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Crime Scene Investigators
Job information
  • CSU
  • Investigate crime scenes

Crime Scene Investigators are members of a Crime Scene Unit.


They attend crime scenes to look for evidence and record their findings carefully so that the crime can be investigated properly. This may be done with the naked eye, dusting for fingerprints, taking photographs or using highly specialised and sensitive police evidence collection equipment. A CSU investigator splits his or her time between being out on site collecting the evidence, which could be anywhere where a crime has been committed, and back in the offices/labs recording and logging everything they have found.


Quote1-1- CSU just lifted prints off a button. Quote2-1-
Catherine to Joe and Tess. [src]

The first case crime scene investigators were seen working on was Ashley Webster's. During their investigation, they lifted Vincent's fingerprint from the scene, which lead Catherine right to him.

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