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Enhanced Sense of Smell
Ability Information

Human-Animal Physiology


Activated through an act of willpower, however, users can also pick up scent automatically.


A heightened and highly accurate sense of smell comparable to some animals.

  • Sensory Ability
  • This ability is classified as 'superhuman'.

Enhanced Sense of Smell is the ability to possess a greater sense of smell than a normal human being would normally possess.[1]


Being injected with genetically-engineered animal DNA is the only known way in which a person can come to have the human-animal physiology required to develop this ability.


Those in possession of this ability can consciously activate and deactivated it, however, users can also pick up on odd smells, such as poison, without even trying. This sense exceeds by far that of some animals — which is natural considering the fact that animal DNA was used in the serum that granted them this ability. An example of this is Vincent, his sense of smell is so great, he is able to detect poison in the human body.[2]

This ability is mainly used to both identify and gather information about a place, object or person e.g. Vincent was able to detect that, Ashley, a woman he found collasped on a bathroom floor, was dying of poison. [3] Presumably this ability can be used in unison with other abilities, similar to how superhuman vision and hearing are used by Vincent in unison.


Super Soldiers[]

All the soldiers who unknowingly took part in the muirfield gene-splicing medical experiment developed this ability after they were injected with a serum containing DNA from many different animals.[4] However, no super soldier was ever seen using this ability before they were killed or went rogue.

Vincent Keller[]

Cat: "How did you know she was poisoned if you didn't kill her."
Vincent: "A good sense of sense."
Cat: "You can smell poison."
Catherine interrogating Vincent. [src]

One day while he is out driving, Vincent sees Ashley Webster collapse and hit her head. Seeing that she needed help, he follows her into the Stanwyck Hotel where he finds her collapsed on the bathroom floor and was immediately able to deduce that she had been poisoned via his sense of smell. Vincent then tries to resuscitate her with CPR, but it fails to save her life. Vincent ends up having to reveal all of this to Catherine during his interrogation to eliminate himself from suspicion of murdering Ashley.[5]

One night while he is out walking, Vincent comes within range of Drake Meyer and is able to smell him raking of blood as he enters his Brownstone. Later, he tells Catherine that the smell was also coming from the man's briefcase.[6]


  • This ability has no special effect, which means one can only come to know it has been used by being told.


  1. It was decided that A good sense of sense was not an appropriate name for the ability and Enhanced Olfaction was too scientific, which is why the title Enhanced Sense Of Smell was used instead; It adequately decides the ability without being too scientific/formal.
  2. In the pilot, Vincent tells Catherine that he could smell poison in Ashley Webster's (a murder victim) system.
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