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Darius Bishop
Biographical Information
  • Deceased
  • February 2013
Cause of Death:
  • Business Man
  • Night Club
  • Owner
Physical Description
  • Male
Hair color:
  • Black
Eye color:
  • Brown
Romantic Exes:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Christian Keyes
First appearance: Trust No One
Latest appearance: Tough Love
Appearance Count: Two

Darius Bishop was Joe Bishop's younger brother and Miranda's brother-in-law. He dated Heather Chandler until his death, and he owned and ran one of New York's hottest clubs.


Darius was a smooth talker and something of a coward. He was willing to kill Heather Chandler, his girlfriend, to keep himself alive and to keep Joe from finding out that he was doing business with criminals.


Darius was tall and very attractive, with dark skin and black hair.


At some point Darius borrowed a large sum of money from some loan sharks. Presumably, he borrowed the money to either start his club or to pay off debts the club had accrued. Anyhow, even though seen driving a porsche, Darius must have ran into some difficulty securing the funds to repay his loan because he was attacked by two loan sharks, in his own club, because he had failed to pay them back. However, the attack was interrupted by Heather Chandler, who was then taken hostage along with Darius and then knocked out. Darius convince the loan sharks not to harm them because he had a big club night planned the following night, which was expected to bring in alot of money, promising them he would use to pay them back.

Convinced, the loan sharks decided to give Darius another chance, but not Heather. They concluded that her, being the sister of a cop, was too much of a liability, and told Darius that he had to get rid of her. Darius of course was reluctant and scared, but knowing that he was going to get killed if he did not do what they wanted, aimed the gun at Heather, however, before he could pull the trigger, Vincent intervenes and toss him against a trash bin with his superhuman strength, killing Darius upon impact. Next, Vincent attacks one of the loan sharks and kills him the same manner that he had killed Darius; by tossing him against the trash bin with his superhuman strength, only this time head first. Unfortunately, the other loan shark got away.

Darius' autopsy was carried out by Evan, who found a claw mark on his chest and cross-species DNA embedded in the wound. Evan informs first Catherine of his findings and then Joe. Unaware of his brother's nefarious activities and thinking that the vigilante killed his brother in cold blood, Joe engages the services of a couple trigger happy cops and orders them and his entire task force to hunt down the vigilante, Vincent, by any means possible.