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Season 2, Episode 2
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Air date October 14, 2013
Written by Jennifer Levin & Sherri Cooper
Directed by Rick Bota
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Kidnapped? is the second episode of the Second Season, and the twenty-fourth episode overall.



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VINCENT’S FEELINGS FOR CAT START TO RE-SURFACE JUST AS SHE DISCOVERS HOW DANGEROUS HE REALLY IS —- While attempting to learn more about Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) mission, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) gets kidnapped by Vincent. Their growing chemistry complicates his mission. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello), J.T. (Austin Basis) and Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) come together to help Cat. Rick Bota directed the episode written by Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper.



At Il Cantuccio, Catherine and Tess have morning coffee and watch Gabe’s press conference. Gabe alerts the media that Li Zhao was found mauled in Central Park. Tess tries to make Cat see that Vincent is not is who he used to be. Gabe shows up and rants about letting Vincent help himself. Cat says Vincent is entitled to some revenge against Muirfield. She says, “Vincent will never hurt” her.

Catherine leaves and heads to JT’s place. JT wants to take a moment to appreciate that Muirfield is gone.  Cat throws a bottle of JT’s Tums away. Cat explains her plan to find Vincent and have rooftop picnic. JT points out that Muirfield’s programming won’t go away with dinner. After packing a picnic basket, Cat canvases the streets looking for Vincent.

At the FBI, Agent Tucker informs Agent Reynolds that Vincent is AWOL. Reynolds concludes that since he mauled Li Zhao, there is no reason to doubt “his programming”. 

That night, Catherine goes to her rooftop alone. Vincent arrives shortly afterwards.  Cat gets excited for a second thinking he remembered the roof and what it means to them. Vincent corrects her when he replies that he saw her come up.  He asks her why she’s been tracking him and he actually looks flattered and impressed. Vincent doesn’t seem to hate the idea of the “picnic”, but when his mission is brought up, Cat asks a lot of questions. Vincent assumes Cat was more interested in the information than the picnic. Avoiding the interrogation, Vincent jumps off the roof. 

Catherine runs after Vincent and calls JT for help. At that exact moment, Gabe calls to point her in the right direction. Gabe has been surveilling Cat’s apartment, “but only the perimeter”. Cat is upset. Cat fills JT in on Vincent’s whereabouts (and accidently lets Gabe and Tess know that she is working with him). Cat chases after Vincent’s cab.

At Rikers, Vincent shoots Carlos, an inmate, with a non-lethal substance. Carlos has a seizure. At the medical bay, Dr. Derek Braunstein interrogates Carlos about his “asset.”

Outside the prison, Catherine gets a call from Tess who lectures her on the dangers of following Vincent to Rikers. Vincent grabs Cat makes her faint (by applying pressure to her neck) and puts her on the back of her car. 

On Vincent’s houseboat, Catherine wakes up blindfolded and tied to a chair. She understands Vincent’s state of mind and tries to gain his trust. Vincent is still sceptical about the whole “epic love” story. He acknowledges showing up at her rooftop was reckless and stupid. Vincent wants to be a good solider, but Cat and her heartbeat are distracting. Cat points out that kidnapping her may have been his attempt to “connect”. Vincent snaps and tells her: No more questions.  Cat makes her case. She knows about him and if she wanted to burn him, she would have already. Cat reminds Vincent that he knows when someone is lying. 

At the precinct, Tess hopes Catherine is alive and just “connecting with her amnesiac boyfriend”. Gabe tells Tess about Carlos and Vincent’s alias. 

Back on the boat, Vincent tries to prep for his beast hit, but he can hardly think over the sound of Catherine’s heartbeat. He offers Cat some water for her motion sickness. Cat says water is fine but “acupressure” is better. She reminds Vincent, he is good with “pressure points”. Vincent unties her. He sits on the couch and pulls her chair over. While rubbing her wrists, Vincent apologizes for yelling and confesses that if she hadn’t been looking for him, he would have showed up because there is a “pull”. He also admits kidnapping her may have been an excuse to spend some time with her.

At Catherine’s apartment, JT eats her picnic and tracks her phone. After with bickering with Tess about beast hunting, Tess looks for Cat’s car GPS password.

Back on the boat, Vincent explains he remembers facts (90s pop culture) but has no personal memories. They did that to make him a “better soldier”. Catherine asks “a better soldier for what?” He avoids the question by asking Cat about their first date. Cat fills him in on their non-traditional relationship. She talks about the secrecy, the rooftop and how he tried to push her away but she wouldn’t have it. 

Vincent stops making the sandwich and asks about their first kiss. Catherine tells the story as he moves closer. Cat says she hoped re-experiencing some things might trigger his memories. Vincent leans in to kiss her. She asks if he “remembers anything” a couple of times and he answers “no”. After a few kisses, Cat says, “You know? we did more than just kiss” and she doesn’t need to tell him twice. 

Later, Vincent and Catherine are lying in bed. He tells her if he knew what “picnic” actually meant he wouldn’t have jumped out of the roof. Cat asks again if he remembered anything. Vincent says no. He gets a phone call, so they get dressed.  Vincent ties Cat back to the chair. Vincent says he is just restraining her because he is afraid she would follow him and get hurt. 

At a parking lot, Tess is jealous because JT figured out Catherine’s password (Nutty Professor) and not her. They find Cat’s location. Tess, who panics because finding someone’s cell phone by water “can only mean one thing”; and she is not talking about “gondoliering across the Hudson”. Gabe convinces Tess and JT that it is a good idea for him to go alone to the boat.

Gabe arrives at the boathouse. A restrained Catherine falls to the ground while trying to reach Vincent’s computer. Gabe goes up to the bedroom and realizes there has been a lot more “connecting” than your usual kidnapping. Gabe unties Cat and they get to Vincent’s computer. Vincent created a fake internet profile and set a date with Gina Garolo.  Gina is related to Joe-Joe Garolo, Carlos’ rival. Gabe suggests that Carlos hired Vincent to kill Gina.

So, Vincent meets Gina at a club. Vincent asks Gina to go “somewhere” where they can hear themselves think. Vincent takes Gina to a private room but realizes Catherine is at the club because he hears her heartbeat. Vincent confronts Cat and accuses her of being jealous. She says she is more concerned with Vincent killing Gina. Vincent explains that he isn’t there to kill Gina, he is there to protect her.

While Slick is hitting on Gina, Gabe enters the room and flashes his ADA badge. Gabe tells Gina to get out because he thinks Vincent is trying to kill her, so Slick offers to take her to the back alley. Vincent attacks Gabe and goes after Gina. 

Outside, Slick attacks Gina. Vincent knocks Slick out. Gina runs. Slick and Vincent beast fight. Catherine arrives to see Vincent kill Slick. While Cat processes everything that happened, Vincent grabs Slick’s body and blurs away.

Tess finds JT at a bar and joins him for a drink. Tess says she misses having her friend to which JT replies “at least she knows who you are”.

Back at the precinct, Gina’s girlfriends pick her up. Gabe informs Catherine that the going rate for a beast assassin is $7 billion. Gabe suggests that Vincent may be owned by someone as well. 

Catherine goes home and finds a note from Vincent that says “Roof”.  Cat goes up to the roof and finds Vincent who is there to return her phone, take a rain check on the picnic and apologize for tying her up. Cat tells him not to worry about it. She mentions that someone owned Slick, and she wonders someone owns Vincent. Vincent did not appreciate the suggestion that someone “owned” him. Vincent gets upset. Cat pushes further. Vincent calls Cat a one night stand. 

Catherine pushes as Vincent loses control. She grabs his arm and he turns around in beast mode shoving Cat to the floor. He reverts to human form and it is clear that he regrets it the second it happened. Cat is shaken and lost now that he destroyed the certainty that “he would never hurt her”. Vincent apologizes and jumps out of the roof. A broken Cat goes to see Gabe and acknowledges that Vincent is really a beast. 


Cat: Vincent would never hurt me.
Tess: Cat, you said yourself he doesn't remember you.

Gabe: I am not looking to prosecute this crime. I told you, I took this job to protect Vincent. That also means protecting him from himself.

Vincent: I can hear your heartbeat.
Cat: Must be very annoying.
Vincent: Distracting…

J.T.: Yeah, totally undo three months of billion-dollar black-ops programming with a nice dinner.

Cat: I think you said it because you wanted to protect me. I don’t think you actually wanted me to stay away.
Vincent: I am sure I didn’t.

Tess: Yeah, he is probably gondoliering her around the Hudson!

Cat: If this is such a cool, underground club, then why do they know you here?
Gabe: In my former life I used to be cool.


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