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Vincent in Afghanistan
Fighting in Afghanistan

Presumably, Early 2002


Coalition Forces opposed by Insurgent Groups


Conflict ongoing

Quote1-1- After I lost both my brothers when the towers come down I enlisted in the service. I had a chance to make a difference. Quote2-1-
Vincent Keller. [src]

The event known as Fighting in Afghanistan is a major conflict between the Coalition forces and multiple Islamic terrorist groups.



The conflict between these two groups officially began when an Insurgent group had attacked the World Trade Center in New York in 2001. This event led to the invasion of Afghanistan by both the United Kingdom and the United States military. It also led Vincent Keller, who lost both his brothers when the towers came down, to enlisted in the army.


In early 2002, the United States government launched a military campaign which involved sending troops to Afghanistan to eliminate the terrorists who orchestrated the attack against the united states.

Around this time, scientists employed by a company called Mirror Field were successful in creating a serum which could enhance the recipient to the peak of human potential, both mentally and physically. The government decided to use the serum on a small group of recruits to help aid them in their effort.

After the worst days of the war, the government gave orders to eradicate the now super soldiers after they realize they could not be controlled.


The super soldiers deaths were later covered up. They government even reported that Vincent Keller, who was meant to be among the casualties, had been killed by enemy fire. unbeknownst to them, Vincent had escaped. Following his escape, Vincent returned to the america and went into hiding.


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