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Beauty and the Beast

Science Fiction

Developed by

Sherri Cooper
Jennifer Levin


Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler
Jay Ryan as Vincent Keller
Nina Lisandrello as Tess Vargas
Austin Basis as J.T. Forbes
Nicole Anderson as Heather Chandler

Country of origin

United States




Til Death Do They Part





Previous Season

Season Two

Next Season

Season Four


Toronto, Canada

Running time


Production company(s)

CBS Television Series

Original channel


Picture format

1080i (HDTV)

Original run

June 11, 2015 – September 10, 2015

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The third season of Beauty and the Beast is set to air in 2015. It is set to have thirteen episodes, unlike it two predecessors.

Season Summary[]

As season three begins, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) are able to focus on their love, finally free from Muirfield, manhunts and beasts. However, that love will be tested as new and more dangerous threats await. When they learn that innocent victims are being used to test the boundaries of the impossible, Cat and Vincent will uncover a deeper conspiracy, one which Vincent can fight only by turning to the beast he carries within. But unleashing the beast will risk Vincent’s life – along with his and Cat's love – as they struggle to build a normal life together.

Season Info[]

The third season of Beauty & the Beast, an American television series developed by Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin and very loosely inspired by the 1987 CBS television series of the same name, will commence airing in the United States on May 21, 2015, and consist of 13 episodes.


Following the events of the season two finale, Vincent and Catherine can finally expose their relationship to the world. Vincent and Catherine will be living as a couple, but the challenge this season will be whether they can keep outside forces from tearing them apart. Season three will have a stronger focus on family, with Heather Chandler being a more prominent character and the viewers being introduced to two of Catherine's aunts. The show's costume designer Catherine Ashton announced via Twitter that the third season will reportedly end with some closure and a big cliffhanger.




Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

For list of characters, go to Season Three Minor Characters.

  • Neil Girvan as Agent Barnett
  • Maxime Savaria as Tyler Zane
  • Charlotte Arnold as Marissa Zane
  • James Martinez as Jamie Vargas
  • Saul Rubinek as Dr. Glenroy
  • Stephen McHattie as Marshall Zalman
  • Emily Swallow as Belinda Zalman
  • Brandon Gill as Wesley Atchison
  • Khaira Ledeyo as Vanessa Chandler
  • Lochlyn Munro as Hank Keller
  • Josh Marentette as Lou Keller
  • Altair Vincent as Damon Keller
  • Jean Yoon as Aunt Lily
  • Mung-Ling Tsui as Aunt Claire
  • Kyle Harris as Russell Keaton
  • Ted Dykstra as Inspector Hargrove
  • Alfredo Narciso as Director Hernandez

Episode List[]

No. Image Title U.S. Viewers (million) Original U.S. Airdate
01 BB301B 0393r Beast of Wall Street 0.88 June 11, 2015
VINCENT HAS WEDDING BELLS IN MIND — With the happy couple seeming to be enjoying an ordinary life, Vincent (Jay Ryan) thinks the timing might finally be right to pop the question until Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbles on an extraordinary case with the FBI involving somebody who goes on a superhuman rampage. Though reluctant to engage with the case for fear of losing the normality he has found, Vincent finds himself with no other options when Cat is injured after discovering that someone is drugging innocent victims and transforming them into super-humans. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) accuses JT (Austin Basis) of stalling his recovery as he tries to understand how he’s still alive.
02 BB302b 0266r Primal Fear 0.81 June 18, 2015
CAT AND VINCENT TAKE THE NEXT STEP — Vincent (Jay Ryan) moves in with Cat (Kristin Kreuk) which forces them both to address the rapid changes in their relationship while they investigate a shocking new lead in their hunt to track down who is behind the super-human experiments. JT (Austin Basis) tries to impress Tess’ (Nina Lisandrello) brothers and discovers that there may be some side effects to the medicine he received from Agent Thomas (guest star Arnold Pinnock). Meanwhile, Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) returns to town with a surprise announcement.
03 BB303b 0185b Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat 0.86 June 25, 2015
VINCENT AND CAT MEET THE IDEAL COUPLE — When two married agents (Alan Van Sprang and Natasha Henstridge) from the FBI take over an investigation, Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) hope they are seeing a future version of themselves but fear their work schedules are jeopardizing their relationship. When the two couples bond and team up on the case, a mysterious coincidence surfaces that raises suspicions. JT (Austin Basis) investigates whether he has super powers of his own while Tess (Nina Lisandrello) considers a career move. Meanwhile, Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) offers up an interesting option to make her big sister’s life a little easier.
04 BB304b 0367b Heart of the Matter 0.88 July 2, 2015
CAT AND VINCENT WORK TO REKINDLE THEIR ROMANTIC SPARK — Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) take their relationship to a couples counselor (Saul Rubinek) when Cat gives into her work and suspects a wealthy transplant recipient of being involved with the mysterious experiments on innocent people in the city.
05 BB305b 0019b The Most Dangerous Beast 0.86 July 9, 2015
THE RETURN OF BOB AND CAROL — When Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is assigned to a new partner by Tess (Nina Lisandrello), she begins to suspect that Bob (guest star Alan Van Sprang) and Carol (guest star Natasha Henstridge) have re-surfaced to separate her from Vincent (Jay Ryan) and hunt them both down. Meanwhile, a transformed JT (Austin Basis) discovers that his newfound healing ability comes at a terrible cost.
06 BB306a 0099b Chasing Ghosts 1.00 July 16, 2015
BRIDAL SHOWERS, BACHELOR PARTIES AND BEASTS — JT (Austin Basis) throws Vincent (Jay Ryan) a surprise bachelor party. Unfortunately, it is interrupted by a mysterious sniper with his sights set on putting a stop to Vincent and Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) interference with the super human experiments. Cat’s family comes to town for a bridal shower arranged by Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) but Cat is distracted by having to visit her imprisoned father (guest star Ted Whittall) to ask for his help.
07 BB307a 0083b Both Sides Now 0.95 July 23, 2015
CAT AND VINCENT STRIKE BACK — When an unstoppable assassin hunts down Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan), they attempt to lure him out of town and away from their loved ones with the ruse that they plan to elope. Meanwhile, tired of being under police protection, JT (Austin Basis) asks Tess (Nina Lisandrello) to help him track down a lead while a distracted Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) attempts to focus at her new job.
08 BB308a 0078b Shotgun Wedding 0.98 July 30, 2015
WILL CAT AND VINCENT MAKE IT DOWN THE AISLE? – Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is excited to finally walk down the aisle with Vincent (Jay Ryan), but can’t help worry that the rash of superhuman experiments will ruin her destined moment. Vincent, JT (Austin Basis) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) are determined to do anything they can to keep Cat focused on her big day before all hell breaks loose.
09 BB309a 0230b Cat's Out of the Bag 0.79 August 6, 2015
CAT’S BELIEFS ARE PUT TO THE TEST – After a force more powerful than anything they have ever encountered ruined Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) big day, Cat becomes convinced they are in over their heads and begins to doubt their ability to stop the threat, forcing Vincent, JT (Austin Basis), Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) to band together in hopes of convincing Cat of her greater purpose.
10 BB310a 0267b Patient X 0.92 August 13, 2015
CAT AND VINCENT ARE DETERMINED TO HUNT DOWN LIAM – When Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) make it their mission to capture Liam (guest star Jason Gedrick), they find information about a Patient X that they might be able to use to help them find him. Meanwhile, JT (Austin Basis) and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) work to confirm that JT is serum free.
11 BB311a 0041b Unbreakable 0.82 August 20, 2015
LIAM RECRUITS VINCENT – In a surprising turn of events, Vincent (Jay Ryan) agrees to help Liam (guest star Jason Gedrick) on a mission to retrieve evidence that could expose them both. Meanwhile, a suspicious Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discovers something about Liam’s family history and must warn Vincent before it is too late.
12 BB312a 0174b Sins of the Fathers 0.92 August 27, 2015
BLAST FROM THE PAST – Liam’s (guest star Jason Gedrick) shocking history makes Cat (Kristin Kreuk) delve deeper into the Ellingsworth family, where she learns of their tragic past. Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat realize that they will need to use their secret weapon if they want to take Liam down. Meanwhile, JT (Austin Basis) has a theory about how to save himself but it involves none other than Liam.
13 BB313a 0020b Destined 0.76 September 10, 2015
SEASON FINALE – Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) will be forced to work together as a couple in ways they never have before if they hope to defeat their destined foe in Liam (guest star Jason Gedrick), who will do everything he can to expose Vincent as a beast in order to destroy their love.