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This page lists the minor characters who have made brief guest roles or appearances in Season Three on Beauty and the Beast. To avoid repeats, each character is listed under the episode he or she first appeared in.

Beast of Wall Street[]

  1. Tyler Zane – Superhuman experiment who had superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability.
  2. Marissa Zane – Tyler's wife.

Primal Fear[]

  1. Alton Finn – Superhuman experiment who had the power to control electricity telepathically.
  2. Jamie Vargas – Tess' brother.

Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat[]

  1. Bob Hall – Superhuman experiment who had enhanced reflexes.
  2. Carol Hall – Bob's wife who also had superhuman reflexes.

Heart of the Matter[]

  1. Marshall Zalman – Businessman and philanthropist who was dying of a heart condition, and required a heart transplant.
  2. Belinda Zalman – Marshall's wife. Belinda tried to kill her husband by stealing his heart transplant in order to inherit his money, but she was caught by Catherine and Tess.
  3. Dr. Glenroy – Couples therapist who Vincent & Catherine saw over their relationship issues.

The Most Dangerous Beast[]

  1. Detective Wesley Atchison – Rookie detective who was assigned as Catherine's new partner.

Chasing Ghosts[]

  1. Hank Keller – Vincent's cousin.
  2. Lou Keller – Hank's nephew.
  3. Damon Keller – Hank's nephew and Lou's older brother.
  4. Aunt Lily – Heather & Catherine's aunt, and Vanessa's sister. She lives in Albany, NY.
  5. Aunt Claire – Catherine & Heather's aunt, and Vanessa's sister. She lives in Albany, NY.

Both Sides Now[]

  1. Julianna Keaton – Scientist who created the superhuman experiments.

Shotgun Wedding[]

  1. Liam Cullen – Beast who was also enhanced to become superhuman.

Cat's Out of the Bag[]

  1. Special Agent Russo – Homeland Security agent.

Patient X[]

  1. Russell Keaton – Julianna's brother. He tried to enhance himself to become superhuman and help Julianna stop Liam, but he was killed by Liam before he could.


  1. Helen Ellingsworth – Descendant of Liam who believed he was her half-brother. Helen was killed by Liam so he could get ahold of the Ellingsworth family fortune.

Sins of the Fathers[]

  1. Inspector Hargrove – Internal Affairs officer who investigated Catherine after Liam filed a complaint to get her into trouble.


  1. Director Hernandez – Agent Russo's section chief who investigated Vincent. He was killed by Liam, who was trying to frame Vincent.