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Superhuman Vision
Source: Human-Animal Physiology
Developed: 2003
Trigger: Activated through an act of willpower.
Effect: See very clearly from incredible distances.
Accompany: Night Vision
  • Sensory Ability
  • This ability is classified as 'superhuman'.

Superhuman Vision is the ability to see farther and with greater accuracy and detail than humanly possible. It is utilized by genetically engineered individuals.


This ability came into being through genetic engineering. The subjects were injected with genetically-engineered animal DNA that caused their bodies to evolve and take on the creature's super vision capabilities.


Users can consciously activate and deactivate this ability. The great advantage of this sense over normal sight is that users are able to pick up things that are barely visible or even imperceptible to the naked eye this application is termed microscopic vision as well as things out of their line of sight termed  telescopic vision.


Super Soldiers[]

All the soldiers who unknowingly took part in the muirfield gene-splicing medical experiment developed superhuman sight after they were injected with a serum containing DNA from many different animals.[1] However, no super soldier was ever seen using this ability before they were killed or went rogue.

Vincent Keller[]

Vincent: "I know that woman is lying...Her pupils were dilated, she was sweating, I could hear her pulse racing."
Cat: "You could hear her pulse racing from all the way up here."
Vincent: "Yeah."
Vincent helping Catherine with her case. [src]

On the 16th of October 2012, Vincent use telescopic vision in unison with his super hearing, from a considerable distance away, to detect faint physiological changes in Victoria Hansen (he hears her pulse racing, sees her sweating and her pupils dilate) when she lies to Catherine and Tess.[2]

Several months later, while away on vacation with Alex, Vincent proves he is also able to use his vision alone, as a natural lie detector. He use microscopic vision to see sweat running down a guy's forehead as he tells Vincent a bunch of lies. Later, he use telescopic vision and Night Vision in unison to spy on three black Ops agents.[3]

Also, since the power can be used invisibly, Vincent often takes advantage of that to super spy subtly without anyone knowning.[4]A good example of this is when he spies on Catherine on Valentine's day. 

When he is framed for murder, Vincent and Catherine team up to prove his innocents. They visit a horse stable to search for evidence to clear his name. There, Vincent use his telescopic vision to see a spike from a medieval weapon called a Morning Star embedded in the shoe of a horse.[5]


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