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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date November 18 2013
Written by Wendy Straker Hauser
Directed by Jeff Renfroe
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Father Knows Best
Man or Beast?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? is the 7th episode of the Second Season, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.

"There you were, this vision of control, enjoying your non-pumpkin cookies while he was going at you"


VINCENT AND CAT CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING WITH HER DAD - After Vincent's (Jay Ryan) life is endangered, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) decides they should spend Thanksgiving with her father (guest star Ted Whittall) in order to get information on Vincent's missions. However, when Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) join the festivities, true feelings are revealed and secrets are outed. Meanwhile, J.T. (Austin Basis) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) get a surprise while they celebrate Thanksgiving together



The episode starts with Wilkes rigging a building with explosives. He's on the phone with Reynolds, discussing the plan to kill Vincent with the explosion.

Meanwhile, at Cat's apartment, flashbacks of heart-ripping put a damper on Vincent and Catherine’s steamy mood. Vincent reminds Cat that Windsor was about to kill his daughter. Vincent assures her that he won’t give in to his primal side and reminds her that he has one more beast to kill and then he is out. Robert interrupts their conversation to invite them for Thanksgiving dinner. Cat declines, opting for Vincent’s version of cooking and chopping.

Later, Cat buys all sorts of Thanksgiving decorations and tries to pretend Vincent’s missions will be over soon. Tess shares Gabe’s theory about how the last beast on the kill list is Vincent. Hearing this, Cat panics.

Tori attempts to get information from Gabe about the process they were going to use on her father to remove his monster side. She's asking questions without cluing him in on why she wants to know, in an attempt to de-monsterify herself. Gabe doesn’t get to explain flatlining because Cat demands information on a threat to Vincent. Tori leaves. Gabe realizes that his Muirfield files are gone.

Meanwhile, Vincent arrives at an abandoned warehouse for his last mission. He notices right away he has no-one to kill. He communicates this fact to his handler by phone. Agent Reynolds tells him to go inside. Vincent throws a metal bar through the window and the building explodes.

After realizing Gabe’s theory has merit, Cat panics and drags everyone to the boathouse. She yells at Gabe for not sharing his theory sooner, saying his handler is trying to kill him because he's out of control. Vincent walks in to hear that unfortunate bit. Gabe gets a call and rushes to the hospital where he finds Tori who tried to commit suicide. Tori begs Gabe to sign her out of the hospital and he does.

Vincent calls Reynolds from JT’s place, while recording the call. Vincent tries to pretend he is still a good soldier, but gets upset and ends up threatening his mystery handler. JT figures out that the FBI hacked Gabe. Vincent reveals that Agent Tucker was his FBI handler. Cat says that the “only thing they know for sure” is that they should have thanksgiving with her father. Cat wants to interrogate Reynolds with the aid of her human polygraph boyfriend.

Later, Reynolds tells Wilkes the details of his new plan. Bob plans to send Vincent on a wild goose chase for his handler and that Wilkes prepares another explosion in a yet to be disclosed location. Vincent and Catherine arrive at Reynolds’ country house and come up with a code word (pumpkin) that indicates they can trust Bob.

JT tries to decrypt the mystery-handler phone call. Tess looks for an excuse to avoid her family dinner because she is sick of all the “Why are you still single?” questions. JT offers to boycott the holidays with her and have a non-Thanksgiving day, with beer and pizza.

Reynolds acts like a concerned father not planning a beast assassination. But, the conversation takes a weird turn when Vincent and Catherine bring up the loaded subject of pumpkin cookies. Cat tries to figure out if Bob knows what she thinks he knows and vice versa. Vincent can’t tell if the cookies have PUMPKIN so Cat comes clean… adjacent.

Catherine says their friend is a beast and that he or she is different and needs help. Reynolds agrees to help them find the handler and asks for a copy of their research. Cat calls Gabe to ask for the files. Gabe volunteers to bring them over. Catherine tells Vincent how proud she is of him for staying in control. He seems so proud of himself and so happy to get her approval. Cat kisses him. He reminds her that they are in her dad’s place. She tells him that it’s like they are in high school, or an alternate universe.

Gabe arrives at Reynolds’ house and notices the nearby church bells. Bob asks if Gabe doesn’t have anything better to do on Thanksgiving. Vincent and Catherine come downstairs. Tori enters the house, Gabe introduces her to Vincent. She shakes Vincent’s hand which triggers something. They both retreat and try to pretend they are okay. Bob sees an option for Catherine in Gabe since he is an ex-beast. This doesn’t sit well with Vincent and he attacks Bob and runs out. 

Reynolds filled with mock-shock-and-fear pretends to just figure out Vincent killed Windsor. Catherine explains that Vincent saved Tori’s life. Cat plays the Daughter card and begs Bob to give Vincent a second chance. He agrees with the condition of having a talk with him first. Cat explains the situation to Vincent. She is disappointed with him again. Vincent feels bad but he is experiencing something out of his control. Cat begins to accept the fact that he might be back, but he is still broken.

Back at JT’s place, he asks Tess why she is still single. Tess replies because she is an intimidating cop and not feminine enough (her grandmother’s words). JT tells her something along the lines that when he met her, he thought she was so pretty he could barely speak. Tess points out that he couldn’t speak because she is intimidating. JT says he couldn’t speak because he wanted to do this and he kisses her.

Tori stares at her eyes in Gabe’s car mirror. Gabe comes out of the house and convinces Tori to stay so they can convince Reynolds that Vincent saved her. Vincent and Reynolds to have father/boyfriend talk. Vincent tells Bob he is not asking for approval or protection, all he asks is for him not to ruin their lives. Reynolds coyly tells Vincent he will do everything he can to find his handler but he will turn Catherine in if Vincent doesn’t walk away from her. 

At dinner, Tori tells Reynolds about how Vincent saved her life. Bob an on-the-nose toast about loving someone means staying away. Tori brushes Vincent’s hand, triggering his beast side. Everyone notices so he excuses himself before he beasts out.

Cat complains to her dad about his veiled threat. While they argue, Tori fully beasts out for the first time. Catherine figures out Tori was the trigger for Vincent’s episodes. Bob scolds Cat for making excuses for him. She defends him. Reynolds ends his speech by saying love is not unconditional. Gabe announces Tori is missing and she was trying to flatline herself. Bob goes out on the porch and calls Wilkes to tell him he has one more beast to add to the kill list.

Tori finds Vincent. He tells her to stay away but she has realized she needs to be close to him. Then she kisses him. Catherine walks up at that moment. Cat runs off heart-broken, Vincent goes after her. Cat realizes that she has been trying to recreate their relationship, but it is just an illusion. The truth is that Vincent is still not the man she loved. He is in there somewhere, but he is still too messed up and Cat is suffering as a consequence. Vincent takes the opportunity to give Cat an out, to set her free before they reached a point of no return. Inside, Reynolds offers to have his driver (AKA Wilkes) take Tori to the city. 

Back in the city, Tess is excited about the bells in the background of the handler-recording. JT thinks she is just trying to avoid talking about the kiss. He apologizes for taking advantage of her vulnerable state. Tess tells him that if she didn’t want to be kissed he would have a black eye by now or something along those lines. 

Meanwhile, Reynolds gives Vincent a dummy handler lead and tells him the non-existent evil mastermind has put a target on Tori. Bob offers to check out to Windsor’s Tower himself. Vincent volunteers because he doesn’t want Bob to get hurt.

Later, Cat gets ready to leave with Gabe. Tess just called to tell him about the bells. Right then, bells ring out near Reynolds’ house. As Reynolds is outed as the handler, Vincent arrives at Tori’s apartment where he finds her tied to a chair and he triggers a motion sensor bomb. 


Cat: Do you think he's involved? 
Vincent: No. I don't know. Okay, his heart was racing. But maybe he was nervous because you're going out with a guy who lives on a boat. 

Vincent: I can't tell if there's pumpkin in these.
Bob: You two are having a separate conversation. What are we really talking about?

Cat: My heart is racing.
Vincent: Mine too.
Cat: Except I can't rip yours out of your chest.

Tess: It's just, I dread this holiday so much. It's the part where my family grills me about my single status and there are no gifts to offset the humiliation.
J.T.: Then don't go. Tell them you're working, which you are. We can boycott the holidays together.
Tess: Just you and me?
J.T.: And some beer and some pizza and some creepy guy's voice.
Tess: Can we start drinking now?
J.T.: Absolutely. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever! Non-Thanksgiving.

Tess [to Cat]: Looks like the holiday section threw up on you.

Bob: Dead guys don’t breathe or hang up on you. And they don’t call you back either!

Tess: I don’t drink pizza

Vincent: A perfectly fine and in control assassin. 

Tori: I’m not going to tweet about it. 

Gabe: DETECTIVES! I was just explaining to Tori how we all need to be careful about what we say in front of people. 

JT: So you’re just going to expose Vincent to your FBI father whom you’ve only known for two seconds?


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  • Riley Smith as Wilkes
  • Jasmine Sean as Police Officer




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