Déjà Vu
Season 2, Episode 22
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Air date July 7, 2014
Written by Brad Kern & Roger Grant
Directed by Stuart Gillard
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Beast of Wall Street
Déjà Vu is the 22nd episode of the Second Season, and the 44th episode overall.


CAT FACES A TOUGH DECISION — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) searches for a way to thwart Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and finds her answer in an unexpected place: the journal of her ancestor, which makes Cat fear the only way to stop Gabe is by killing Vincent (Jay Ryan). Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Stuart Gillard directed the episode written by Brad Kern and Roger Grant



Tess: If we don't find Vincent and stop him before he finds —
J.T.: Gabe!
Tess: No. Yoko Ono. Of course, I mean Gabe.

Catherine: I don't want to think about the past, I don't want to to worry about the future. I just...want to be here with you, right now – together.

Vincent: Catherine, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd just be like all the others.
Catherine: What do I get out of it?
Vincent: One kick-ass boyfriend/bodyguard...and you know, a destined love.
Catherine: Oh, that. I'll take it.


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Beauty and the Beast - Deja Vu Trailer

Beauty and the Beast - Deja Vu Trailer


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