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CrossspeciesDNA A hair uncovered at a crime scene which has been confirmed to contain cross-species DNA being analyzed in a lab.
Cross-Species DNA
Cross-Species DNA information

Genetically engineered animal DNA was used to turn soldiers into super soldiers.


In Vincent - Taking over his human cells.

"All I know it that they changed our DNA. They made us stronger....faster!"
Vincent Keller. [src]

Cross-species DNA is essentially two co-existing sets of DNA within a single body.[1] Given time the genetically modified dna will change the person's physiology which will result in hybrid physiology (ie) a Human-Animal Physiology.


In 2012, Evan, the special crimes unit medical examiner, reveals to Catherine at that the DNA samples from the cases that he had collected including her mom's is changing: the animal nucleotide are taking over from the human ones.


Beasts can pass on their cross-species dna to their children. A child born to a beast will inherit his/hers parent(s) superhuman abilities, but it seems like that they will be dormant until the child reaches maturity, as seen with Tori Windsor.



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Notes and References[]

  1. In the Pilot, lab results found that a sample of Vincent's hair appeared to contain cross-species DNA.