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Held Hostage
Season 2, Episode 11
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Air date January 27, 2014
Written by Pamela Sue Anton
Directed by Sudz Sutherland
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Recipe For Disaster

Held Hostage is the 11th episode of the Second Season, and the 33th episode overall.


CAT, TORI AND TESS ARE TAKEN HOSTAGE - A group of criminals looking to steal a rare necklace in Tori's (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) possession takes Cat (Kristin Kreuk), Tori and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) hostage at the precinct, leaving Vincent (Jay Ryan) as their only hope for help. Vincent is forced to make a decision since helping could reveal his true identity to the entire force. Sendhil Ramamurthy and Austin Basis also star. Sudz Sutherland directed the episode written by Pamela Sue Anton.



Catherine exits a cab with a cake box and walks by a newsstand. Page Six is plagued by pictures of Tori and Vincent. Cat takes a copy of the newspaper to Gabe. She figures out that since Tori wears the collar in every picture, Vincent is luring out whoever is after the gem. Gabe wants to talk about his balloons, booze and a banner for Tess’s surprise birthday party instead of Vincent’s plans.

Catherine, touched, kisses Gabe but he pulls away. The ADA tells the detective that she is still unresolved and he wants to wait. Cat is not jealous and is over Vincent because he chose a necklace over a human life. Cat can’t believe she fell for him. She is just possessive of the necklace, which is a family relic.

At the precinct, Dana is confused by Catherine’s, Tess’ and Gabe’s lack of enthusiasm in her suggestion to arrest Tori. Gabe claims that Tori is too high profile. Dana settles for questioning Tori. Tess, Gabe and Catherine exit the precinct and run into the friendly reception cop, Freddy. Freddy ruins Tess’s surprise party by accident when he mentions the cake. Cat complains as Tess should be taking a shower and picking up a cute dress, instead she is arresting Tori. Gabe asks Cat to relax, but she responds, “I am not unresolved.”  

Ivan, Vlad, Nico, Matteo & Petra gear up at the docks to attack Vincent’s houseboat. Little do they know, two beasts wait for them inside. Vincent and Tori hear someone approaching. Vincent recognizes Catherine’s heartbeat and tries to stop Tori, but it is too late. Tori attacks the intruder, Cat pulls out her gun in self-defense. Cat accuses Vincent of obstruction of justice and they bicker. Gabe tells everyone to calm down and resolve their issues. Tori removes the necklace and tries to give it to Catherine, but Vincent stops her. Cat arrests Tori. Vincent claims it is abuse of power. Cat threatens to arrest him too.

Meanwhile the thieves decide to split up: some stay behind to attack the war hero, some follow Tori and the necklace. Gabe and Vincent’s awkward conversation is cut short because Ivan arrives. Vincent grabs him by the neck. He demands to know who he works for. Just then, the other thug comes through the door. Vincent drops Ivan and throws a knife at the other guy. Ivan reaches for his gun and Gabe kills him. Vincent is upset that he did not get to interrogate them first.

Cat and Tess bring Tori back to the precinct for an interrogation. The detectives try to coordinate a lie to explain Tori having the necklace. Instead of listening to them, Tori believes Cat is jealous of her primal connection to Vincent and the fact that they can date in public. In return, Tess says something like: Cat is trying to help you so you don’t end up like E.T. Cat tells Tori she is not jealous because Vincent has been trotting her around, using her as bait with no regards for her safety. Dana walks in. Cat does her best to make the imminent cat fight look like a regular interrogation. Dana takes over and the detectives pray Tori does not to kill her.

At the houseboat, Gabe examines the thieves’ bodies. Vincent is all “dude we are NOT better together than we are apart”. Vincent explains that he doesn’t trust any of them. Gabe tries to play the I just saved your life card, but Vincent points out that it just cancels out the time he tried to kill him.  Then Vincent recaps all the times he got shot. Vincent points out that on top of serving as target practice for all of them, they are working with Dana who is FBI. 

Gabe tells Vincent to just give Catherine the necklace and so she can move on. Vincent mocks Gabe because he is waiting around for Cat. Gabe tells him that she is waiting for him. The realization hits Vincent hard. That’s when Vincent notices Ivan got a text message. So he zips away to go look for the necklace.

At the precinct, Catherine agonizes over the prospect of Tori killing Dana and Tess clutches her tranq gun. Dana comes out of the room and tells Cat that Tori wouldn’t part with the necklace, so she sent a uniformed officer to recover it. Cat’s shock is followed by the uni been tossed through the interrogation room window.

Everyone gathers around the knocked out uni. Vlad finds and takes the necklace. Dana and Tess notice him and realize something is off. Tess tries to call for backup. Cat is still inside the interrogation room with Tori. She starts to beast out so Cat shoots her with the tranq gun. One of the thieves drags Cat and unconscious Tori outside with the rest of the hostages. Freddy decides to play hero and defend Tess because it is her birthday… so they kill him. The hostage-takers discuss their exit plan and what to do with Tori. Cat volunteers to stay in her cell to look after her.

Outside, Captain Bennet shares some dubious insight with Gabe: the longer a hostage situation takes… the more likely it is to end well because hostage-takers start bonding. Vincent takes the opportunity to have a looky loo at the blueprints of the building. Gabe notices and tells Vincent they should work together. Gabe informs him that Catherine is inside. Vincent leaves before Gabe gets to tell him that Tori is also in there.

Inside the cell, Catherine tells Tori her plan: Beast out, kill a few thieves, get necklace, then free everyone else. Cat tries to appeal to Tori’s human nature by sharing her feelings. Cat’s talk about feelings just pisses her off. Cat realizes Tori is close to beasting out, so she decides to speed up the process and tells her how she feels: “I hate you and you and Vincent don’t stand a chance”. Tori beasts out, Cat asks her to break her handcuffs but Tori just leaves, taking out the guard on her way out. Cat gets out of the cell and takes the gun off of Matteo’s body. Dana theorizes that Tori stole the necklace and Tess is hiding something. Meanwhile, Vincent crawls in the ducts. He calls Vlad from Ivan’s phone and lures him to the basement, while Tori and Cat also headed there. 

Catherine calls Gabe and learns that Vincent is in the building looking for the necklace. Cat is a little offended that he is not there to save her. Gabe tells her Vincent was worried when he heard she was inside and that he may even be willing to help.

Vlad goes to the basement to rendezvous with Ivan AKA Vincent, but runs into a different beast. Tori kills him and takes the necklace. Catherine walks in and tries to get Tori to cooperate. Tori is not in a cooperative mood so she just shoves Cat out of her way. Still in handcuffs, Cat starts defending herself and she kicks Tori, knocking her out.  Vincent arrives and asks the obvious question “How did you knock-out a beast?”

Catherine tries to convince Vincent to go back to his hero ways while he retrieves the necklace and gathers evidence on the gem stealing crew. Cat pushes the hero subject until Vincent snaps and tells her why he feels so betrayed: Not only she shot him, but it was her mother who corrupted his DNA, then her father used him as an assassin and, now, he discovered her ancestor had a beast on a literal leash. It hits Cat that there are many things preventing Vincent from going back to his old self.

The hostage-takers realize their men are dropping like flies and that the imprisoned girls are gone. So, they decide to kill hostages. Nico suggests starting with Tess because she is Catherine’s partner. 

In the hallway, Catherine whispers a plea knowing Vincent can hear her. She apologizes for being blinded by anger and couldn’t see that he was just acting of betrayal and pain. Cat says that she still has faith in him and that she will protect him like she always did.

Just when Nico is about to kill Tess, Vincent walks into the room. Suddenly all guns are pointed at the war hero. As soon as Catherine kills the lights Vincent beasts out and kills two of the thieves. While the remaining thugs shoot at him, Vincent grabs the necklace and hides behind a desk unable to beast out. Cat comes back for Vincent and tries to go after one of the guys, but the goon overpowers and starts choking her. Cat figures out the gem is beast-blocking Vincent. She tells him to get rid of it so he can change, and he does.

Vincent kills one guy but leaves the last one alive for interrogation. Catherine points her gun at the thief and asks: “who do you work for?” Then a sniper aims at Cat. Vincent lets go of the thief and launches himself towards Cat to protect her – putting the thief in the sniper’s crosshairs.

Vincent and Catherine lie on the floor. He acknowledges that she turned off the lights, almost surprised but touched that she kept her promise. She looks at him intensely and says “You didn’t leave”. Their moment is interrupted by the SWAT Team and Gabe.

Outside, Catherine and Vincent talk to Captain Bennett. Cat is a little bit in awe of Vincent and Gabe doesn’t like it at all… Vincent goes back inside. She tells Gabe that Vincent didn’t do it because he is unresolved; she thinks he did it because he wanted to save everyone. Catherine says that a guy who gets a banner deserves a shot.

Dana asks if Tess is recanting her confession. Tess replies she had an epiphany and finds she may have more friends than she realized and owes them loyalty.

Catherine finds Vincent looking for the necklace under a desk. They acknowledge their struggles. He concludes that they need to work together. He even throws in that this seems to be their destiny. Cat says she is sorry again even though she apologized already.  Vincent doesn’t know what she is talking about. Cat realizes he never heard her “prayer” because he was holding the gem. He decided by himself to be a hero. 

At that point, Tess walks in and gives Vincent a giant bear hug. Gabe comes in to collect the girls and Tess invites Vincent to the after-hostage-party. He declines. Catherine watches Vincent walk away with Tori as they leave to party with the rest of the hostages. Tess says that she invited the other hostages, except for the drunk guy. 

Speaking of him, he stumbles down an alley with a single car. The drunk suddenly turns sober as can be. He hands the necklace over to someone in a limo.


Gabe: Once we set foot on this houseboat, we need to remain claim.
Catherine: Yes – I will be fine. I could walk in on them in flagrante, and I would be fine.
Tess: I wouldn't.
Gabe: Not what I was referring to, but interesting that you went there.

Vincent [to Gabe]: Then maybe you should go get a drink there then

Gabe [about Vincat]: I feel like I am in the middle of a divorce

Cat [to Tess]: Then why are you clutching the tranq gun like it is your best friend.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Pawel Szajda as Vlad
  • Ian Matthews as Nico
  • Michael Filipowich as Omar
  • Chuck Shamata as Freddy DeMarco
  • Chad Camilleri as Ivan
  • Robert Mauriell as Matteo
  • Devon Slack as Petra
  • Conrad Coates as Captain Bennett




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