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Raymond Ascalvo (nicknamed Pammy-Sue by his friends) was a Beast. He was also a member of the United States Army. He served alongside Vincent, in Afghanistan. Raymond is currently presumed dead.


Serving In Afghanistan[]

At some point in 2002, Raymond was subjected to a medical experiment while stationed in Afghanistan. The experiment gave him manimal abilities and turned him into a super-soldier. However, Raymond and the other members within his unit were terminated with extreme prejudice when the government discovered that they could not be controlled.

Manimal abilities[]

Human-Animal Physiology: Raymond had enhanced physical capabilities as a result of this physiology. He was capable of the following:

  • Superhuman Strength - The ability to exert a level of physical strength much greater than that of a normal person.


  • Superhuman Durability - Raymond could withstand high amounts of pain when injured.
  • Transformation - The ability to transforms into a beast like form when attacked and provoked.
    • Savage Form - In his savage form his eyes glowed yellow, black veiny markings would appear on his face, his teeth would grew long/shaper, his nails would become claws and his voice would grew deeper mirroring his angry and primitive persona.
  • Aggression - When angered or in distress Raymond became more savage and aggressive, and presumably even more so in her savage form.


  • Raymond's death was covered up just like all the others. Also, like all the others, he is listed as killed in action.