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Déjà Vu
Season 2, Episode 22
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Air date July 7, 2014
Written by Brad Kern & Roger Grant
Directed by Stuart Gillard
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Déjà Vu is the 22nd episode of the Second Season, and the 44th episode overall.


CAT FACES A TOUGH DECISION — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) searches for a way to thwart Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and finds her answer in an unexpected place: the journal of her ancestor, which makes Cat fear the only way to stop Gabe is by killing Vincent (Jay Ryan). Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Brad Kern and Roger Grant



In 1854, Alistair is on the run from an angry New York mob. He is about to get shot when, Rebecca saves him. Alistair asks “Miss Reynolds” if she is following him. Rebecca says that he can thank her later. She then tells him to hurry and go down an alley. Alistair wants to go after someone, but Rebecca says that is what the mystery person wants. Rebecca says that this man is a beast now and is framing Alistair for his ruthless murders. 

In present day New York, Catherine wakes up with the journal in her lap. She is obsessing about the fact that Rebecca loved Alistair and then she “killed him”. Vincent wants to have breakfast instead of worrying about what happened two centuries ago. JT arrives and says that they do have something to worry about: Gabe is back to being a beast.

JT, Catherine and Tess drive to a churchyard where they discover Gabe is now a “proto-beast” and he killed Beth. Tess snaps at JT to get out of the way and “go to his little lab”.  To make matters worse, a bunch of reporters ambush Vincent at the crime scene.

This scene parallels when reporters ambushed Rebecca and Alistair asking, “where was Alistair the night of the murder?” “What kind of monster would kill someone like that?” “Are you in love with Alistair, Miss Reynolds?”

Vincent wants to kill Gabe. Catherine convinces him to hold off until she speaks with Agent Knox. Cat calls Knox. Who at that moment, has his heart ripped out of his chest by Gabe. Vincent goes back to his plan: kill Gabe. Cat is unable to convince Vincent to not kill Gabe. JT explains that Gabe used the Windsor strain of the serum, so Lowan is much more powerful than Vincent and could kill him. 

Catherine visits Reynolds. Cat mentions Vincent is not beasting more. Bob acknowledges Vincent may be the exception to the beast-rule or that maybe Catherine’s love keeps him grounded, but whatever the case he has never seen it with another beast. He warns her that to save Vincent, Cat has to keep him away from Gabe at all cost.

Back in 1854, a mob has formed saying that the beast has killed again. The second beast growls in a dark building. Alistair whistles to get his attention. Alistair beasts out and fights the beast. However, the beast gets the upper hand and kicks Alistair out the window. Rebecca comes running after Alistair.

In the present, JT searches for Vincent on surveillance cameras, but ends up finding Gabe drinking tea in Chinatown acting as Vincent-bait.

Vincent arrives in Chinatown. Gabe explains he became a beast to protect Catherine from Vincent. Before Vincent can attack Gabe, JT and Tess shows up and shoots Vincent with a tranq gun. They load the half-unconscious beast in Cat’s car and escape. 

Over at the gentlemen’s club, Catherine’s new plan involves luring Gabe out with Vincent’s blood. Cat wants JT to gather evidence to connect Gabe to a couple of murders, while Tess convinces Ward to have a SWAT team ready. Cat opens the diary.

In 1854, Rebecca tends to Alistair’s wounds. Alistair wants to go back after the beast, but Rebecca believes it is a trap and wants to keep Alistair safe. So Rebecca locks him in the dungeon and places the gem outside of the door. She picks up a lantern and leaves to go after the beast herself. 

Catherine takes unconscious Vincent to the dungeon. Cat locks him in the cell and leaves the gem outside on a table, much like Rebecca did. 

At the precinct, Ward gets the SWAT team ready. Ward tells Tess that if this plan with Gabe falls through then he is going after Vincent.

Across town, Tess informs Catherine on Ward’s plan. Cat realizes that Rebecca was wrong. Tess tells Cat she envies her epic love and wonders if she can have that with JT. Cat’s says that epic is not all it’s cracked up to be. Then Cat leaves to leave a beast blood trail. 

Across town, Vincent tries to beast out of the cage.

The scene cuts to Allistair trying to do the same. 

In the middle of spattering Vincent’s blood on the ground, Catherine remembers what she read in Rebecca’s journal and finally understands what her ancestor meant. 

After Rebecca locked up Alistair and the gem in the dungeon, the mob found him. They took him outside and burned the “beast” at the stake. Rebecca watched horrified as the love of her life burned to death. 

Catherine rushes to the dungeon to free her boyfriend. After she unlocks the beast cage, Vincent tells her to “get that gem out of my sight”. Cat sticks it in her pocket and explains that Rebecca tried to protect Allistair instead of trusting him and what they had been through. She asks Vincent to forgive her. He tries to stay mad, but they kiss and make up. Vincent accepts that he wasn’t thinking clearly either. They agree to come up with a plan to get rid of Gabe without compromising anyone’s humanity.

Catherine and Vincent go to the gentlemen’s club and find JT bleeding out, hanging from the ceiling. The ambulance arrives and the paramedics take JT away just as Tess walks in. She breaks down and realizes she loves JT. She regrets being mean to him. Tess jumps in the ambulance with him and they drive off. Vincent turns to go attack Gabe. Cat reminds them they need a plan first. 

Vincent and Gabe meet at Il Cantuccio’s back room. Gabe is smug and wonders if Cat will take him back after he kills Vincent. They beast out and fight. Vincent hesitates. Gabe gains the upper hand, but just when he is about to slit Vincent’s throat… Cat puts the beast collar on Gabe and he de-beasts. Cat informs Gabe that they have enough evidence to send him to jail for the rest of his life. Enraged, he slaps Cat. Vincent tries to grab him but Gabe throws Vincent back against the bar. Gabe goes after Cat. She defends herself by staking him in the chest with a pool stick.

At the precinct, Catherine tells Ward that Gabe tried to become the superhuman by injecting himself with cross species DNA. Cat mentions how it wouldn’t be the first time someone did something crazy to become superhuman. Ward tells Vincent he most likely will be off the hook. Cat and Vincent turn to leave. Ward asks if Cat is forgetting something. Cat looks back to find him holding out her badge and gun.

Vincent and Catherine rush to the hospital. They find a devastated Tess crying. JT is not going to make it. Cat is crushed. Vincent is in denial. Just then an alarm goes off. Everyone rushes to JT’s room because they think he is coding… but they find alive and on his road to recovery. The miracle recovery was a courtesy of Agent Barnett.

Vincent recognizes Agent Barnett and pulls him aside for a talk. Catherine follows. They are joined by Agent Thomas in the hallway. They don’t say who they are. They explain that they used an experimental nano-plasma to regenerate JT’s cells. They offer Vincent and Cat a job to catch ‘things worse than beasts’. The agents decide to give them some time to think about the job offer. Barnett tells Vincent to watch JT’s “T-Cell count”. 

Later, Vincent and Catherine go out in the world, with no-one chasing or trying to kill them. They sit on a bench by the bridge and talk about beast morality. Vincent says he, like Alistair, didn’t lose his humanity because he has someone’s love. Vincent holds on to his human side and Cat gets “a kick-ass boyfriend/bodyguard and destined love” in return. Cat doesn’t want to worry about the future and just wants to live in the moment with him. They kiss. 


Tess: If we don't find Vincent and stop him before he finds —
J.T.: Gabe!
Tess: No. Yoko Ono. Of course, I mean Gabe.

Catherine: I don't want to think about the past, I don't want to to worry about the future. I just...want to be here with you, right now – together.

Vincent: Catherine, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd just be like all the others.
Catherine: What do I get out of it?
Vincent: One kick-ass boyfriend/bodyguard...and you know, a destined love.
Catherine: Oh, that. I'll take it.


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