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Superhuman Durability
Source: Human-Animal Physiology
Developed: 2003
Trigger: This trait can't be activated or deactivated, it's constantly activate.
Effect: Resist physical damage naturally.
Accompany: Superhuman Strength
  • Physical Trait
  • This ability is classified as 'superhuman'.

Superhuman Durability refers to an individual's body being able to withstand trauma and injury that would otherwise weaken, wound or kill on average person; such as concussive force and energy blast. The individual is also able to endure more pain than any normal human, and continue to function.


This ability came into being through genetic engineering. Vincent told Catherine that the soldiers who unknowingly took part in project muirfield – which was a government authorized gene-splicing experiment based on injecting genetically engineered animal DNA into soldiers– became physically harder and more resistant to damage. So much so that they became notoriously hard to kill. Nevertheless, when the military realized they could not be controlled they had them all murdered except Vincent, who escaped.[1]


There are many examples of this trait being shown clearly and deliberately; listed below are a few:

Vincent Keller: The first demonstration of this trait in 2012 came about when Vincent protected Catherine from a passing train; suffering no injuries from the trauma.

  • in a warehouse, when Vincent, in a fit of rage, threw himself against a concrete wall, badly cracking and damaging it, and walked away without a scratch.[3]
  • Vincent once used his body to shield Catherine from a stun grenade without sustaining injury.[4][5]
  • He also once leapt through a hotel glass window, destroying it and it's frame without sustaining injury.[6]
  • Vincent was able to survive a bullet in the stomach at near point blank range and was able to run at superspeed almost directly afterwards.[7]
  • Gabriel Lowan: He survived being shot sixteen times in the chest with a high powered rifle.


Vincent sporting a scar on the right side of his face.

Edged weapons or projectles applied with sufficient force can pierce the person's skin. For example, needles have been used on several to penetrate Vincent's skin. A knife was also used to pierce his skin in mid-2003, leaving a scar on the right side of his face. Tess shot Vincent after he beasted out in front of her; penetrating his flesh with a bullet.


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