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Don't Die On Me
Season 2, Episode 9
Air date January 13, 2014
Written by Eric Tuchman
Directed by Mairzee Almas
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Man or Beast?

Don't Die On Me is the 9th episode of the Second Season, and the 31th episode overall.

I wouldn't put my life on hold for her or go in hiding for ten years like you've done. That’s not loyalty. That’s something else.


CAT AND VINCENT’S RELATIONSHIP IS IN DIRE CONDITION — In order to prevent Vincent (Jay Ryan) from further injuries, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) helps protect Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent's stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Cat to grow closer. Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Eric Tuchman.



The episode opens with FBI Agent Hendricks interrogating Catherine's for internal affairs. Cat explains that Agent Reynolds was rogue. She is arrested for “conspiracy to commit murder”. Reynolds confessed to everything to keep Cat’s name clear.

At the precinct, Catherine tells Gabe how she feels about Vincent. Cat wants to “move on and take her life back” however she “feels responsible for Vincent” because of their connection.

On the houseboat, Vincent bleeds out. Tori wants to take him to the hospital. Vincent refuses because he doesn’t want to be exposed. She points out that he is not a hunted man anymore; his only issue is that he is a beast and he can conceal that, but he doesn’t need to pretend that he is dead anymore. Catherine arrives. Tori confronts her. Vincent asks Tori to leave so he can talk to Cat. He tells her she chose Reynolds over him. Cat says she chose right over wrong and that she didn’t want it to end this way. She goes back to the precinct and tells Tess what Gabe said. Tess gives Cat some advice and she brings up Joe.

Tori and Vincent arrive at the gentlemen’s club seeking JT’s help. Tori explains that Catherine shot Vincent. Vincent asks JT to steal some blood for him. Vincent stiches himself up. Tori gets a call from Laura Scott and Owen, who are attorneys at Thadmore & Partners asking her to sign some papers. Tori says it is not a good time, but Laura threatens to out her dad as a beast, so Tori leaves.

Agent Hendricks interrogates Catherine. He found a bullet at the crime scene (the one that went through Vincent). He wants to know who else was at the scene. Gabe tries to defend her. Cat refuses to expose Vincent and gets suspended. Gabe points out even if ballistics matches the bullet to Catherine's gun, they can’t prosecute her for shooting a dead guy. Cat is not convinced. Gabe offers to get rid of the bullet. Cat objects, but Gabe reminds her “he didn’t set out to save Vincent, he set out to save her”. He wants “redemption” and “drinks”. Tess informs them that JT got busted for stealing blood and concludes that Vincent is dying. Catherine decides to go see him because she “is not going to be the one responsible for killing him”. Laura and Owen want Tori to sign some papers relating to an “antique store.” Tori asks questions. The lawyers fail to convince Tori to waive her rights to the antique shop she never knew she had. Laura says, “You spoiled brat, Daddy can’t protect you because he is dead.” Owen pulls a gun on Tori. She beasts out and runs away. 

Across town, Tess pretends to take JT to “booking” along with the stolen blood. Tess tells JT he is a little too loyal to Vincent. JT says he is being a good friend and that Tess would do the same for Catherine. Tess denies this and says it “has to be something else.”

Catherine goes to see Vincent. She tells him that “just because they are not together anymore doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about him.” Cat suggests going to the hospital. Vincent explains he doesn’t know how to live in the real world anymore. Hiding is the only life he knows. He can’t even remember what it was to be “Vincent Keller”. Cat tells him to “save himself”. Tori enters and says, “Someone else knows about beasts.” Vincent wants to go after Laura and Owen. Tori and Cat try to convince him to go to the hospital first. He tells Cat he “is not her problem anymore.” In response, Cat tranqs him. After Tori freaks out, Cat drags her to the antique store.

Meanwhile, Gabe tells Reynolds that he is willing to cross a corrupt line to help Catherine. Bob says, “An ex-beast liking my daughter is better than a real one I guess.” Bob offers to help.

JT and Tess arrive at the club with the stolen blood and find Vincent unconscious on the couch. JT checks Vincent’s vitals and starts a transfusion. JT blurts out that if Vincent dies, it will be “his fault!” JT explains he volunteered Vincent for Muirfield's super-soldier program. Tess tells JT that Vincent becoming a beast also meant he saved a lot of people, including Catherine. Vincent wakes up and asks about Cat and Tori.

At Chelsea Curios Antiques, Tori and Catherine are trying to figure out why Laura and Owen want the dusty store. Laura and her goons arrive. She needs Tori alive, but Catherine is disposable. Laura explains they knew Curt Windsor was a beast but just found out about Tori. And that they were hired to find out what Windsor was hiding in there. Tori points out that the “retinal scanner won’t work if they kill her”, so Laura threatens to kill Cat instead.

In the meantime, Gabe breaks into the ballistics lab and finds the bullet. He switches it with another bullet and leaves.

Back at Chelsea Curios Antiques, Tori scans her retina and a secret storage door opens. Everyone is shocked. Laura and Owen seem happy. They decide to send Catherine ahead to “explore” the contents of the mystery storage room. Laura and Owen shoot at Cat, Tori closes the door and locks Cat inside. Cat looks around the dark storage room and finds a beast skeleton with a collar around its neck.  Tori is fighting off Laura, Owen and their back-up team. Vincent arrives in supercharged beast mode. Vincent kills everyone saving Tori. After neutralizing the danger, he collapses because he remembers he is wounded. 

Tori lets Catherine out of the storage room. Cat calls 911. Cat gives Tori some pointers and then walks away. The ambulance arrives and rushes Vincent and Tori to the hospital. Meanwhile, ballistics shows Agent Hendricks that Catherine’s gun wasn’t used. 

The next day at Chelsea Curios, some stray dogs try to get into the store. The camera pans to show that the skeleton is there and just as creepy in the daylight. 

At the hospital, Vincent is disappointed that the woman sitting in front of him is Tori and not Catherine. Tori gives him the war-hero/closeted-beast pitch. Vincent doesn’t have much of a choice since the cops already took his fingerprints. 

At Catherine’s apartment, Gabe is confused as to why Cat is over Vincent all of the sudden. Cat explains she had an epiphany at Chelsea Curios and she figured out the mystery feeling that wasn’t allowing to let go of Vincent. Cat felt grateful and in debt to Vincent for saving her life countless times. Cat tells Gabe that since she saved Vincent now they are even.

Back at the hospital, Vincent prepares for his press conference. Tori stands in the background, supportive. Vincent go outside and tells the reporters, “My name is Vincent Keller.”


"An ex beast liking my daughter is better than a real one, I guess"

J.T.: Muirfield didn't choose him randomly. I put his name on the list. Yeah. Me. His best friend. Tess: You can’t beat yourself up without patting yourself on the back, too.


Cat: Look, Vincent, I told you I couldn't be the only one fighting for us, and I meant that. I didn't want it to end this way, but it looks like it has. Vincent: Looks like it. At least you don’t have to cover for me anymore.


Tori: How could you shoot him? I thought you loved him. Cat: I did.


Tori Windsor: We need your help. 

J.T. Forbes: [seeing Vincent] Why? Wait, what the hell happened? 

Vincent Keller: I got shot. 

Tori Windsor: By Catherine. 

J.T. Forbes: What? 

Vincent Keller: It's not that bad. 

Tori Windsor: You're such a guy. It's really bad. 


J.T. Forbes: Cat shot you? 

Vincent Keller: Uh-huh. I need you to get the sutures and the medical kit. 

J.T. Forbes: Why would she ever do that? 

Vincent Keller: Long story. 

Tori Windsor: More importantly, we need to stop the bleeding, 'cause you won't go to the hospital. 

J.T. Forbes: Hospital? He can't go to the hospital. 

Tori Windsor: Okay, what is with you two? Would you rather he die? 

Vincent Keller: I am not gonna die. 

Tori Windsor: You are if you bleed out. 

J.T. Forbes: [seeing the entry wound] Maybe you should go to the hospital.


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