. However, Catherine can't handle his secrecy anymore, and pushes Vincent away.

Though she tries to distance herself from Vincent, Catherine is approached by Gabe to try to get rid of the beast in Vincent the same way Catherine did to Gabe. Feeling it's too risky, Catherine rejects Gabe's idea, but he later goes to Vincent to suggest the idea and tells Vincent to capture a pyromaniac Beast, Eddie Long, to test it out on. Vincent, though, ends up getting hurt trying to kill Eddie, and Catherine covers for him again. The two team up with arson investigators to find Eddie, and find him in a burning building. Catherine and Gabe corner and kill Eddie. Gabe tries to use the defibrillator to revive Eddie, but the plan fails. Meanwhile, Catherine asks Gabe to help her find her biological father.

While Catherine is hosting a party with high school friends before their ten-year reunion, she ends up getting attacked by a beast looking for Vincent. Her high school classmate, Beth Bowman, witnesses the incident. Vincent finds out, and tracks down the beast in order to protect Catherine. He finds out the beast is actually Zach Hayes, a soldier from his unit. During her reunion, Gabe and Tess show up after finding out that Zach wants to kill Catherine to hurt Vincent. Vincent shows up to protect Catherine, but Zach shows up and goes after her; Vincent kills Zach, saving Catherine's life. During the reunion, Catherine figures out that Reynolds is her birth father.

Catherine meets Reynolds, who tells her that he'll be a part of her life if she wants him to be. When heiress Tori Windsor is kidnapped, Gabe suspects Vincent kidnapped Tori while trying to kill her father, Curt, who is also a beast. He suggests trying to get rid of the beast in Curt, instead. Cat then convinces Curt to try the idea in exchange for his daughter. Before Gabe can try it, though, Curt suddenly transforms, and attacks Vincent. Vincent ends up ripping Curt's heart out, killing him and scaring Catherine.

Catherine finds out that Gabe suspects whoever is ordering Vincent to kill beasts will try and kill him. This proves to be true, as Vincent narrowly escapes a death trap. They find evidence that indicates Vincent's anonymous handler is FBI, so Catherine decides to ask Reynolds for help. While she & Vincent are at Reynolds' house, Gabe and Tori show up. Vincent transforms and attacks Reynolds. Catherine finds out that Tori is also a beast, and Tori somehow amplifies Vincent's beast powers. Gabe and Cat later figure out that Reynolds is Vincent's handler.

Catherine tries to warn Vincent, and finds him after he & Tori narrowly escape an attempt by Reynolds to kill both of them. Gabe comes up with a plan to arrest Reynolds. They succeed in getting evidence on Reynolds, and Catherine arrests him. Vincent, though, intercepts her and tries to kill Reynolds. Catherine holds him at gunpoint, begging him to walk away and choose his humanity. Vincent doesn't, and Catherine shoots him. Reynolds is arrested, but Catherine is heartbroken over the fact that Vincent didn't choose to save their relationship.

When Tori is threatened by people who know about beasts, Catherine tries to help her because Vincent, now dating Tori, is seriously injured by the gunshot wound. She finds out that they were hired to rob a store owned by Curt. Before the thieves can kill Tori, Vincent shows up and saves her. Catherine tries to move on with her life, but finds it hard when Vincent is exposed to the press and constantly photographed. When FBI Agent Dana Landon asks her to go undercover to assist with a case, Catherine agrees to go. While undercover, she runs into Vincent, who is after the same thing the thieves she is working with are after: a gem that is connected to beasts.

When the group gets close to stealing the gem, Vincent shows up and threatens to kill one of the members if Catherine doesn't let him take the gem. Catherine lets him, horrified by how violent he has become. Dana reveals to Catherine that the gem has been linked to many murders over the years, including Dana's husband's death. The earliest record of the gem is from the 1800s when it was linked to a murder, and the investigator in the case was Rebecca Reynolds, Catherine's ancestor. Meanwhile, Catherine realizes Gabe is interested in her, and kisses him to show her interest.

Dana later sees the same gem being worn by Tori, and tells Tess and Cat to arrest her. Initially, they agree to try and get Tori to hand over the gem voluntarily. But when Tori attacks Catherine and Vincent refuses to hand over the gem, they arrest her. Soon after, Cat's precinct is taken hostage by a group of thieves after the gem.

Vincent then shows up, sneaking into the precinct. They get into an argument, and Vincent tries to leave with the gem. Catherine apologizes for hurting him, hoping Vincent will help her free the hostages. Vincent turns himself over to the thieves; Catherine then turns off the power so Vincent can transform without being seen. Together, the two of them manage to stop the thieves and realize the gem can stop beasts from using their powers. It mysteriously disappears after the hostages are freed, but Vincent & Catherine decide to work together to find out who has the gem, and become friends again.

Catherine & Vincent try to find where the gem was taken using Rebecca's notes from the 1800s. They run out of time when J.T. is kidnapped by the same people who were trying to get the gem. Cat & Vincent split up to find J.T., and Cat finds the underground dungeon J.T. was taken to. She saves Vincent by shooting J.T.'s kidnapper, but Tori dies trying to save J.T. However, they're able to rescue Sam Landon, Dana's husband, who was alive and being held hostage by J.T.'s kidnapper. Catherine decides to pursue a relationship with Gabe while trying to find out who wanted the beast serum J.T. was forced to make.

Catherine figures out Sam is the one trying to create a beast to help him get revenge on the people who killed his son. Catherine tries to get Vincent to track down the beast Sam created using J.T.'s serum, but he backs out. When Catherine asks why, J.T. reveals that Vincent is trying to change to win her back. Catherine eventually corners Sam, and Vincent saves the beast Sam created. Meanwhile, Gabe tells Catherine to make a choice. When Catherine chooses Gabe, he tells her to let Vincent know.

Catherine tells Vincent she's moving on with Gabe, but they end up sleeping together. Catherine is mortified when she wakes up. She tells Vincent that it was a mistake, and she's staying with Gabe. Vincent, though, says that he's not going to give up on her.[22] When Sam escapes from prison, Gabe, Catherine, & Vincent track him to a charity ball where they believe he intends to kill those responsible for killing his son. At the ball, Vincent again tries to reach out to her, but Catherine pushes him away because she's too afraid of getting hurt again. Vincent promises, though, that he has changed and to give him a second chance, but she deflects the conversation to finding Sam. They eventually figure out that Sam is going after the group who originally created Muirfield to use beasts as weapons for power.

Catherine & Vincent find Sam, and manage to stop him from killing the group. When Sam tries to commit suicide because he could not fulfill his revenge, Vincent is the one who talks Sam down. His appeal to Sam makes Catherine realize Vincent has changed; she breaks up with Gabe, and reunites with Vincent.

Vincent is arrested for Curt Windsor's murder right after he & Catherine get back together. Catherine immediately suspects Gabe, though he denies it. Catherine then confronts Reynolds, realizing he was the only other person who knew Vincent killed Curt. Catherine tries to find a way to prove he framed Vincent. However, when Vincent tries to confess to the murder, she decides to come forward as a witness. Before she can, though, Vincent escapes from prison and becomes a fugitive.

Vincent later finds Catherine, and tells him he's going to run away in order to protect her from losing her job. Catherine decides to go with Vincent rather than risk losing him again. However, the police surround them, and Catherine gets Vincent to leave without her so he doesn't get caught. Soon after, Catherine is kidnapped from her house by an unknown group.

The group is revealed to be FBI agents, head up by Agent Henry Knox. He asks for Catherine & Vincent's help to rescue another agent who was kidnapped. Catherine is skeptical to believe him until he reveals that Dana was the one who told him to get Catherine & Vincent's help. Knox tells Catherine that he's willing to get Vincent exonerated if they help him out. Catherine still doesn't trust him, and escapes when she gets the chance. She finds Vincent, and they find out that Gabe has set up a task force and full-scale manhunt to track down Vincent.

Vincent tells Catherine he doesn't want to run and leave her behind. Catherine still feels like they have no choice, but Vincent convinces her to go back to Agent Knox, and get his help. The two go find, and agree to help, Agent Knox. They're able to rescue Agent Mallory from her kidnappers, and escape without being detected. Knox then reveals someone stopped his attempt to exonerate Vincent. Catherine realizes it was Gabe, and doesn't trust him anymore.

While Knox works on getting Vincent exonerated, Catherine tries to evade the police, who start following her in order to find Vincent. Gabe then has Catherine & Tess suspended, trying to capture Vincent. Catherine gets an unexpected visit from Heather during this time, and has to tell her about Vincent. Heather doesn't believe her, though, and walks away from Cat. Meanwhile, Catherine & Vincent dig into Gabe's past. They find out he was responsible for Ray Sheckman's murder, and a witness who can prove it. While tracking down the witness, Catherine gets a call from Heather, who was kidnapped by Ray's brother, Tom. They realize that Gabe found out, and told Ray's brother about Heather. Vincent tracks down Heather, while Catherine and Tess later show up and kill Tom & his accomplices. Vincent is able to save Heather, who finds out his secret. She makes amends with Cat and starts to accept Vincent.

Gabe kills the witness who implicated him in Ray's murder. Vincent & Catherine try to to find the witness' body, but end up running when Vincent gets recognized on the streets. Agent Knox agrees to put them in witness relocation until he can get Vincent exonerated. The two move out of the city to a suburban neighborhood. They're not able to stay there, though, and return to the city, where Agent Knox says he can push the exoneration through if Vincent turns himself in; Catherine convinces Vincent to agree. However, they find out that Gabe told Beth the truth about Vincent, and she's trying to publish a story about it. Realizing Gabe is completely deranged over his obsession with Cat, she tries to get him to back off Vincent. Gabe agrees to call Beth off if Cat goes on a date with him to give Gabe a second chance.

Vincent later turns himself in publicly at a press conference, where Beth speaks up and asks Vincent about being a failed military experiment. Catherine tries to figure out why Beth is still asking, and realizes Gabe figured out Cat just went on a date with him to protect Vincent. During Heather's bachelorette party, Knox calls Catherine, saying that Vincent disappeared from his cell. Thinking Gabe is responsible, she goes over to his place and confronts him; Gabe, though, is still trying to convince Catherine to give him a second chance. When she tells him off about how she's disgusted by his actions, Gabe finally goes off and says he was justified in his actions because he was protecting her. Furious, Catherine beats Gabe unconscious; Catherine freaks out about having possibly killed him. When Vincent arrives, she gets him to save Gabe. Vincent reveals he didn't escape, but was taken out of his cell by two government agents who let him go so he could kill Gabe. Agent Knox informs Vincent that he was exonerated by the people who took him out of his cell.

Catherine later confronts Gabe, threatening to expose him if he tries to hurt Vincent again. Catherine gets a hold of Rebecca's journal from Gabe, and finds out Rebecca was in love with a beast, as well, named Alistair. She's suspicious that history could be repeating itself, and Vincent could be in danger from Gabe. When she finds out Gabe is a beast again and killed Beth, she is afraid that Vincent could die like Alistair. Gabe also kills Agent Knox, and Catherine tries to stop Vincent from hunting him down. She locks him in the dungeon the way Rebecca did to Alistair, leaving the gem outside to stop him from escaping. Catherine later realizes, though, that this is what led to Alistair's death, as Rebecca left him vulnerable and he was killed by the people who thought he was a murderer. She lets Vincent out, and they work together to stop Gabe.

VinCat Kissing in NYC

Catherine & Vincent later find J.T. after he has been attacked by Gabe. Realizing it's to taunt Vincent, Catherine stops him from going after Gabe by himself. Gabe later finds Vincent, but his beast powers are hindered by Catherine, who puts the gem around his neck to stop him. Catherine lets him know that J.T. got all the evidence they need to connect Gabe to the murders, and he's going to jail. Gabe attacks and tries to kill Catherine, but she manages to kill Gabe first. Vincent is cleared of suspicion and Catherine is reinstated. Vincent & Catherine later find out J.T. will survive, thanks to the agents who took Vincent out of his cell. They ask Vincent & Catherine to join them to stop other threats out there. However, they put off their answer to the agents, and Catherine is finally able to enjoy the fact that she doesn't have to hide her & Vincent's relationship anymore.

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

Skills and Abilities[]

Catherine master combatant

Catherine laying down the law.

  • Expert Detective: As a Detective, Cat has proven herself a highly skilled detective. Unlike most of her co-workers, she rarely jumps to conclusions before she gets her facts straight, except when she is emotionally involved in the case especially cases that involves Beast and Vincent Keller.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Cat has proven that she is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, especially in the fighting style of Kickboxing which is her specialty, which makes her fairly matchable towards skillful agents of Muirfield and others villains that she's faced. She has also shown to be capable in the art of Krav Maga.
  • Skilled Markswoman/firearms: Due to her police training, Cat is highly officiant in the uses guns and other forms of firearms.
  • Intelligent: She was top of her class at Princeton University. She also had top marks at the police academy. She also shows a capacity for deductive reasoning as a detective. Thus, making her very smart.


Vincent Keller[]

Vincent is Catherine's true love and Husband. When Vincent revealed his secret, Catherine looked past his physical changes, and saw him for the man that he is rather than the beast he had become. Catherine told Vincent that though he was no longer human, he wasn't a monster and she believed that he was more human than he believed himself to be. Catherine's life soon became centered on protecting Vincent, doing whatever it took to hold onto their love.[23] When they break up, Catherine is angry at Vincent afterwards, but also at herself for letting her life be consumed by him, becoming uncertain of her own instincts and judgment.[24] When they started to move past the hurt and anger, she learned to trust herself again. When Vincent tries to win her back, though, Catherine rejects him saying she won’t go backwards. Vincent still makes an effort to show Catherine that he would never choose his beast side over them again. When he proves to Catherine he truely has changed, they resume their relationship. Catherine puts her entire life at risk to protect Vincent's secret for the sake of their love, though she often has to pull herself back from becoming obsessed. Catherine constantly talks Vincent down, reminding him to not lose his humanity, and Vincent says he can only control his beast side because of Catherine.[25]

Tess Vargas[]

Tess is Catherine's best friend and work partner. She often helps Catherine stay focused when she's distracted by anything related to Vincent. When Catherine kept Vincent's existence a secret, lying to Tess was the hardest for her and upset Catherine the most because Tess trusted her. When Catherine was trying to find Vincent after he disappeared, Tess was hurt by her distance and annoyed by how Catherine's sole focus of her life was Vincent; this was because Tess was worried Catherine would forget who she was if Vincent never returned. Catherine admitted that Tess was right, and later worked to rebuild their friendship. Tess risks her job to hide Vincent's secret, but only to help out Catherine. However, if Catherine is in trouble, Tess is willing to call Vincent to help her out.[26] Tess tries to keep Catherine focused on what is best for herself rather than what is best for Vincent so that he is not the sole focus of Catherine's life. Tess always cares about Catherine and is always there for her if something is bothering her.

Heather Chandler[]

Heather is Catherine's younger half-sister. She and Catherine were close growing up, but after their mother died, Catherine became distant because she blamed herself for Vanessa's death. Heather tried to get past it and keep Catherine close, but found it hard when Catherine kept obsessing over Vanessa's case. Catherine, though, worked on rebuilding her relationship with Heather after meeting Vincent. After Thomas' death and finding out he's not Catherine's birth father, Heather wanted to keep Catherine close because she was the only family she had left. When she told Catherine the truth, she was upset, but realized that Heather lied because Catherine had shielded herself from the world again, not wanting to deal with the pain and grief, and pushed away the people who loved her the most, including Heather.[27] When Heather finds out Vincent's secret, the roles reversed, and Heather realized Catherine didn't tell her because she wouldn't have believed the truth even if Catherine told her, and the two sisters became close again.[28] Heather is often around to help Catherine diffuse or lighten a situation, helping her to not feel burdened by keeping Vincent's secret.

Gabriel Lowan[]

Gabe and Catherine became friends when she found out he used to know her mother when he was younger. When Gabe kidnapped Catherine and tried to kill Vincent, Catherine became suspicious and wary of him again. When Catherine inadvertently helped "cure" Gabe by getting rid of his beast DNA, Gabe tried to return the favor, even though she kept pushing him away. Catherine grew closer to Gabe again, who is revealed to be falling for Catherine. When Vincent & Catherine break up, Catherine becomes interested in pursuing a relationship with Gabe. However, he holds back, knowing she has not moved on from Vincent.[29] Catherine realized her indecision, and settled her differences with Vincent before starting a relationship with Gabe. Catherine had her issues with Gabe, as well, though, not able to forget how he had hurt her once. When Catherine finds out that Vincent is trying to win her back, she stays with Gabe, afraid of being hurt by Vincent again. Gabe, though, still tells her to make a choice. Ultimately, Catherine leaves Gabe for Vincent, and Gabe becomes obsessed with getting Catherine back. After he becomes unhinged and tries, but fails, to destroy Vincent, Catherine realized Gabe was no longer the man she once loved.[30]

J.T. Forbes[]

J.T. was wary and distant from Catherine, afraid that her hanging out with Vincent could put him in danger. He is cold towards Catherine, often telling her to stay away. Over time, though, when Catherine assists J.T. to keep Vincent safe and shows her genuine concern and care for Vincent, J.T. encourages Vincent to spend more time with Catherine, softening his position towards her by telling Vincent to keep Catherine in his life.[31] J.T. and Catherine become good friends while searching for Vincent after he is kidnapped by Muirfield. J.T. assists Catherine when they find out Vincent has amnesia, hoping he can reconnect with his best friend. After Vincent & Catherine break up, J.T. initially shows animosity towards Catherine, but they remain on good terms to one another, getting along for the sake of helping Vincent. When Vincent tries to win Catherine back, J.T. encourages him to fight for her, even though she's dating Gabe, and even tells Catherine to keep an open mind to Vincent trying to reconcile with her.[32] J.T. initially got along with Catherine for Vincent's sake, but the two grew to become friends on their own.

Evan Marks[]

Evan harbored an unrequited love for Catherine. However, she saw Evan as a player, and believed that a serious relationship with him would never last. Evan found out about Vincent & Catherine, and was hurt by their relationship. Jealous over Catherine choosing Vincent over him, he deliberately helped Muirfield capture Vincent, believing he would be a danger to Catherine's life. When Catherine realized what Evan had done, she felt guilty for leading him on for her own means.[33] Evan later realized that Muirfield had double-crossed him, and when Catherine rescued Vincent from Muirfield, Evan helped them escape at the cost of his own life. In the end, Evan gave up his own life to help Catherine.


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