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Ever After
Season 2, Episode 20
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Air date June 23, 2014
Written by Vanessa Rojas
Directed by Steven A. Adelson
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Cold Case
Operation Fake Date

Ever After is the 20th episode of the Second Season, and the 42nd episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT GET A CHANCE AT NORMALCY — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) take Agent Knox’s (guest star Anthony Ruivivar) offer to extricate and try to lead normal lives — but forces out of their control conspire to expose them and drag them back into the fray. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Steven A. Adelson directed the episode written by Vanessa Rojas



Catherine stares at a golden bird in the middle of an abandoned courtyard. Vincent startles her. Cat proceeds to knock him to the ground. Catherine helps Vincent up. Cat is willing to run away with him. They still hope to get rid of Gabe and figure out “their normal”. That will have to wait, because Watson the witness disappeared and won’t testify against Gabe. Vincent volunteers to track Watson.

Tess goes to Gabe’s apartment and arrests him. In the meantime, Catherine and Vincent go to the motel where Watson was last seen. Vincent tracks Watson and realizes the witness was killed by Gabe.

At the precinct, Gabe tells Captain Ward that Vincent is pinning Watson’s murder on him to distract from his manhunt. Tess points out holes in Gabe’s theory. Gabe replies that “She is Detective Chandler’s best friend. Of course she’s gonna do everything she can to defend her boyfriend.” Then “Sargent Vargas” gets a text from Catherine telling her that Gabe killed Watson. Tess asks if they know that the witness is still alive. Ward cuts Gabe loose.  

Elsewhere in New York, Vincent continues to track Watson. Vincent follows Gabe’s trail to a crowded area, where all the smells and people confuse him. A passerby recognizes Vincent. Fortunately the beast outruns two cops on horseback.

At the FBI, Agent Knox scold Vincent and Catherine. Cat tries to explain that they were trying to solve a case. She begs for a solution where they will be safe. Knox suggests witness protection. They decide to go for it.

At the Gentlemen’s Club, Vincent and Catherine break the news to Tess and JT. Tess takes it much better than JT, who points out city people can’t survive in suburbia. Since Vincent and Cat decided to leave that night. JT promises to continue the Gabe-investigation. Vincent wonders how he will do it without Beast-tracking.  JT replies, “I may not have Beast-sense but I have common sense, all right? Plus my girl here’s got a badge and a gun.”

Meanwhile, Gabe coffee-bribes the guy who spotted Vincent on the street. The witness “guesses” where Vincent escaped and mentions he was with a “cute little brunette”. At Catherine’s apartment, Gabe finds her wallet, car keys and cell phone. He charms neighbor, who spills that Cat spends a lot of time on the roof with her plants. The neighbor does, however, mention that Cat will be out of town for a while.

Vincent and Catherine arrive in the suburbs and marvel at the size of their new house. The neighbors notice them and start waiving. New Yorker Cat assumes that they were flipping her off. Vincent seems better adjusted to suburban life. Cat tells Vincent she would give up anything and go anywhere with him. Vincent and Catherine reveal their aliases are Tim and Veronica Vaughn.

The next morning, Vincent is happy to find out that what happens in New York, stays in New York. Catherine tries to become “Veronica Vaughn: Mystery Writer”, but she clearly longs for their polluted, crime infested home.

Back in the city, JT is frustrated that he hasn’t picked up Gabe’s trail like he promised Vincent. Tess says JT should stop acting like Vincent’s sidekick and find Gabe using his “big professor brain”. JT tracks Gabe through cell towers. JT kisses Tess and tells her she is a “genius”. Tess smiles.

Over in the suburbs, Vincent moves in some boxes. One of their new neighbors, Frank Harris comes over to help. “Tim” gets jumpy when Frank says that he looks familiar. “Veronica” is just as awkward. Vincent and Catherine also meet April, Frank’s wife. April asks “Tim” if they’d met before. Vincent is convinced she is on to him. The Harris’s aren’t there long but Vincent and Cat notice that  April does not like Frank, their son is in NYU, and they were recently robbed.

That night, Vincent feels paranoid. He sees a cop, Deputy Lewis, going into the Harris house. Vincent panics, but Catherine thinks he is exaggerating. A second later, a gunshot is heard. Vincent and Cat run towards the Harris’ house and find a desperate April crying on top of Frank’s body. 

The next morning, Catherine wants to investigate. Vincent doesn’t want Cat to blow her cover, but she doesn’t listen. He tries to go after her but doesn’t want to leave in his bathrobe.

Outside, Catherine under the cover of nosy-neighbor/mystery-writer asks the sheriff and the deputy questions. The sheriff is about to say something to her but “Tim” comes out of the house and drags “Veronica” inside. Cat explains she just uncovered a murder plot.

Catherine’s theory goes like this: April wanted Frank dead. Frank went out armed because April told him there was a suspicious vehicle outside. Meanwhile, April called the cops and hid Frank’s keys. Frank, still holding his gun, had to climb the fence to get inside just as the cop arrived and shot him thinking he was an intruder. 

Vincent is frustrated with Catherine because they are in hiding and solving murders doesn’t help them stay under the radar. Cat says it is their responsibility to get involved and she knows he deep down Vincent feels the same way.

Over in the city, JT figures out that Gabe brought Watson’s body to the dungeon, which has a convenient crematorium. At the dungeon JT and Tess find Watson’s remains. Gabe comes up behind them, gun drawn. Tess takes out her gun. Gabe demands to know where Vincent is and rants about protecting Catherine. Gabe threatens to expose beasts, Vincent, Cat, Tess and JT.  Tess lowers her gun and Gabe leaves. 

Back in the suburbs, Vincent eats cereal and talks to his fish.  He concludes that he should pay attention to Catherine’s concerns. Vincent goes across the street and knocks on April’s door. She is on the phone and as soon as she sees “Tim” quickly finishes her call and undresses him with her eyes. Vincent gives her the wireless-beast-polygraph, and asks if she killed her husband. April denies it, but Vincent knows better.

In the meantime, "Veronica Vaughn" finds Deputy Lewis to tell him her conspiracy theory. Lewis is about to go on patrol, so he asks her to join him. While on patrol, Catherine realizes a few things are off about Deputy Lewis. He notices she is on to him and they fight inside the car. They struggle and crash the car. Cat runs, the deputy finds her and shoots at her, Cat finds a shotgun in the trunk. When she’s about to shoot, Vincent comes and tosses the deputy into the car.

Catherine wonders how Vincent found her. Vincent explains that he scared April into a confession. He acknowledges Cat did the right thing, even if she blew their covers. They hug and Cat begs to go home to a place where the air smells and people don’t wave.

In New York, Tess goes over to JT’s to tell him that their best friends are home. He asks if she told Vincent and Catherine that he screwed up. Tess asks what he means. JT explains that he didn’t make it safe for them with Gabe. Tess argues that JT’s goal was to “pick up where Vincent” left off, which he did. 

Elsewhere in New York, Vincent says Catherine will always have the need to “kick ass” wherever they are. They both acknowledge that they are city people and it the witness protection wouldn’t have ended sooner or later.  He doesn’t mind because it is part of what he loves about Cat. They kiss and walk into the streets.


Catherine: Why don't you just help me with the dishes? If I'm gonna be Barbie, you can at least be Ken.

Tess: Are you suggesting that's what Gabe did with the witness? He burned him?
JT: Do you know of a better way to dispose a body?
Tess: That's sick.
JT: No wrath like that of a lover scorned.

JT: We are all city people; you can’t just leave Manhattan you’ll get bored!

Tess: But you're not Vincent.
JT: Yes, thank you Tess, I know that.
Tess: Less Robin, more Batman.
JT: Really? A comic book analogy?

Vincent: Hi. Sorry to bother you. This is completely out of curiosity but, did you have your husband killed?
April Harris: What?
Vincent: Sorry, yes or no?
April Harris: No.
(April Harris's heartbeat speeds up)
Vincent: (sighing) Huh, I hate it when she's right. 

Tess: You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. 

Tess: Now give me a gummy!

Deputy Lewis: You seem to know a lot about this stuff. Are you a cop?
Cat: Nope I'm just a... a mystery writer.

Vincent: (sitting by himself, talking to an empty fish tank) Justice. Ha! What about my justice? Like I don't even count anymore. It's not my fault everybody's after me. It's not like I did anything wrong. You know, I didn't even want to leave the city. She is the one who wanted normal. Now she can't even handle normal.(frustrated sigh)
(Vincent stands up and looks over at the Harris house.)
Vincent: Damn it Catherine.

Detective Kelley: I'm sorry, who are you?
Cat: Nosy neighbor.

Deputy Lewis: I don't know. It's pretty hard to believe. Isn't there an easier way to kill your husband?
Cat: And get away with it? Not really.


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Behind the scenes[]


  • At the end of the episode, the camera pans up to a digital display on top of a building that has several advertisements that are references to Beauty & the Beast: the Harrison Inn (where the vow renewal takes place) from Till Death and Lizzy D's Closet (where J.T. & Tess shop for Heather's bachelorette's party) & Cirillo's Academy (where Gabe took Cat on a cake decorating date), both from Operation Fake Date.
  • The opening scene might be a reference to Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, suburbia or The Golden Bird.
  • Vincent’s and Catherine’s aliases are a reference to the TV show, Alias. In episode 4x05, two main characters, Sydney and Vaughn, go undercover in suburbia.


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