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Deputy Secretary Hill


Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security


  • Mrs. Hill (Wife)
  • Daughter

Portrayed by

Andrew Stewart-Jones

Deputy Secretary Hill is first mentioned in Destined. Agent Russo tells Vincent and Catherine that Deputy Secretary Hill is up to date on Liam and beasts. Russo got Hill to cover for them with the truth: Liam tried to frame Vincent. Hill and Russo agree to keep “beasts” out of their reports

Hill makes Cat a DHS agent and wants her to investigate a fight club that is connected to the beast bounty hunters. (Down for the Count )

Cat goes to Hill’s office where she finds that Hill is missing. Cat and Vincent find Hill being held hostage along with his wife and daughter by a beast bounty hunter. Hill suspects Albert Tolland, a confidential informant and accountant for international criminal Dmitri Voynov, of being behind the beast bounties. Bloggers discovered Hill’s involvement with beasts. (Something’s Gotta Give )

After the shooting at Il Cantuccio, a lieutenant tries to ask JT why he and his friends were shot at. JT turns to Tess and Hill who say “classified” with a shrug and a flash of their badges. JT and Tess inform Hill that the snipers and the beast bounties are not connected – meaning there are two villains after Vincent – one is sending bounty hunters after Vincent and another that is sending assassins after Vincent, Cat, JT and Tess. Catand Vincent meet with Hill at a parking garage. Hill believes that Vincent’s former commanding officer, Fuller, is behind the beast hits. Hill needs Vincent to go undercover to a military base to get proof of the beast hit. (Beast of Times, Worst of Times )

Vincent infiltrates Fort Durning with a flash-drive that Hill gave him, with Catherine on comms as back up. DHS Internal Affairs agents tell Cat that Hill made Vincent out to be a disturbed vet with PTSD and terrorism tendencies. Vincent realizes Hill set him up just as the flash drive detonates. Vincent runs to Cat’s office where Hill tranqs him. Hill takes Vincent to a deserted warehouse and pumps him up adrenaline. Hill caved under the pressure of the beast cover-up and decided to put an end to it all. The first part of his plan was to make Vincent look like a domestic terrorist - a bomb would do that. The second was to make Vincent beast out so he could shoot him in “self-defense”. (Beast of Times, Worst of Times )

Vincent tries to warn Hill, begs him to leave before it is too late but Hill doesn’t listen. After the adrenaline kicks in, Vincent transforms and breaks his chains. Hill quickly discovers that a gun is not enough to stop a beast. Vincent gains the upper hand and grabs Hill by the neck. Catherine arrives and tries to stop him, but the Vincent couldn’t fight the adrenaline and snaps Hill’s neck. (Beast of Times, Worst of Times )