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This page lists the minor characters who have made brief guest roles or appearances in Season Four on Beauty and the Beast. To avoid repeats, each character is listed under the episode he or she first appeared in.

Monsieur et Madame Bete[]

  1. Kyle Johnson - Heather's boyfriend who is an EMT
  2. Beast Hunter - bounty hunter who killed a blogger, Duncan, to get to Vincent
  3. Jennifer - A student in JT's class
  4. Roger - A student in JT's class
  5. Driver - French man who is trapped in a car whom Vincent saves
  6. French Lieutenant - he arrives at the scene of the accident along with paramedics after Vincent saves the Driver and his wife

Beast Interrupted[]

  1. Bootsy Durbrige - A socialite who uses her privilege to hide witnesses
  2. Dominic - Killer who is after the witnesses
  3. Melody Durbridge - Bootsy's sister

Down For The Count[]

  1. Eckhart Richter – German mercenary/bounty hunter who was a member of the fight club, also the murder victim
  2. Mif - member of the fight club who informs Cat and Vincent that the underground fight is only the qualifying round
  3. Scratch - Girl who Cat beat up in the qualifying fight. At Cat's suggestion, Vincent takes her to the hospital
  4. Octagon Fighter - Woman who Cat went up against the second time
  5. Pierre Medjani – gave Scratch her first big break and helped get her family out of debt. But then he “owns” her. The person behind the fight club.

Something’s Gotta Give[]

  1. Judy Toland – Albert Toland’s wife
  2. Albert Toland – whistleblower who wants to claims to want to help Cat and Vincent. In reality, working as a hitman
  3. Young Mother – woman who takes her fussy baby to Il Cantuccio. Cat insists that the baby doesn’t bother her.
  4. Dorothy – Deputy Secretary’s receptionist
  5. Mrs. Hill - Deputy Secretary Hill's wife
  6. Jamal - kid blogger who beats up JT
  7. Sammy - kid blogger who beats up JT
  8. Ms. Frederickson – school admin
  9. Riley – One of Judy and Albert’s sons
  10. Chasen – One of Judy and Albert’s sons
  11. Asim Heidari - An ER doctor
  12. Assassin – Holds the Deputy Secretary and his family hostage while he tortures Hill for information about beasts
  13. Kidnapper – takes Albert to the junkyard

It's a Wonderful Beast[]

  1. Ahmad - Muirfield agent
  2. Jack - Muirfield agent

Beast of Times, Worst of Times[]

  1. Grace Rose - Reporter
  2. Fuller - Army colonel who was a suspect behind the beast hits. Was also Vincent's commanding officer back when he was in the military.
  3. Thran - An internal investigation agent
  4. Murphy - An internal investigation agent
  5. Paretti - a doctor who interviews JT for a job at Tauerushi
  6. Thompson - a captain

Point of No Return[]

  1. Kane - Graydal member who was after beasts
  2. Morgan - a domestic terrorism DHS agent
  3. Kerry Duffy - a domestic terrorism DHS agent
  4. Peter Braxton - Head of Graydal

Love is a Battlefield[]

  1. Dianne Vaugh – Upper-level Graydal member who goes undercover as Vincent’s wife
  2. Dawes – Upper-level Graydal member who gives Vincent his “mission”
  3. Olivia Dylan - a special agent who investigates Vincent
  4. Franklin Lewis – Dianne and Vincent’s mark
  5. Nathanson – member of Graydal
  6. Sylvia Lewis – Franklin’s wife and Dianne and Vincent’s mark

The Getaway[]

  1. Alex Ellis - Tess' attorney friend who she goes to for advice
  2. Bartender - Serves Tess and Alex drinks
  3. Lt. Maron - a state trooper

Means to an End[]

  1. Frank - Evidence room officer at the 125th Precinct
  2. Erik Lee - Criminal who hired Vincent through Graydal to get his favorite gun back from the 125th
  3. Agent Simkins - member of Homeland Security who investigates with Dylan

Meet the New Beast[]

  1. Albert Garrus - a doctor who tried to develop a beast for Braxton
  2. Lars Ecklund - Muirfield agent

No Way Out[]

  1. Interrogator - man who interrogates Vincent at the black site
  2. Guard #1 - the guard of the prison
  3. Guard #2 - the guard of the black site
  4. Nurse - works at the hospital

Au Revior[]

  1. Sheikh Abu - a crown prince
  2. Karim - works for the Prince
  3. Butcher - works in Brooklyn
  4. Male Agent - works for DHS
  5. Jamie - Cat's lawyer
  6. Limo Driver - works for the prince
  7. Frank Buck - Senior Vice President of Tanirushi Biotech who hires JT
  8. Mimi - Cat's friend
  9. Francois - Cat's friend