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Nigel Clifton was a character on Beauty & the Beast. He was portrayed by John Boylan.


Nigel is the father of Sebastian Clifton, who was a Muirfield experiment during the war in Afghanistan. Sebastian was believed to have been killed in Afghanistan when Muirfield was shut down, and Nigel believed he had lost his son. Nigel felt responsible because he had sent Sebastian off to war, and was guilt-ridden over his death.

Over ten years later, Nigel hosted an auction of his private painting collection, including a painting called "Friday at Five" that was made in tribute to Sebastian. Nigel explained that he & Sebastian used to go buy a new magic trick every week at that time. Vincent Keller was at the auction, looking for Sebastian, who wanted revenge against his father for sending him to war. Vincent tried to get Nigel to leave, but when he refused, Catherine Chandler stepped in and got Nigel into the elevator. However, Sebastian still got to him, but Catherine tranquilized Nigel. Vincent killed Sebastian, and Nigel never found out his son had been alive.