Beauty and the Beast Wiki

Peter Braxton (portrayed by Marc Singer) is an ex-NSA agent and the former CEO of Graydal.

Braxton knew about Muirfield from his NSA days. Braxton asked Ecklund to get Muirfield and Garrus improved the formula. (Meet the New Beast)

When Vincent arrives at Graydal with an unconscious Kane, Braxton asks Vincent why he is there. Vincent explains that he knows that Hill hired Graydal to go after him. Vincent says that he can work for Graydal if Braxton provides him some safe-haven from the feds. (Point of No Return)

Agent Dylan goes to Graydal with a search warrant, looking for Vincent. Braxton assures Dylan that Graydal does not hire criminals. After DHS leaves, Braxton opens a locked door to a hidden room where Vincent is chained up. Braxton wants to “see what kind of beast you really are.” While torturing Vincent, Braxton insists Graydal was hired to see what made the beast tick. Braxton lets Vincent go, but Graydal needs him to pass a few tests. The first one is to steal evidence from the 125th police precinct. If he doesn’t, Braxton will turn the video of Vincent beasting out over to the police. (Means to an End)

When Mr. and Mrs. King attempt to infiltrate Graydal, Braxton sees through the ruse and captures them. Catherine arrives and draws her gun on Braxton and demands he releases JT and Heather. Vincent arrives way ahead of DHS. Braxton confesses to all his crimes and he put the bounty out on Vincent. He needed the beast to come out because there’s an even more dangerous beast out there. Cat shoots the security panel and locks Braxton in a cell. Cat, Vincent, JT, and Heather leave before DHS arrives and arrests Braxton. Braxton faked his death in police custody and made it look like another beast did it. (Means to an End)

Vincent discovers that Braxton is framing him. Braxton needed someone to frame after government agencies discovered Muirfield's resurrection. After returning home, Vincent and Cat surveil the apartment Braxton set up to appear to be Vincent’s lair. They find Braxton is in the building. Heather tries to follow and when Braxton spots her, he shoots her at point blank range. Heather survives, but Braxton gets away. (No Way Out)

A Saudi Prince hired Braxton to make him super-bodyguards. Braxton builds a bomb with magnets, which he hides under a manhole cover. Braxton plans to attack the Prince when he is in transit with this diplomatic caravan. Tess and JT track down Braxton to a getaway jet. Tess hands JT her shotgun and they shoot Braxton dead. (Au Revoir)