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Silverfox is a Muirfield Agent. He is portrayed by Peter Outerbridge.

Silverfox first appears in Pilot, where he takes the body of the person killed in the subway.

In “All In” a Muirfield agent inspects Evan’s morgue. The inspector takes the cross-species DNA to Silverfox. 

In “Basic Instinct” Silverfox and other Murifield Agents kidnap Cat at Tommy's apartment. He interrogates her in a warehouse. She feigns ignorance. Knowing Cat graduated magna cum laude from Princeton and was top of her police academy class, he doesn’t buy it. Silverfox shows Cat a picture of Simon Holmes who Vincent killed.  When she doesn’t buy Simon's innocence, Silverfox offers a trade: hand over Vincent for information about her mother’s death and her part in Operation Muirfield. He gives her his number and gives her 3 days to get back to him.

Later, Vincent calls the number Silverfox gave to Cat telling him he’s ready to come back. 

Silverfox and 3 other agents go to meet Vincent. He tells them that he’ll come in but has one condition: that they leave Cat alone. They tell him no one else in Muirfield but their section knows about her. Silverfox handcuffs Vincent and is ready to take him away but JT and Cat pull up and tell him not to do it. Cat then pulls out her gun and the agents open fire, leading to Vincent beasting out. A fight ensues between them. Vincent strangles Silverfox.