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Phillippe Bertrand
Phillippe Bertrand ("Proceed with Caution")

Phillippe Bertrand is a incarcerated rapist, a ballet instructor, and the owner of the Bertrand Ballet Company.


Phillippe sleeps with Victoria Hansen in 2011 and gets her pregnant, which forces her to move away until she gives birth to hid her pregnancy. She gives birth to their son, Joshua, before fall 2012. On the 13 or 14 of October, Phillippe assaults Jemma Parker and then kills her two days by throwing her off the roof of the dance studio. Phillippe tries to cover up his crimes by acting devastated and by pretending to cooperate with the investigation, however, he was only able to elude Tess and Catherine for a couple of days due to them finding Jemma's bloody hairpin in a dumpster, outside his apartment, with his and Jemma's dna still on it.