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Night Vision
Source: Human-Animal Physiology
Developed: 2012
Trigger: Activated through an act of willpower.
Effect: See in a dark or dim environments as though it were well-lit.
accompany: Superhuman Vision
  • Sensory Ability
  • This ability is classified as 'superhuman'.

Night Vision is the ability to see clearly in darkness. Sometimes the eyes glow red while using this ability. It is utilized by genetically engineered individuals.


This ability came into being through genetic engineering. In late 2012, Vincent's DNA started to evolve, which caused him to blackout on several occasions, and ultimately allowed this new manimal ability to break through. According to J.T, Vincent had been developing this power for a while. He deduced that Vincent's blackout were growing pains, a consequence of evolving so fast.[1]


"Night Vision...freaking night vision...that is so cool."
J.T to Vincent. [src]

Vincent was able to see Conner clearly in a dark basement after a couple of Conner's bullets accidentally hit and blew the main fuse box.[2] A few days later he used it to see three Muirfield agents clearly in the dark.[3]