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Heart of the Matter
Season 3, Episode 4
BB304b 0367b
Air date July 2, 2015
Written by Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn
Directed by Rich Newey
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Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat
The Most Dangerous Beast

Heart of the Matter is the 4th episode of the Third Season, and the 48th episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT WORK TO REKINDLE THEIR  ROMANTIC SPARK — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) take their relationship to a couples counselor (Saul Rubinek) when Cat gives into her work and suspects a wealthy transplant recipient of being involved with the mysterious experiments on innocent people in the city.  Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star.

Vincent accuses Catherine of looking for cases where there are none. Cat accuses Vince of burying himself in medical work. They agree to attempt couples counseling but can't tell Dr. Glenroy the truth. When dying billionaire Zalman 'finds' the only compatible donor heart, they investigate. The organ is stolen and abandoned after the thief is murdered. Vince and Cat fall back into old ways when they discover that the heart contains beast-serum.



Catherine: Freeze scum! Hands in the air!
Vincent: Scum? Really? Maybe we do need counseling.

Catherine: At least I am not avoiding straws!

Dr. Glenroy: Your fight caused a heart attack?

Dr. Glenroy: You seem to be drawn back together whether you like it or not.

Catherine: I love you too Vincent, now blast the freaking door down, will you?


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

  • Justin Goodhand as Alex

Guest Cast[]

  • Saul Rubinek as Dr. Glenroy
  • Stephen McHattie as Marshall Zalman
  • Emily Swallow as Belinda Zalman




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Behind the scenes[]


  • Nicole Anderson (Heather Chandler) does not appear in this episode. But she is mentioned.
  • Stephen McHattie (Marshall Zalman) previously appeared in the 1987 series in its third season as the main antagonist Gabriel.


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