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Curt Windsor was a Beast and a character on Beauty & the Beast. He was portrayed by Paul Johansson.


Curt was a high-profile businessman who invested into Muirfield when it was originally started 30 years before. He also volunteered to be an experiment and have the serum injected into him, presumably to get even with rivals. However, the strain he was injected with didn't immediately affect him; Muirfield thought it didn't work. However, it eventually mutated, and Windsor transformed, killing off his rivals viciously. He secluded himself and his daughter, Tori, by barricading themselves within their home and surrounding them with bodyguards, preventing them from being exposed or from anyone trying to come after him and Tori.

When Agent Reynolds sends Vincent Keller on a clean-up mission to eradicate Muirfield once and for all, Curt is targeted. Reynolds lets Vincent know that Tori sneaks out every night, leaving a vulnerability in Curt's security system. Vincent is able to get in, but Curt senses him and proves to be a lot stronger than a first generation experiment, getting the upper hand on Vincent. Tori then comes in, and sees her father in his full beast form. He accuses her of letting Vincent in, and attacks her, trying to strangle her. Vincent then transforms and pushes Curt off Tori before the two of them fight. Vincent grabs Tori and disappears, angering Curt.

Curt offers a reward to anyone who can help him find his daughter. Curt refuses the FBI's help, and is able to track down Tori to Vincent's place. However, by the time he gets there, Vincent and Tori are gone. Reynolds then goes to Curt with Catherine Chandler, offering his help, but Curt again declines their offer, saying they won't be of any help. Meanwhile, Vincent has figured out that Curt is tracking Tori because of a device he put in Tori's arm.

By the time Curt finds where Vincent took Tori to, they've disappeared. Catherine later comes to him, and tells him of a risky procedure that will get rid of his beast DNA. Though Curt refuses, Catherine threatens to out him and risk losing his daughter forever. Curt agrees to flatline himself to try the procedure. He asks to see Tori before they try, but as she appears, he transforms and breaks free, stopping the procedure from happening. Vincent transforms to stop him, and when they start fighting, Vincent suddenly breaks open Curt's chest and rips his heart out, shocking everyone by killing Curt brutally.