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Season 2, Episode 14
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Air date February 17, 2014
Written by John A. Norris
Directed by Grant Harvey
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Till Death
Catch Me if You Can

Redemption is the 14th episode of the Second Season, and the 36th episode overall.


VINCENT SEES WHAT HIS LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN — When some of Gabe’s acquaintances go missing, Cat and Vincent must come together to save them. Vincent ends up returning to the hospital where he was an intern, allowing him to see what his life could have been.



Vincent works out on his rowing machine. Catherine enters the houseboat and tells Vincent she is there to talk about their relationship. They go into the usual “is there still an ‘us’” debate. Vincent approaches Cat and leans down to kiss her. Then Vincent wakes up from his dream.

At Il Cantuccio, Catherine confesses to Tess that she got her beasts mixed up and called Gabe Vincent. Cat has come to the conclusion that she needs to stay away from Vincent in order to move on. Later, Cat and Tess sit at Gabe’s empty fake funeral. Vincent and JT arrive and sit next to Cat and Tess. Cat tries to remember to fake mourn and not focus on Vincent’s proximity. Sam talks to Cat and tries to find out what she knows about Tony Barnes. Sam leaves and Tess follows him.

JT thinks Vincent is an idiot for giving up on Catherine. Vincent realizes he needs to atone for his beastly sins. Vincent decides to go beast cold turkey in an effort to prove he can be a good human.

Catherine goes to Gabe’s apartment and tries to find a nice way to tell him no one showed up at his funeral. She says that there were a lot of flowers, but turns out Gabe sent himself the flowers. With all his free time, Gabe is investigating Tony Barnes. He discovered Tony disappeared around the time Sam was abducted and has been the invisible millionaire ever since.

Tess followed Sam to St. Benjamin’s Hospital where he visited a mystery patient. Catherine wants to go to the hospital to investigate. Gabe convinces Cat to take Vincent for her safety. As they enter the hospital where Vincent was a resident, they encounter some negligent paramedics who abandon a critical patient. Vincent, concerned, sends the kid to the OR. Cat smiles and tells Vincent it is good to see the old him.

Vincent waits in the lobby while Catherine investigates. Cat returns and tells him that Sam was at the hospital to see a patient, Jacob Sutter, who is dying from a mysterious disease. She also found out that another Jacob Sutter died at another hospital earlier that week. Vincent concludes Sam and/or Tony are injecting the Jacobs with JT’s serum. 

Then Vincent runs into his former mentor, Dr. Markus. Vincent introduces Catherine to Dr. Markus, who assumes she is his girlfriend. Dr. Markus mentions Vincent was a great doctor. He excuses himself to go see his patients and Vincent has an emotional moment of nostalgia.

Gabe calls and revels that Jacob Sutter was a fellow orphan. Sam is trying to find that Jacob Sutter, since the Muirfield orphans are beast-inclined. Meanwhile, Sam finds a right Jacob Sutter at a construction site.

Catherine visits Reynolds in prison. Cat asks about the Beast selection process. Bob didn’t have many details to offer, but knows some people are genetically predisposed to become beasts. The ones that aren’t could die when injected with the serum. Reynolds wants Cat to drop everything beasts before they destroy her like it has for generations in their family.

Catherine and Tess look for Sam inside an abandoned building. Jacob (who is now a beast) attacks them. Jacob jumps out of the window and tries to run away, but Sam waits for him with a tranq gun.

Back at the gentlemen’s club, Vincent urges JT to find an antidote for dying-Jacob. JT thinks it might be possible because he never turned into a beast. Catherine walks in. Vincent explains that he is busy trying to save dying-Jacob, so he can’t go track beast-Jacob. Cat points out that Dying-Jacob has people taking care of him; however, Vincent is the only one who can stop Beast-Jacob. Vincent breaks his beast-cleanse and goes after Jacob. Cat stays behind and JT tells her, “It’s hard to be Dr. Jekyll when everyone keeps wanting Mr. Hyde”. That line snaps Cat out of her tunnel vision and lets her take into account all the implications of asking Vincent to be a beast. 

Sam locks Jacob inside the dungeon. Jacob can’t remember what happened during his beast-episode because Sam incorporated fugue-states in the new serum. Sam informs Jacob that he attacked Catherine whose boyfriend [Vincent] will come after him for revenge. Vincent arrives and finds Jacob sitting in a corner in the cage. Vincent decides to reason with Jacob. Jacob attacks Vincent and he is forced to transform. They fight while Sam watches the showdown.

Vincent goes back to the gentlemen’s club. JT tries to convince him that he may have lost the fight but he can still win the battle. Vincent doesn’t want to kill Jacob. JT concocted an antidote for non-beast-Jacob. Vincent goes to the hospital, steals some scrubs and sneaks into Jacob’s room, but Dr. Markus catches him. Vincent convinces the doctor to allow him to inject Jacob with the unidentified milky substance.

Back at the gentlemen’s club JT tells Catherine that Vincent chose to save dying-Jacob over killing Beast-Jacob. This confuses Cat, so JT explains that Vincent is trying to walk away from beasts to win her back, even though she is with Gabe.

Gabe realizes that Tony Barnes is Sam Landon. Gabe believes Sam killed the real Tony Barnes and took his identity. Gabe concludes that Beast-Jacob must be stopped and volunteers to go reason with Jacob. Catherine calls Sam and tells him Dana is alive. Sam tells Cat that he is on a mission to beastify the world because he wants revenge from the people who hurt his son. Sam finds Gabe and tranqs him.

Back at the hospital, Vincent saves dying-Jacob and Dr. Markus backs Vincent up that the recovery is a medical miracle. Dr. Markus tells Vincent he can consider himself on the road to redemption. After Dr. Markus leaves, Catherine arrives and asks Vincent to save Gabe. 

Back at Sam’s loft, he tries to inject Gabe with beast serum, but is interrupted by Vincent and Cat’s arrival. The beasts fight while Catherine goes after Sam, who knows how to fight as a beast. Gabe calls for Cat. She comes back and kills Jacob. Later she tells Vincent she feels conflicted about how easy it was for her to kill Jacob. She only thought of him as a beast, not a person. On the other hand, Vincent tells her he was unable to beast-attack Jacob because he couldn’t stop seeing Jacob the person.

Catherine tells Gabe she feels bad for killing Jacob but also for getting in the way of Vincent’s redemption. Gabe’s says beasts will be beasts and one less beast won’t kill us. Gabe literally tells Catherine that Vincent has to go. Cat goes to see Vincent and tells him they need to stop seeing each other. Vincent objects and believes they should be together, and then tries to kiss her but Cat pushes him away. He falls down, hits his head and dies. 

Cat screams and wakes up in Gabe’s bed.


Vincent: I can't keep juggling this line between beast and man. It's just – it's too confusing. Come on, I got to choose one or the other, especially if I ever hope to get Catherine back.

J.T.: It's hard to be Dr. Jekyll when everybody keeps wanting Mr. Hyde.

Vincent: Jacob isn't just beast, okay? He's human too, you know.
J.T.: That sounds more like Cat talking than you.
Vincent: Well, that is a good thing, because it means I'm on the right track, right? The more human I feel, the more human I am. The less beast, the better.


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