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J.T. Forbes
Biographical Information
  • Alive
  • Agent Morrison (Something's Gotta Give)
  • Mr. King (Means to an End)
  • Professor
  • medical-researcher (formerly)
  • Biochemistry-professor
Physical Description
  • Male
Hair color:
  • Brown
Romantic Exes:
  • Sara Holland
Character Information
Portrayed by: Austin Basis
First appearance: Pilot
Appearance Count: 53
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Jacob Tanner “J.T.” Forbes is a main character on Beauty and the Beast. He is Vincent Keller's best friend.


Early Life[]

J.T. and Vincent grew up together. They were roommates while Vincent was a medical resident. While Vincent enlisted in the army, J.T. became a medical researcher and college professor. After Vincent survived being exterminated by Muirfield while in Afghanistan, he re-connected with J.T. after coming back to New York. J.T. helped keep him hidden from Muirfield and the public, and also researched Vincent's cross-species DNA in an attempt to help Vincent find an antidote.

Season One[]

When Vincent tells J.T. that the detective who questioned him about Vincent was Catherine Chandler, the woman Vincent saved nine years before, J.T. panics, worried Vincent will be exposed to Muirfield. Though he wants Vincent to stay away, Catherine finds Vincent, and he starts spending more time with her. J.T. continuously tells Catherine to avoid Vincent. When Catherine is kidnapped by Muirfield so that she will give up Vincent, J.T. tells Vincent they should leave town. Before they can, though, Vincent goes missing, and J.T. calls Catherine, believing she gave Vincent up. However, J.T. realizes that Vincent turned himself into Muirfield. Catherine helps J.T. track down Vincent, and the three kill the Muirfield agents who tried to capture Vincent. J.T. starts to soften his position towards Catherine after this, encouraging Vincent to hang out with her.

J.T. is attracted to his colleague, Sara Holland, but doesn't act on it because he's worried about exposing Vincent. When Vincent tells J.T. how he saw Catherine kissing her colleague, Evan Marks, J.T. encourages him to tell Catherine his true feelings for her. Spurred by this, J.T. asks Sara out. Vincent later tells J.T. that he blacked out while going to Catherine's place, but he doesn't know why. J.T. tries running tests on Vincent, but he blacks out and attacks J.T. He ends up tranquilizing Vincent to stop him. When Catherine tells J.T. that she is investigating a brutal murder, J.T. is worried that Vincent might be the killer. Vincent finds Catherine, and explains his recurring blackouts. J.T. figures out that Vincent is innocent of the murder. Vincent ends up helping Catherine find the real killer when he kidnaps Evan. Vincent blacks out, and ends up brutally killing Evan's kidnapper.

Catherine worries about Evan finding out the truth, but J.T. is more upset by the effect on Vincent: believing he is too dangerous, Vincent locks himself in a cage. Catherine protests, but J.T. says that Vincent's blackouts have occurred when he's around Catherine. She agrees to stay away, but still contacts J.T. to check on Vincent. J.T. tries to get Vincent to let Catherine come over while he runs tests to find out the cause of the black outs. Vincent refuses, not wanting to hurt Catherine. J.T. helps Vincent induce the blackouts to get more information, but Vincent ends up having a memory flash and remembers who originally injected him when he was part of Muirfield: Vanessa Chandler, Catherine's mother who was killed the night Vincent saved Catherine. J.T. tells Catherine about this, despite Vincent's reluctance to share the information. Wanting to find out more, Catherine sticks around while J.T. induces another blackout for Vincent.

Vincent finds out Catherine is not the reason for the blackouts, and they're actually a side effect of the experiments that Vanessa was working to cure. J.T. helps Catherine find the formula for the cure by going through her mother's old research notes. In order to synthesize the cure, J.T. needs access to equipment within a police station, so Catherine distracts Evan long enough for J.T. to synthesize the cure. However, he's spotted by Tess Vargas, Catherine's partner, who later tells Evan. Vincent is cured of the blackouts after he is injected with the serum J.T. made.

When Catherine is without a date to her father's wedding, Vincent asks J.T. to step in and accompany her. However, Vincent convinces J.T. to back out and let him join Catherine at the wedding. Vincent later tells J.T. that Catherine found out Evan has been studying his DNA, and that it's been slowly mutating. J.T. tries to find out what it could mean. Meanwhile, Vincent's ex-fiancée, Alex Salter, also finds out he's still alive when she sees him visiting Catherine. Catherine calls J.T., saying Alex has complained of a stalker to the police, and though J.T. says it wasn't Vincent, Catherine suspects it's Muirfield. Vincent & Catherine later save Alex from her stalker, an obsessed ex-patient, but Vincent discovers he's developed night vision, which J.T. realizes is because he's evolving at a rapid rate.

When Evan comes to J.T. for help on researching cross-species DNA because of an article J.T. published years before on Vincent's DNA, J.T. agrees to help to make sure Vincent isn't exposed. They exhume the body of a Muirfield assassin that Vincent killed, and Evan manages to recover DNA that shows cross-species properties. However, the sample is inexplicably corrupted moments later, and J.T. is relieved that Evan's investigation is stalled. Vincent grows closer to Alex again, and pushes Catherine away. They end up going on a weekend retreat to the mountains, while J.T. hangs back, trying to stall Evan from presenting the cross-species research in order to receive a grant. He tries telling Evan that Muirfield could be watching him, but Evan sees this as a conspiracy theory.

Catherine finds out Muirfield has been watching Alex, and they know where to find Vincent. Realizing he is in trouble, J.T. tells Catherine where Vincent & Alex have gone to, while he stops Evan. J.T. blackmails Evan about a patient who died on his operating table years before; Evan ends their partnership. Vincent is saved by Catherine, while Alex walks away after finding out what happened to Vincent. Though J.T. is worried about Alex talking to someone, Vincent is more concerned about how to win back Catherine's trust. J.T. gets a call from Evan later, who realized J.T. was right about someone watching him. He calls off his presentation, keeping his research from going public.

On Valentine's Day, Vincent tries to make amends with Catherine, but she pushes him away. J.T. encourages Vincent to keep trying to win her back, even using romantic gestures for Valentine's Day. Eventually, Vincent gets Catherine to trust him again, and the two of them start a relationship. However, the NYPD sets up a task force to hunt down Vincent, though they don't know his identity. Vincent comes up with a plan to fake his own death so the police will stop looking. J.T. steals a body to use as a decoy, while Catherine sets up a fake lead for the NYPD to follow. J.T. and Vincent blow up their place, faking Vincent's death. However, J.T. finds out that Evan has joined Muirfield, hoping to catch and kill Vincent.

J.T. finds Vincent & Catherine running from Tess, who found about Vincent. Before she can report Vincent, J.T. tranquilizes her. Tess later agrees to keep Vincent's secret, and help Catherine out. Muirfield finds out where Vincent is after being tipped off by Evan. Vincent escapes, but J.T. comes to Catherine and says that Vincent was angry at Evan and left. When Vincent disappears, J.T. and Catherine both figure out that Muirfield has captured him. They find Muirfield's office; J.T. and Tess create a temporary power outage that helps Catherine rescue Vincent.

Vincent & Catherine find out that Gabriel Lowan, the district attorney who was running the task force after Vincent, is also a Muirfield experiment. Gabe ends up attacking J.T. while looking for Vincent; Vincent shows up, fortunately, and tranquilizes Gabe. Gabe reverts back, and says that he needs medication to control his transformations, and he's hoping Vincent's blood can help him control himself without the medication. Vincent agrees to give a blood sample in exchange for Gabe's medication. Vincent isn't able to transform, and is hopeful that he's been cured of being a beast. However, J.T. finds out the medication will kill Vincent if he keeps taking them, ending his hopes.

Suspicious about Gabe, J.T. investigates him and finds out that Gabe is planning to kill Vincent so he can save himself. He warns Vincent, and destroys Gabe's research. Gabe finds out, and kidnaps Catherine. When Vincent finds out, he & J.T. kidnap Tyler, Gabe's girlfriend, so he will release Catherine. Gabe refuses, though, and Vincent tries to rescue Catherine while J.T. holds Tyler hostage. Tyler, though, manages to escape and knock J.T. out. Tess rescues J.T., and they try to find and save Vincent from Gabe. Before they can, though, Vincent is kidnapped by Muirfield, and taken away by a helicopter.

Season Two[]

J.T. and Catherine search for Vincent through any means possible. They're assisted by Gabe, though J.T. doesn't trust him. Using the security cameras around New York, J.T. eventually finds Vincent, and lets Catherine and Gabe know. Catherine goes to find Vincent, and J.T. & Gabe follow. When they find Vincent, though, his memory is wiped out, and he doesn't know who they are. However, when J.T. shows Vincent an old picture taken of the two of them, Vincent starts to believe that he knows them. Vincent tries to leave, and J.T. holds the tranquilizer gun on him. Vincent, though, turns it around and tranquilizes J.T. instead. J.T. becomes worried, thinking Vincent has become more dangerous.

J.T. finds out Vincent's DNA has been supercharged so that he can track other people. Wanting to try and get Vincent to remember, Catherine gets J.T. to help her plan a romantic dinner without Gabe or Tess knowing. When Catherine goes missing, J.T. tells Tess & Gabe what happened, and agrees to help them to protect Catherine. They find Catherine, but in the process, Tess realizes Cat has been spending more time with J.T. trying to find Vincent. J.T. understands that Tess is hurt, and empathizes with her, as he's lost his best friend, too. He tells Tess they're both trying to look out for their best friends, and he's not going to get between her & Cat. Tess forgives J.T., and the two start to develop an attraction.

J.T. finds out that Vincent got angry and hurt Catherine, and Vincent asks J.T. to apologize to her for him. J.T. calls Cat, but finds out they found Agent Tucker dead from an apparent beast attack. J.T. helps them figure out it wasn't Vincent, and that he's going after the beast who killed Agent Tucker. Vincent starts to regain his memories, and hangs out with J.T. and Cat more often to remember who he is.

When Catherine is attacked by a beast looking for Vincent, Gabe asks J.T. to find out who the beast is from the DNA. Vincent later finds out that the beast is Zach Hayes, a soldier from his unit in Muirfield, who J.T. also knows. Catherine is suspicious of Zach, but Vincent hopes that Zach can help him recover his memories. J.T., though, also grows suspicious of Zach and his true motives. When Zach reveals how his girlfriend, Gabriella, left him for Vincent, he shows his bitterness and anger towards Vincent, and goes after Catherine in retaliation. J.T. tries to stop Vincent from talking Zach down, knowing Zach will not listen to him. When he doesn't listen, J.T. tries to warn Catherine, but Zach ends up coming after her before he can. Vincent kills Zach before he can kill Catherine.

Catherine finds out someone from within Muirfield is controlling Vincent, acting as his handler, and Gabe tries to find out who it is. However, his research gets stolen just as Vincent's handler tries to kill him. Vincent escapes, but Tess, J.T., Gabe, and Catherine try to figure out who the handler is before he makes another attempt to kill Vincent. J.T. finds out Gabe's research was stolen by someone from the FBI. Catherine decides to try and get the help of her biological father, FBI Agent Robert Reynolds, by bringing Vincent over for Thanksgiving dinner.

J.T. tries to decrypt a call between Vincent and his handler, with Tess' help. The two spend Thanksgiving together, and end up kissing. Though they both say it didn't mean anything, J.T. realizes he's falling for Tess. The two later find a clue when they realize the handler lives near a church based on the bells in the background. Catherine and Gabe later realizes that Reynolds is Vincent's handler when they hear church bells tolling near his house.

The group comes up with a plan to incriminate and arrest Reynolds for murder. J.T. and Tess manage to steal Zach's body from the morgue as part of the trap. Gabe & Cat get enough evidence to arrest Reynolds, and Cat brings him in. Before she can, though, Vincent intercepts her car, and tries to kill Reynolds. Cat shoots him so he won't. Though Reynolds is caught and sent to jail, Cat and Vincent break up.

J.T. finds out about Catherine shooting Vincent when he shows up on J.T.'s doorstep, wounded. He asks J.T. to get him medical supplies so he can avoid going to a hospital. J.T. ends up getting caught, and Tess comes and bails him out. When they find Vincent, he's passed out, and J.T. realizes Cat tranquilized him. J.T. becomes angry with Catherine, and Tess defends her best friend to J.T. Suddenly, J.T. says that if Vincent dies, it'll be his fault, and Tess asks what he means. J.T. then reveals that he found out about Muirfield's research, and signed Vincent up for the experiment, hoping he would be protecting his friend. Tess realizes the guilt he's carried over Vincent becoming a beast, and tells J.T. to remember that Vincent has also done a lot of good things, as well, and J.T. is responsible for the good and the bad.

Vincent later finds out someone else is going after beasts, and asks J.T. to analyze evidence that was found by Tori Windsor, Vincent's girlfriend who is also a beast. J.T. gets attacked by the people threatening Vincent & Tori, and they steal a shackle that was found with a skeleton J.T. was analyzing. He finds out the skeleton is also a beast from ancient times, meaning Vincent's DNA isn't completely synthetic. Vincent finds the thieves, and recovers a gem that goes with the shackle. J.T. finds out the gem fits into the shackle to make a "beast collar," implying someone wants to control a beast.

J.T. receives a award for a research grant, and celebrates with his friends. However, it turns out to be a trap, and J.T. is kidnapped by the people who were after the gem & the shackle, and forced to make a serum to create beasts. The kidnappers want to mix the serum with the blood of a beast to make it more effective. When Tori shows up to rescue J.T., she is quickly tranquilized by the kidnappers, and they take her blood for J.T. to mix with the serum. Vincent shows up and rescues J.T., who alerts Catherine to his location. Vincent tries to save Tori, but she dies from the blood loss. J.T. consoles Vincent over Tori's death. He finally admits to Vincent that he was the one who signed him up for the Muirfield experiment. Vincent, though, quickly forgives him and lets the matter go.

When Valentine's Day comes around, J.T. sends a gift to Tess, wanting to admit his feelings. Vincent shares with J.T. how Tori told him he belongs with Catherine just before she died, and he's thinking about how much he has hurt Catherine. Though J.T. tries to get Vincent to win Catherine back, Vincent refuses, as Catherine is now dating Gabe. When Tess mentions how she's worried about losing her job, J.T. helps Tess out by calling in a fake case.

Catherine & Vincent figure out that J.T.'s kidnappers were working for Sam Landon. They try to corner him on Valentine's Day, but later let him escape so they can find out what his endgame is. Vincent admits to J.T. that he still loves Catherine, and J.T. encourages him to fight for her; however, Vincent says he won't admit his feelings until he redeems himself to Catherine. Tess, meanwhile, says she appreciates J.T.'s thoughtful Valentine's Day gift, and they spend the night together.

Sam is revealed to be going after the people who killed his son, and the group tries to figure out who it is. At one point, Vincent gives up trying to fight for Catherine, saying he can't change who he is and he doesn't want to hurt Catherine again. J.T. pulls him out of his self-pity, saying that being a beast is not a bad thing and Vincent can use it for good, helping others the way he's done in the past. Vincent listens to J.T.'s advice, and helps Catherine catch and arrest Sam, stopping his plan.

After catching Sam, Vincent ends up spending the night with Catherine, but she leaves the next morning before Vincent wakes up. When J.T. finds out, he tells Vincent to talk to Cat, hoping the two of them will get back together. Sam, though, escapes from prison, and Vincent asks J.T. to help Catherine track him down. Tess comes by wanting J.T.'s help, and the two end up arguing about Catherine & Vincent, each siding with their friend. However, J.T. brings up how they spent the night together, but Tess acts as if nothing happened, and she doesn't care. Tess, though, tells J.T. that she does care about him, and admits her feelings for him. J.T. figures out that Sam is going after the group who originally created Muirfield. Vincent, Catherine, and Gabe manage to stop and catch Sam before he can kill them.

J.T. and Tess wake up after spending the night together when Catherine calls J.T. She tells J.T. that Vincent was arrested for the murder of Curt Windsor, Tori's father, and she suspects Gabe, because she left him for Vincent. Tess doesn't want anyone to find out about her & J.T., but he's so worried about Vincent and angry at Tess' concerns that he blurts out they slept together to Cat & Gabe. J.T. swaps out Vincent's blood samples so he's not exposed, and sneaks him the gem, which keeps him from transforming. Vincent, though, says that he won't let them take any more risks, and decides to plead guilty to the charges to avoid them getting hurt. J.T. tells Catherine this, and she asks him to look into Reynolds' financials, as she realizes it was Reynolds who framed Vincent.

Vincent breaks out of jail, escaping from an ambulance after starting a fight in prison. Catherine tells J.T. that she told Vincent she was going to come forward as a witness to Curt's murder, and he purposely escaped to protect her. J.T. later calls Catherine when he realizes that Vincent has the items necessary to leave the country, meaning he's probably disappeared. However, Catherine calls him back after Vincent shows up at her apartment, and asks J.T. to find something to implicate Reynolds. Before he can, though, the police surround Catherine's apartment, and Vincent is forced to flee, becoming a fugitive.

J.T. apologizes to Tess for yelling at her, and she lets him know that she does want a real relationship with him. They make up, and officially become a couple. The next day, Tess tells J.T. that Cat is missing, and they need to find Vincent. J.T. manages to find Vincent at a rendezvous point they had set up years before. He & Tess tell Vincent about Catherine, and he wants to go back and find her. J.T. draws the police away so Vincent can sneak into Catherine's apartment. At the station, Gabe railroads at J.T. to give up Vincent, but J.T. refuses. Tess gets J.T. released, and he sneaks into Gabe's apartment to get access to the police alerts. Vincent finds Catherine, but J.T. calls to let him know he was spotted on a city camera, and the police are after him. Vincent & Catherine escape before the police find them.

When Gabe sets up a full task force for a manhunt, Vincent finally decides he's had enough, and tells Catherine he wants to fight to save them rather than run to save himself. J.T. and Tess are able to point the police in another direction so Vincent & Catherine can try and help the FBI in exchange for getting Vincent exonerated. They're able to fulfill their end, but Gabe blocks the FBI's attempt to exonerate Vincent. However, Vincent decides to hide in the city until his name is cleared.

When Gabe becomes desperate to capture or kill Vincent to get Catherine back, both Vincent & Cat decide to leave the city. They ask Tess & J.T. to find evidence to get Gabe arrested, which J.T. agrees to do. He & Tess eventually find the evidence, but Gabe finds them, hoping to catch Vincent. J.T. stands up to Gabe, and says he'll never get Catherine back if he kills him & Tess. Gabe, though, threatens to expose Vincent and beasts, and J.T. & Tess are forced to let him go. J.T. is disappointed he wasn't able to help Vincent, but Tess says he was, and Gabe is the one who has become unhinged. Vincent is eventually exonerated of the murder charges, but when Gabe finds out, he turns himself back into a beast, using the serum J.T. was forced to create for Sam.

Gabe goes on a rampage, killing Beth Bowman, a reporter he tried to expose Vincent to, and Agent Knox, the FBI agent who helped exonerate Vincent. J.T. finds out that Gabe's beast DNA can easily defeat Vincent in a fight. When Vincent goes after Gabe on his own, intent on killing him, Catherine calls J.T. and Tess to stop him. They find Vincent before he gets to Gabe, and tranquilize him. Catherine decides to go after Gabe on her own so that Vincent won't get killed. J.T. compiles evidence that shows Gabe corrupted his own DNA to implicate him in the murders. While he is doing this, though, Gabe shows up and brutally mauls J.T.

Vincent & Cat find him, and get J.T. to the hospital. Gabe is defeated and killed by Vincent & Catherine. However, Tess tells them that J.T. is not going to make it, because he lost too much blood. Just as they give up hope, J.T. wakes up, and they find out he'll recover after being saved by two mysterious government agents who exonerated Vincent; he's reunited with his friends and Tess.

Season Three[]

Two months later, J.T. is recovering from his injuries, though he still needs to get around with a cane. He's still worried, though, about what the agents used that saved his life. Tess is upset with his obsession, and tells him she can't deal with it. Vincent, meanwhile, tells J.T. that he's planning to propose to Catherine. However, he later returns, angry. J.T. asks why, and Vincent tells him about Catherine reaching out to Agent Thomas & Barnett, the agents who saved J.T. However, J.T. encourages Vincent to help them out, something Vincent is reluctant to do because he doesn't want to use his beast side and risk losing his life with Catherine. J.T., though, convinces Vincent to help them out because it could save lives. Realizing how he's stalling his recovery the way Vincent was stalling on using his beast side, J.T. starts to walk unassisted and make amends with Tess.

After Agent Thomas is attacked by a superhuman experiment, J.T. synthesizes a dose of the serum used to save him so that Thomas will be saved. When J.T. stands up to Tess' brothers when they insult her, he's worried that it could be a side effect of the serum. Meanwhile, Vincent & Cat find out that the serum used to heal J.T. was actually meant for Alton Finn, another superhuman experiment. Alton tracks down J.T., and forces him to give the serum J.T. was making for Thomas. Alton hopes it will cure him of his advanced stage cancer and electrokinesis. J.T., though, manages to inject Thomas first. Alton still tries to get the serum by transfusing J.T.'s blood into himself. Before he can, though, Vincent is able to rescue J.T.

J.T. tries to find out if he has any superhuman "side effects" from the serum. However, when Thomas is shot dead, he helps Vincent & Catherine try to find the killer. Vincent & Catherine team up with two married DHS agents, Bob & Carol Hall, while investigating. When J.T. is trying to analyze evidence that they acquire, he is attacked by the same sniper who killed Thomas, who injures J.T.'s hand and destroys the evidence. J.T., though, figures out from the bullet shot at him that there are actually two snipers who killed Thomas, which leads Catherine & Vincent to realize Bob & Carol are the killers. The couple escapes before Vincent & Cat can capture them.

J.T. realizes he has the ability to heal rapidly when his injured hand shows no signs of damage mere days later. J.T. is worried he could die, especially when Catherine finds an experiment who went crazy because of the serum, and ended up killing herself. He tries to find an antidote while chasing down the superhuman experiments. When Bob & Carol return, J.T. and Tess try to find out what their plan is. J.T. finds their house, and he & Tess realize that they're going after Vincent & Cat while they're separated, hoping to capture Vincent and kill Catherine. J.T. tries to warn Vincent, but he arrives just as Bob captures Vincent. To stop Bob, J.T. steps into the path of the truck, and lets Bob hit him. Vincent is enraged enough to transform and kill Bob, then reverts to human through his love for Catherine. Being hit by the car burned the serum out of J.T.'s body, and his cells are normal again.

During Vincent's bachelor party, a shooter with superhuman abilities disturbs the festivities. J.T., though, finds out the shooter was not infected with a virus, not injected with a serum, and thinks an outbreak will occur. His theory is proven correct, and the outbreak is revealed to have been a decoy in order to find Vincent & Catherine. The two end up going on the run when a superhuman assassin is sent after them. J.T. tries to find out who the superhuman scientist is, based on the materials used to create the serum. This puts him in conflict with Tess, who puts him under police protection at the risk of her new job as captain.

J.T. finds the scientist, Julianna Keaton, only after she has captured Vincent, Catherine, and Heather, Cat's sister. He frees Heather, and the two are able to concoct and inject Vincent so that he can transform and defeat Julianna & her assassin. Tess is upset with J.T. for pushing her aside in order to help Cat & Vincent. She breaks up with him, saying he doesn't know how to put her first.

The night before Vincent & Cat's wedding, J.T. is trying to get through to Tess, but she doesn't know if he can make amends with her. When Julianna escapes from custody, J.T., Tess, and Vincent investigate without Catherine to keep her from calling off the wedding. While Vincent tries to track Julianna, J.T. tries to find a criminal named "Liam", whom Julianna claimed she was trying to stop by creating superhumans. She wants to inject Vincent, hoping he will stop Liam. J.T. heads to the church, waiting for Vincent. Heather tells J.T. that she can't find Catherine, and Vincent overhears; he realizes Julianna is trying to inject Vincent by kidnapping Catherine.

Vincent saves Catherine, but they bring Julianna to the church, where J.T. ties her up so she won't disturb the wedding. Tess is worried about one of her bosses finding Julianna, and losing her job. J.T., though, convinces them it's best to bring Julianna in after the wedding so Tess has less questions to answer. When the ceremony begins, Tess tells J.T. that her detectives found a possible Liam that fits Julianna's description, Liam Cullen, who just got to New York. The two try to act like nothing has happened, but Liam shows up, killing Julianna and seriously injuring Vincent. Vincent blames himself for ignoring the signs, but J.T. says they all ignored the signs. Vincent leaves, and J.T. tries to follow him, but Heather convinces him to pay attention to Tess, instead. J.T. sends Tess a gift after she gets in trouble at work that helps cheer her up.

After the wedding is ruined, Catherine tells the others that she's done trying to fight Liam. Tess, Vincent, and J.T., though, try to convince her that they're the only ones who can stop him. Cat still refuses because she's afraid someone will get hurt or killed. Heather sides with her, saying she doesn't want to lose her family. J.T. tracks down Heather, and tells her about Rebecca Reynolds, Catherine's ancestor who was also in love with a beast named Alistair, and how Catherine & Vincent could be connected through destiny to Rebecca & Alistair. Heather doesn't believe it, especially because Alistair was killed after being framed by another beast for murder. J.T. takes her to go meet Reynolds in prison, and asks him what happened to Rebecca. Reynolds tells them Rebecca was murdered by the same beast after Alistair died. Now, Catherine & Vincent have to finish their fight or risk suffering the same fates.

Meanwhile, Catherine & Vincent find out that Liam is going after anyone who was injected with Julianna's superhuman serum, which means J.T. is a target. Catherine calls J.T. to warn him, but Liam's hired guns show up, and attack him & Heather. The two barricade themselves, but fortunately, Vincent shows up, along with Catherine and Tess, saving them both. Heather convinces Catherine to go after Liam with Vincent, and they resume their fight. J.T., though, is worried the serum might still be affecting him, which is why Liam is still after him. J.T. is kept under police protection again because of Liam, but he and Tess end up going on the run when Liam kills Alton. While on the run, J.T. tells Tess that he cares about her, and asks her to leave for her own safety. Tess refuses to leave because she also cares about him; the two reconcile.

J.T. and Tess are found by Russell Keaton, Julianna's brother who was also injected. He tells them that he's dying because of the serum, and is trying to stop Liam before he dies. Liam shows up and kills Russell, but J.T. and Tess are saved by Vincent. Liam reveals himself to be a beast, as well, during the fight, to everyone's shock. He leaves, but the group realizes it won't be the last time they see him. J.T. is later suffering from nose bleeds, indicating that he has serum poisoning. He hides this from his friends and Tess while he's hiding to avoid Liam. Liam, though, finds him and holds J.T. hostage, trying to get Vincent's attention. Vincent asks why, and Liam reveals that DHS got samples of their blood when they retrieved Alton's, and it risks exposing them as beasts. He asks Vincent to help him find and destroy the samples. Though everyone is suspicious of Liam's motives, Vincent agrees to help him out. Liam also lets Vincent know about J.T.'s condition, which Vincent later confronts J.T. about. Cornered, J.T. admits it, but asks both Vincent & Cat not to tell Tess.

J.T. tries to find the gem to help Catherine try and stop Liam. When Tess comes to help him out, she realizes he's keeping a secret from her. When J.T. finds the gem, he yells at Tess to leave him alone. Tess leaves with the gem, upset at J.T. Meanwhile, Catherine finds out that Liam is being protected by Helen Ellingsworth, a wealthy socialite, who believes that Liam is her half-brother. Catherine has J.T. look at their DNA samples to disprove this. J.T. figures out that Liam is actually Helen's ancestor, and almost 200 years old; Heather then shows them a photo that proves J.T.'s assumption is correct: Liam is Rebecca's ex-fiancé, and the beast who killed Alistair and Rebecca.

J.T. realizes that Liam isn't affected by the serum poisoning, and figures the cure to his condition will be found in Liam's blood. To get this, Vincent & Cat capture Liam by tranquilizing him and using the gem to make sure he doesn't transform. They break Reynolds out of prison in hopes that they can stop Liam from hurting the Ellingsworths or anyone else. The plan doesn't work, though, and Liam escapes after killing Reynolds. However, Reynolds saves J.T. and Heather's life by helping them escape before Liam broke free. J.T. is able to synthesize an antidote from Liam's blood, and cures himself of serum poisoning.

When Liam starts to dig up the bodies from Vincent's past, Vincent realizes he's running out of time before Liam exposes him as a beast. J.T., though, convinces Vincent to not go after Liam until he can create the serum to enhance Vincent like Liam. However, when J.T. is arrested by the cops, Vincent goes to confront Liam. However, he gets caught by DHS. The police try to get J.T. to give up information on Vincent, but before they can, he's eventually released and picked up by Tess. She tells him that Vincent & Cat got him released, because they're making a deal with DHS. J.T. is shocked they'd risk exposing Vincent, but Tess says he would've been exposed by Liam, anyway.

J.T. and Tess get to the hospital after Vincent fakes his own death by jumping off the roof and falling on the street. J.T. injects Vincent with the healing serum from Liam's blood, which helps revive Vincent. Vincent eventually defeats Liam, killing him and saving Catherine by rescuing her after she was kidnapped by Liam. While the group is celebrating, J.T. suggests that Vincent & Cat get married immediately before anything else interrupts them. The group agrees, and together, Tess, J.T., and Heather set up the wedding on the roof of Catherine & Vincent's apartment. J.T. stands as best man, and celebrates Vincent & Catherine finally getting married.

Season Four[]


J.T. likes to run jokes and is a very sarcastic person. However, he tends to speak a bit more sarcastically with Catherine than with anyone else. This is because his fear of Muirfield finding him and Vincent and his own overprotective nature often pits him against Catherine, who he sees as a danger to himself and Vincent.


J.T. is tall and chubby, with pale skin, and brown hair. He always dresses casually even when he is at work. J.T. also wears prescription glasses.


Vincent Keller[]

Vincent is J.T.'s best friend. They grew up together, and when Vincent escaped from Muirfield, he came to J.T., and trusted him to keep Vincent safe. J.T. became very protective of Vincent after this, to the point of paranoia. He didn't want Vincent to be exposed, afraid he could get killed. J.T. later revealed that he was the one who signed Vincent up for the Muirfield, hoping he would keep his best friend safe. When he found out what had happened, he carried around a lot of guilt for what happened, and tried to atone for it by giving up his own life to protect Vincent. When Catherine found out about Vincent, J.T. panicked, and told Vincent & Catherine to stay away from each other. He changed, though, when he realized that Vincent was changing for better because of Catherine. J.T. encouraged Vincent's feelings, wanting him to be happy and hoping his relationship with Catherine would work out. When Vincent was kidnapped and his memory was erased, J.T. was depressed over losing his best friend. He started to become his normal self after Vincent started to remember him and confided in J.T. more often. J.T. was initially desperate to help Vincent find a cure, wanting to make right his mistake that had cost Vincent. When Vincent started to accept being a beast, J.T. realized there was a good side to Vincent's enhanced abilities, and encouraged him to find a way to accept that part of himself.

Tess Vargas[]

Tess and J.T. bonded while helping Catherine & Vincent, initially. When Catherine was trying to find Vincent after he was kidnapped by Muirfield, Tess found out that J.T. had been helping her, and was hurt that she went to J.T. for help instead of her. Wanting answers, Tess came to J.T., who told her that Catherine will always be Tess' best friend, saying that it wasn't Tess' fault for what happened. Tess realized J.T. was going through the same thing she was, and the two became friends. J.T. later admitted that he actually speechless the first time he met Tess, and showed he's attracted to her by kissing her. He later backed off, though, believing she didn't want a relationship with him. After a near-death experience, J.T. realizes how much he cares about Tess, and lets her know. Tess is initially hesitant at pursuing a relationship with J.T., which upsets him as he's trying to show her that he is interested. Tess finally admits her feelings for him, and they start dating.

Catherine Chandler[]

Catherine and J.T. initially were distrustful of each other, as J.T. was desperate to protect Vincent. They later started to begrudgingly get along, trying to help Vincent. J.T. starts to change his stance on Catherine, encouraging Vincent to spend time with her and saying Vincent is better when Vincent & Catherine are together. J.T. started to develop a friendship with Catherine eventually, and started to care about her as much as he cared about Vincent. The two especially bonded when Vincent was kidnapped, and they were trying to find him. When Vincent & Catherine broke up, J.T. & Catherine initially avoided each other, but remained on good terms as friends. J.T. encouraged Vincent when he admitted that he still loved Catherine, and was hoping for a second chance with her. J.T. even broke Vincent's confidence, and told Catherine how Vincent wanted to win her back. He helps Catherine out as much as he helps Vincent.

Sara Holland[]

Sara Holland previously dated J.T., but she did not know the truth about J.T.'s life with Vincent. J.T. initially was hesitant to pursue a relationship with Sara, fearing that his keeping Vincent's secret would get in the way of them dating. However, when he encouraged Vincent to pursue and acknowledge his feelings for Catherine, J.T. decided to take his own advice and admitted his feelings for Sara. Sara was set to introduce J.T. to her parents, but J.T. had to back out, having to help Vincent out again. J.T.'s relationship with Sara helped him find a life outside of protecting Vincent, something he hadn't done in years, the way Vincent opened himself up after meeting Catherine.