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Operation Fake Date
Season 2, Episode 21
Beauty and the Beast - Episode 2.21 - Operation Fake Date - Promotional Photo
Air date June 30, 2014
Written by Sherri Cooper & Jennifer Levin
Directed by Fred Gerber
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Déjà Vu

Operation Fake Date is the 21st episode of the Second Season, and the 43rd episode overall.


GABE ATTEMPTS TO WIN BACK CAT — Desperate to start over with Cat (Kristin Kreuk), Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) tries to woo her by taking her on a romantic date. However, she has plans of her own regarding how to save Vincent (Jay Ryan) – while also trying to plan Heather’s (guest star Nicole Gale Anderson) bachelorette party. Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star.



Catherine and Vincent stroll in the park donning wigs, a fake moustache and a baby doll. They meet with Agent Knox. As an excuse for blowing their suburbia cover, Vincent and Cat give Knox a semi-rehearsed speech about their value as a crime-solving duo. Knox is not impressed but he got the murder charges dropped. But there is a catch: Vincent has to turn himself in. 

At Lizzy D’s Closet, Tess and JT shop for Heather’s bachelorette party. Tess fills in for Catherine as party planner. They “run into” Beth. The reporter pretends it is a coincidence. An “undisclosed source” told Beth that Vincent was part of a secret military experiment. Beth believes the story because she saw Zach Hayes beast out. Tess and JT deny it and leave.

At Backpackers NYC Hostel, Vincent – still wearing his fake moustache - freaks out when he learns about Beth and Gabe. Catherine believes Gabe is still trying to protect her in his own twisted way. She decides to meet Gabe alone because Vincent is too angry. Cat plans to make Gabe believe she has seen “the light” and convinced Vincent to turn himself in. Of course, Vincent can’t go to jail if Beth publishes a story about beasts.

Catherine arrives at Gabe’s apartment. Gabe falls for Cat’s story but raises the stakes. Gabe tells Cat he will talk to Beth if she goes out with him. Cat accepts.

Back at the hostel, Catherine tells Vincent and JT about the plan to stall Gabe. Vincent needs to stay home (on his last day of freedom) and practice his “surrender speech”. At her apartment, Catherine tells Tess and Heather about her twisted date. They are shocked but Heather agrees to help Vincent with his speech. 

Heather does her best to help Vincent deliver a speech with “punch”, but he is worried about Catherine. He wants to go track her. JT thinks it is a bad idea. Vincent picks up his backpack and gets ready to go. JT stops him at tranq gun point. Heather panics when she sees the gun. Tess says, “It’s just a tranq.”  So Vincent stays home. 

Gabe and Catherine go to a cake decorating place. Cat uses the time to make a cake for Heather’s party. Gabe reminds Cat that he killed his own mom. Gabe’s point is that as a baby beast he lost control and killed someone he loved. Gabe doesn’t doubt Vincent loves Cat, but he is a beast and will eventually hurt her. Gabe apologizes for his “questionable” actions, but he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. 

After the decorating, Gabe takes Catherine home. She feels guilty about the situation. He kisses her. Cat goes inside and finds Vincent, JT, Tess and Heather waiting for her. Instead of giving Vincent and Catherine some alone time, they demand all the gory details of Cat’s night out with Gabe. As this happens, Gabe realizes he took the wrong cake. He goes back to Cat’s to exchange it. He walks by her door just as Cat says it took everything she had not to gag when he kissed her and that the “fake date” was worth it if it meant Vincent was safe.

The next day, Vincent delivers his press conference. It goes smoothly until Beth asks for a comment on Vincent’s “altered DNA”. At the same time, Heather calls Catherine and she mentions Cat’s “blue cake” was destroyed. Cat realizes Gabe must have realized their date was fake when he came to exchange their cakes, so he didn’t call off Beth. Vincent looks at Beth like she’s crazy. Beth implies his super-soldier DNA is why the FBI is involved. Knox, who is clueless about this, he says, “this is not a comic book plot” and escorts Vincent off the stage.

After the conference, Agent Knox laughs about Beth’s crazy questions. Vincent decides to tell him it is true. He hoped that by coming clean Knox could keep him out of jail. But Henry is not a miracle worker, the best he can do is put Vincent in solitary.

Beth is annoyed that the press conference made her look crazy. Gabe promises proof: Sam’s beast serum.

At the party, Catherine and Tess try to convince Beth that Gabe is just a jealous ex who concocted the most convoluted story to get rid of his competition. Beth puts it all together: Cat’s beast rescue, Zach, and Gabe. Tess tells Beth that Gabe is so psychotic, he kidnapped Heather. Unfortunately, Heather refuses to corroborate the story.

In prison, Vincent gets a visit from Agents Thomas and Barnett who want to run some tests. Vincent goes with them. 

Agent Knox calls Catherine to inform her Vincent escaped from his cell. Cat runs out and leaves Tess to deal with Heather and Beth.

Agents Thomas and Barnett and a scientist put Vincent on a treadmill. Vincent pretends to be regular and refuses to run faster until he sees Agent Knox. The scientist is disappointed. Vincent hears Catherine’s voice. He bolts outside and finds a surveillance room. Turns out they have a video feed from Gabe’s apartment. Cat just arrived and is demanding to know where Vincent is. Vincent realizes they tricked him, and beasts out. Agents Thomas and Barnett and the scientist are impressed. The wristband tranqs Vincent when he beasts out.

Back at Gabe’s, Catherine wants Vincent back in jail. Gabe says he doesn’t know where Vincent is. Gabe reminds her that being with Vincent is a mistake, that she will never find happiness with him. Gabe grabs Rebecca Reynolds’ journal. He argues that Rebecca Reynolds had to kill her beast and he is preventing Cat from having to do the same. Gabe lets it slip that Cat is there looking for where Vincent is. Gabe even goes as far to say he is Cat’s “safe haven”. Cat realizes she is crazy and tries to leave. He grabs her and says they belong together. She pushes him back and yells that they do not. Gabe says that Cat should be grateful for his protection. He goes to grab her, and Cat kicks his butt. She knocks him to the ground and he falls into the sunken living room. Cat realizes what she’s done.

At the mysterious testing facility, the scientist tells Vincent they are a “legit department” and they are the “good guys”. The scientist revels they are after Gabe. Vincent is happy to “take care” of him… and then return (since they are tracking him anyway). 

Vincent arrives to Gabe’s apartment ready to kill him but realizes Catherine beat him to it. His first instinct is to just let him die, but then he realizes Cat could go down for manslaughter if he doesn’t. JT arrives since Cat “needed a doctor”. Vincent resuscitates Gabe. Cat is relieved that she didn’t kill him and cries. Vincent hugs her. JT comments on the irony of the situation. 

Back at Catherine’s apartment, Heather is alone with Tess and Beth. Heather comes to terms with her kidnapping. She says the party was a way of pretending she was okay and not living in fear. Beth confesses she was also traumatized after seeing Zach.

Meanwhile, Catherine feels bad for ‘beasting out’ on Gabe. Cat tells Vincent that she is usually the one in control, with her human DNA. Vincent says maybe she attacked Gabe because she’s angry, which she is entitled to be. Vincent says that she doesn’t always have to take care of everyone and it was “nice to clean up” her mess for once. He says that if Cat hadn’t beasted out, then Vincent would have killed him and would be in even worse trouble.   

Inside, JT watches over Gabe, who is in Lizzy D fuzzy handcuffs. Cat tells Gabe that he lost. And it makes her really sad.

Knox calls Vincent to tell him that he has been mysteriously exonerated. Vincent takes Knox to the mystery testing facility, only to find it completely empty. Vincent concludes they left because all they wanted was his blood. 

Back at Gabe’s JT tries to prove he is edgy and shows Tess all the goodies he got from Lizzy D’s closet for them. He discovers that Tess isn’t as edgy as she lead on. They kiss and decide to wait until they are out of Gabe’s apartment. JT and Tess go check up on him, only to find he re-beastified himself. Gabe smashes his balcony and jumps out of the building, leaving a floored JT and Tess behind.

Vincent and Catherine go back to the motel. Cat is nervous about Rebecca’s journal. Vincent doesn’t want to worry about a 19th century beast-owner. He has better rainy-day activities in mind…

Elsewhere, Beth meets with Gabe. She proclaims that she is done with the story. Gabe is there to “prove beasts exist”. Beth asks “How?” Gabe rips out her heart… literally. 


Cat: Is it just my imagination or are more people looking at me now that I'm blonde? And doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose?
Vincent: No, what defeats the purpose is this stupid, itchy mustache, which makes me look like a serial killer. 

Vincent: Clearly, the whole blonde thing is really getting to her

Knox: We are involved because this is a Federal Case, not a plot in a comic book. 

Fireman Franz: Hey… you the lady on fire.
Cat: Yes?
Fireman Franz: Should I chase her?
Tess: No, it's a different type of fire.

Resident Geek: I just make the gadgets

JT: Now we are hugging because he is alive

Tess: Your old BFF is writing a news story about your super-charged DNA.
JT: She stalked us to Lizzy D's Closet. 
Vincent: Who's Lizzy D? 
JT: It's an adult store. We were shopping. 
Tess: We were buying Heather's party favors. 
Vincent: Can we please get back to the part about someone is writing a story about my super-charged DNA? 


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