Beauty and the Beast Wiki

In "Who Am I?" Li Zhao holds Vincent at a shipyard. He reminds Vincent that he created him and knows exactly what he is capable of. Zhao says he is going to make Vincent more valuable. Vincent breaks free of the restraints before he is injected and attacks Zhao and his men. As he is about to kill Zhao, Catherine shows up and Zhao gets away. 

Li Zhao calls Reynolds, angry about the fact that someone tried to kill him. Zhao reminds Reynolds the FBI came to him 15 years ago and he’ll involve the press if they try to shut Muirfield down. After he hangs up, Reynolds speaks with an FBI agent about having Vincent go after Zhao again. Trying to find Vincent, Cat intends to track down Zhao, unaware that Gabe is doing the same.

At his houseboat Vincent calls his handler. Reynolds tells Vincent to not let Cat distract him from killing Zhao. Cat follows Vincent while he tracks down and attacks Zhao. A gas is released in the room and Cat begins to pass out while repeatedly calling Vincent’s name. When a fire begins near her, Vincent lets Zhao go to save her.

Reynolds learns of Zhao’s escape and sends Vincent after him again. At Catherine’s apartment, Cat asks about why Vincent was going after Zhao. Vincent tells her she can’t ask any more questions. The next day, Cat arrives at the crime scene she sees that a beast killed Li Zhao. Not far from the crime scene, the beast drops into view and walks away as he transitions back into Vincent.