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Cold Case
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date June 16, 2014
Written by John A. Norris & Eric Tuchman
Directed by Rich Newey
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Cold Case is the 19th episode of the Second Season, and the 41st episode overall.


NICOLE GALE ANDERSON GUEST STARS — Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) sister Heather (guest star Nicole Gale Anderson) drops by for a surprise visit at the worst possible time, just as Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) suspends Cat and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) from the squad in an effort to force Vincent (Jay Ryan) out of hiding. Austin Basis also stars.

Rich Newey directed the episode written by John A. Norris and Eric Tuchman (#219).



The Special Crimes Unit tails Catherine through the streets of Manhattan. Tess gives her some pointers on how to lose them over the phone. She tells Cat to say hi to Vincent just in time for Captain Ward to hear her. 

After losing the tail, Catherine arrives at her apartment. She looks through her drawer for a new burner phone when Heather surprises her. Heather wants to catch up. Cat tells her to hold on since the landlord is on her case. So she picks up a laundry basket and goes up to the roof. Cat leaves before she sees Heather’s new engagement ring. 

Catherine meets with Vincent at her rooftop. He and Cat have a quick exchange about their relationship. Vincent dodges choppers.

Downstairs, Heather decides to catch up with some local news and realizes Vincent is a wanted criminal. Heather is worried. Catherine deflects by asking about Miami. Heather’s story is interrupted by Tess’s 911 text, so Cat leaves again before Heather can tell her the good news.

Catherine walks into the precinct where her fellow detectives give her the stink eye. Captain Ward calls her into his office. Gabe and Ward confront Tess and Cat for aiding and abetting Vincent. Ward suspends them, on Gabe’s suggestion. Cat tells the Captain that Gabe is just doing it out of jealousy and not to protect the public as he claims.

At a pavilion, Catherine tells Vincent about her suspension. They decide to remind Gabe of the awful things he did that he has conveniently forgotten. Cat doesn’t know how to tell Heather she is in love with Vincent, a fugitive beast. Vincent suggests Cat could start with the fugitive part.

At the precinct, Captain Ward politely asks Gabe if he is jealous. Gabe brushes off the question and suggests they should bug Catherine’s apartment, phone, and car. That’s when Heather walks in. Gabe puts on his charming façade and says hi. Heather asks about Cat. Gabe tells her about Cat’s suspension. Gabe asks Heather to call him if she finds Cat, to make sure she is okay.

At their respective homes, Catherine and Vincent try to find a cold case to pin on Gabe. The carriage driver won’t work because Gabe has an alibi. Cat selects Ray Sheckman’s murder. Unfortunately, Captain Ward notices that Cat is electronically looking at the virtual Sheckman file and tells Gabe.

Tess meets Heather as Catherine’s proxy at Il Cantuccio. Heather is pissed. Catherine is too busy to for Heather to tell Cat she is engaged. Heather knows Cat is in some sort of trouble and wants to be there for her. Tess tells her the truth, that it is about Vincent Keller and that Cat is in love with him. Without knowing the whole story, Heather freaks out.

Vincent and Catherine go to the Whitmore Museum. He tracks the Ray Sheckman’s murder and reveals there was a witness. The witness escaped, but left a shoe behind. Vincent and Cat walk out and run into Heather. She runs away before Cat can explain why she is with a current fugitive.

Heather runs back to Il Cantuccio. Catherine asks Heather how she found her. Heather cracked Cat’s find your phone app password. Heather begs for the truth. Cat comes clean telling her that the crazy story about a beast rescuing her was true and that it was Vincent who saved her. Cat tries to explain beasts and secret government experiment, but Heather thinks Cat takes her for a fool and leaves. But not before reveling why she is back: to pick out a wedding dress.

Over at Tom Sheckman’s office, Gabe decides to make a deal with Ray’s big brother. Gabe tells the white collar criminal that Vincent Keller killed Ray. Gabe wants to take advantage of Tom’s resources to find and kill Vincent. Tom says, if Vincent Keller killed his brother, he'd rip him to shreds. However, he refuses to just take Gabe's word for it. Gabe tells Tom that Heather was there.

Catherine and Vincent find Jack Watson. The beast-encounter traumatized the witness, but Cat convinces him to come forward. Jack tells Cat what happened the night Ray died, he saw Gabe kill Ray in the museum.

Meanwhile, Heather tries on wedding dresses. Tom Sheckman snatches her from the store – dress and all. He takes Heather to the dungeon. Tom makes her call Catherine and then he demands an exchange, Heather for Vincent Keller. Tom doesn’t give directions because he heard Vincent is good at finding people. Vincent and Catherine go back to the bridal store, where he tracks Heather.

Vincent finds her chained inside the dungeon. Heather is afraid of Vincent. He gets ready to beast out and break Heather’s chains, but Tom sneaks up on him and traps him inside the beast-proof cage. Tom accuses Vincent of killing Ray. Vincent denies it, but Tom doesn’t believe him. Then Tom mentions that Vincent killed Ray to protect Heather. She realizes Vincent is the reason she is alive. She is shocked and grateful at the same time. 

Tom starts a timer on a bomb in front of the cage and leaves. Catherine and Tess intercept him before he makes it out of the dungeon. While Cat and Tess fight Tom and his goon, Vincent realizes that he has no other option than to beast his way out of the cage. He warns Heather and begs her to not overreact. Vincent transforms and Heather screams bloody murder. Vincent frees Heather’s from her chains and then breaks the door of the cage.

Catherine shoots Tom just as Heather comes out running and the bomb goes off. Heather tells Cat that Vincent was still inside the cage. Cat is devastated until Vincent emerges, human and alive. Heather asks Vincent who he really is.

Later at Catherine’s apartment, the Chandler sisters have a heart to heart. Heather understands why Cat was reluctant to share her huge secret. Heather realizes that Cat told the truth after their mother died. She said she was saved by a beast and everyone thought she was crazy. After Heather comes around to Vincent’s side, the sisters talk about her fiancé, Matthew.

At the precinct, Captain Ward tells Gabe about Tom’s demise. Ward informs him that the Ray Sheckman case has been re-opened and they have reason to believe the vigilante is not the killer. Gabe walks into a lineup and a witness identifies him as Ray’s killer without hesitation.

At the rooftop, Catherine briefs Vincent on the new developments: Jack identified Gabe, but Gabe also made bail. Also, Tess got her badge back, but she is not the one sleeping with a fugitive. Vincent points out that they haven’t been sleeping that much lately. Cat’s tells him that no one is watching them now. Vincent kisses her and picks her up. A passing helicopter interrupts their moment. They say goodbye.

Jack and a cop are laying low in a motel. Gabe breaks into the room. He attacks Jack until he is dead. For a second Gabe's own brutality shocks him, especially when he realizes he did it as a human being and not a beast.


Catherine: I have to go.
Vincent: What? That's my line.

Catherine: I'm in love with a fugitive.
Vincent: I didn't do it.
Catherine: That's what they all say.

Vincent: Well… he [Gabe] is consistent I give him that. I don’t know, I think I liked the guy better when he was a beast.


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