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Means to an End
Season 4, Episode 10
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Air date August 11, 2016
Written by Melissa Glenn
Directed by David MacLeod
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Means to an End is the tenth episode of the Fourth Season, and the 67th episode overall.


VINCENT IS FORCED TO PROVE HIMSELF – Vincent (Jay Ryan) is forced to undergo a series of tests orchestrated by the mystery buyer in order to keep from being exposed. Cat (Kristin Kreuk), JT (Austin Basis) and Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) work to exonerate Vincent.



TESS: Cat, I get it. We're on opposite sides now. I'm Team Law and Order and you're Team... 

CAT: No, I am still Team Law and Order. Just sans badge. 

TESS: Yeah. 

HEATHER: Yeah, she's trying to get justice for her husband and take down a bad man with a bad plan. If that's not Team Law and Order, I don't know what is.


JT: If they arrest him... 

CAT: I know. 

HEATHER: I don't.

CAT: Are you okay? 

VINCENT: I'm fine, I'm fine. 

CAT: Liar.


HEATHER: Aren't you supposed to be some ace hacker? DHS, Muirfield-- no problem. But some tiny little security company... 

JT: Graydal's not a tiny little security company. Braxton's ex-NSA, he set the place up like Blackwater, okay? 

HEATHER: Touchy.

JT: Sorry. I'm-I'm just worried. I don't like anybody having proof about Vincent, let alone Braxton. 

HEATHER: Well, all the more reason to break past his firewall now. I'm just saying. 

JT: Just keep searching through Braxton's background. Hopefully even he uses personal information for passcodes. 

(cell phone rings) 

HEATHER: All right, fine. 

JT: Kyle? 

HEATHER: Yeah. (sighs) He wants to have dinner. He keeps asking me if I'm gonna move in with him or not. 

JT: You're gonna have to give him an answer sooner or later. 

HEATHER: Yeah, okay, maybe after we help Vincent not get exposed. Then find out who's after him. And then help Cat exonerate him. When I'm 50. 

JT: Go. I got this. The man deserves an answer. 

HEATHER: Well, okay, but how do I give him one without continuing to lie to him about everything? 

JT: (laughing): I don't know. I'm the last person to be giving relationship advice, especially about cohabitation. This is my life. At least until I can help save Vincent once and for all. Hopefully before I turn 50. 

HEATHER: Tess seriously doesn't know what she's missing.


Quote1-1- Don't do anything too dangerous, okay? Quote2-1-

HEATHER: Now I think my boyfriend is suspicious again.

JT: Forget your boyfriend, you're a married woman now.

Vincent: Sure taking them long enough to spot me. 

Catherine: Yeah. Your tax dollars at work. Don't worry, they'll find you. 

Vincent: Ugh. They better. 

Quote1-1- Hey. I'd put my hands up if I were you. Quote2-1-


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Guest Cast[]

  • Eulvio Cecere as Frank
  • Adrian Nguyen as Eric Lee
  • Ipsita Paul as Agent Simkins




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