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Eddie long

Edward "Eddie" Long was a pyromaniac Beast who could create fires with his altered DNA and keep from getting burned when running into fires, as well. He was portrayed by Vladimir Jon Cubrt.


Eddie was a convicted arsonist who was chosen by Muirfield to be experimented on in 2006. They took him from his cell, and made it look like he had escaped. He was designed with pyrokinesis in order to help put out fires in oil rigs. He escaped, though, and used his abilities to bring down buildings using fire around New York.

Eddie's patterns of setting fires are noticed by Gabriel Lowan, who goes to Vincent Keller to try and stop him. Vincent tries to stop Eddie using brute force, but Eddie sets him on fire and knocks him out. With the help of arson investigators, Vincent and Catherine Chandler find out that Eddie's targeting buildings owned by a major oil tycoon businessman. When they figure out his next target, arson investigator Aaron Keller, also Vincent's nephew, takes off on his own, wanting to kill Eddie for killing two firefighters. Aaron gets in the building and holds Eddie at gunpoint. Eddie, though, throws a flash grenade at Aaron, knocking him out.

He's later confronted by Vincent again, but Vincent manages to subdue him this time, and get the upper hand. Before he can kill Eddie, though, Vincent hears Aaron's distress signal, and leaves behind Eddie to save Aaron. Eddie tries to escape, but is confronted by Catherine, who shoots and kills him. Afterwards, she & Gabe try to revive him using a defibrillator, hoping the effect will get rid of his beast DNA. The plan fails, and Eddie dies.