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Recipe For Disaster
Season 2, Episode 12
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Air date February 3, 2014
Written by Brad Kern & Wendy Straker Hauser
Directed by Allan Kroeker
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Held Hostage
Till Death

Recipe For Disaster is the 12th episode of the Second Season, and the 34th episode overall.


WHEN J.T. GETS KIDNAPPED, IT ENDS IN DISASTER — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) must work together to save J.T. (Austin Basis) when he gets kidnapped, while Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) attempts to intervene, with fatal consequences. Meanwhile, a stranger (guest star Tom Everett Scott) from FBI Agent Dana Landon's (guest star Elisabeth Rohm) past is rescued along with J.T., and might have some insight about Vincent’s beastly past. Sendhil Ramamurthy and Nina Lisandrello also star. Allan Kroeker directed the episode written by Brad Kern and Wendy Straker Hauser.



Catherine finds herself by taking a cooking class. Tess says men sense when women are single for too long and are impatient. Cat is sad that Gabe is leaving, but maintains she is not ready for a relationship. Tess says Cat has had enough self-discovery to last a lifetime and that she should find someone to “curl her toes”.

Vincent is excited to call Catherine. They discuss the potential threat of Dana learning about beasts. Cat suggests they solve Dana’s husband’s murder.  To find the killer they need to find the gem. Vincent uses Rebecca’s journal as a treasure map. Vincent tells Cat that once they are done with this beast business, she can go back to her old life.

Vincent hangs up. Tori exits the bedroom in a robe. She is upset because he has called Catherine a lot. Tori asks if Vincent hopes to get back together with Catherine. He angrily says he just wants to find the gem. Nearby, Dana is inside her car listening to the entire conversation with a parabolic mic.

At the Gentlemen's Club, they celebrate JT’s $500,000 research grant. Tess points out that JT deserves it after everything he sacrificed for Vincent. Catherine asks what she got for her sacrifice. Tess replies “curled toes.” Gabe, Vincent and Cat discuss Agent Landon and the gem. Cat fills Tori in on Vincent’s discovery. At that awkward point, JT joins the group and hugs everyone. When he gets to Tori, they try to hug each other, but is awkward. Tori is so embarrassed she walks out of the party.  Vincent comes after her. She complains about the way they were treating her. She doesn’t feel accepted; moreover, she doesn’t feel she is a priority for Vincent. He is with her but his head and heart are somewhere else. She points out that she can sense how he reacts when Catherine is around and again… She also tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him because he is all she has. Vincent tells her that he needs a break to think things through; which is code for sort things out with Catherine first.

Vincent returns to the party as JT leaves to visit his new lab. Catherine, Tess and Gabe also get ready to go find the dungeon in Washington Heights. Cat stays behind to talk to Vincent. He feels bad, because the gem drama prevents everyone from moving on with their lives. Cat gives him some friendly advice. Vincent is not pleased at all with the idea that they are friends; however, Cat points out that it is better than enemies. She tells him that loving him is not easy, because he tends to shut people out and she urges him to talk to Tori. Cat’s honest intention was to help Vincent and even if she was talking about Tori, the audience could tell Vincent was clearly thinking about him and Cat.

JT meets with Tony Barnes, a member of the Brady Wright Foundation. Tony and the chauffeur escort JT to the dark lab. Once inside, a man in a cage yells to JT “Run, get out while you can.” Tony and the chauffeur grab JT and inject him with something that makes him faint.

JT regains consciousness to find himself chained to the dungeon floor. He learns that the man has been in the cage for five years. Barnes comes downstairs and explains that there is no grant for JT, he is there to recreate the Muirfield beast serum and Tony was behind the heists to steal the gem. In addition, he knows JT has a beast. JT refuses to become an evil scientist at first, but Barnes threatens to kill the man in the cage.

Tori finds Dana on the houseboat. Vincent arrives and he is not happy that Tori tied up an FBI agent in his houseboat. Tori and Vincent yell while he tries to untie Dana. They touch and Tori beasts out for just a second, which Dana sees.

At the precinct, Gabe sets up a Manhattan map with pins that could be possible dungeon locations. Catherine can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with destiny or fate. Gabe tells Cat he wants to honor her decision. Cat says she is still trying to figure out what she wants. Tess informs them that JT was abducted. 

At the Gentlemen’s Club, Vincent pours a drink for Dana while he comes clean about being a beast. He convinces her that their interests are aligned. Dana is willing to keep his secret when she realizes that whoever is after Vincent might also be responsible for her husband’s death. Catherine and Gabe arrive to discover Dana is now part of the team.

Someone sent a cryptic mass-email to JT’s contacts. Only the ones familiar with beats can decode the non-disclosed message. They have JT and want the beast in exchange. Vincent doesn’t think twice about it and gets ready to sense JT’s sweater as the kidnapper suggested. Catherine wants to come up with a plan first. But Vincent takes off. Tori calls him to apologize. Vincent ends the call, but not before telling her about JT’s kidnapping.

Tori finds JT in the dungeon. She breaks his chain. They are about to run when Tony tranqs her and puts the necklace around her neck. Tony drains all Tori’s blood to create a better mousetrap. JT synthesizes and bottles a beast serum before anyone can rescue him. Vincent bursts through the door. He hugs JT and decides to save the random dude in the cage. Vincent stays behind to go look for Tori while JT and the man run for their lives.

Vincent finds Tori, dying. He apologizes for not protecting her. She tells Vincent that he belongs with Catherine. Tony locks Vincent inside the Beast-cage. He tells Vincent he got everything he needed from Tori so he will just kill him. Tony doesn’t get to rant long because Catherine kills him first. Vincent turns around, only to realize that Tori is dead.

Later, Vincent feels it is his fault, people around him get hurt and he failed to protect Tori. He just wanted to protect her because they were both unwilling victims. Furthermore, he killed her father… so Vincent felt responsible for her. Vincent admits that he made the wrong choice when he sought revenge against Reynolds. He tells Catherine he wouldn’t know what to do if he ever lost her. Cat is touched, but reminds him that she is still involved by choice, it is her story too. And then Gabe arrives. Vincent leaves, Gabe asks Catherine if she wants to be alone. Cat answers that she’d rather be with him.

At the precinct, Tess apologizes for not telling Dana about the beasts, but mentions that they may be able to find her husband’s killer. Dana says she is in no rush to move on; solving his murder is all the life she knows now. At that point a cop comes in to share some information: The man we knew as Tony Barnes is con artist Frank Darnell. Dana wants to talk to the other man, so she runs downstairs to find him. When she does, she realizes that he is her presumed-dead husband.

Meanwhile JT visits Vincent with a bottle of scotch. He thanks Vincent for saving his life. Vincent points out that his life was in danger because of him. They get into a whose fault is it contest. JT plays the “I volunteered you to become a beast” card. Vincent doesn’t say anything; he just looks at JT and silently lets him know that it is okay. They toast to Tori.


Vincent: Tori, I'm so sorry. I should've protected you, I should've known.
Tori: No, I should've known. You belong with Catherine.

Catherine: I just hope that my canapés don't make J.T.'s party into —
Tess: An orgy?
Catherine: I was going to say disaster. You need to eat something – not oysters.


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Guest Cast[]

  • Colm Feore as Frank Darnell
  • Yvan Pedeault as Chef Raymond
  • Marco Grazzini as Detective Billings
  • Rob Archer as Chauffeur




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