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Till Death
Season 2, Episode 13
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Air date February 10, 2014
Written by Roger Grant
Directed by Stuart Gillard
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Recipe For Disaster

Till Death is the 13th episode of the Second Season, and the 35th episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT’S FEELINGS FOR ONE ANOTHER RESURFACE — In an effort to track down Sam’s captor, Vincent and Cat have to work together on Valentine’s Day, which forces Cat to evaluate whether she wants to be in a relationship with Gabe.[1]



At the beast dungeon, Catherine sees someone lurking in the shadows. She points her gun at the intruder, who turns out to be Gabriel. He asks Cat out on a date the following Saturday. Gabe’s invitation triggers a sudden flashback of the night he kidnapped her. Cat gets so nervous she spills her coffee and it drips somewhere below.

Catherine confronts Sam about the secret room, and he claims he doesn’t know anything. Dana wants to find the link between Tony Barnes and Frank Darnell; but she is busy planning her vow renewal ceremony. Sam invites Cat to the party on the following Saturday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day. Cat freaks out when she realizes she agreed to spend Valentine’s with Gabe. She says Gabe probably didn’t realize, which Dana denies after getting to know the ADA.

Catherine shows up at the precinct. The new boss is tearing into the "chick" team. Cat and Tess need to close more cases or get fired. Tess takes it pretty hard. Coming from a family of cops she can’t even contemplate the shame of being fired. Cat’s solution is to ask Vincent to take care of the Tony case so they can focus on the NYPD cases. She thinks it would be a good way to distract Vincent after losing Tori.

At the houseboat, JT buys Tess flowers as a secret admirer while Vincent wallows. JT gives Vincent permission to feel bad since his girlfriend just died. Vincent replies that Tori’s last words were that he belonged with Catherine. JT is shocked. Vincent says he puts Cat in danger and best thing he can do is stay away from her. Catherine arrives and updates Vincent on the Tony Barnes situation. Cat asks if he is okay. JT tries to subtly let Cat know he is over Tori. Since Cat will be busy with work, Vincent agrees to take care of Barnes. However, things get complicated when they find out Sam was just attacked.

At Dana’s apartment, Vincent tends to Sam’s wounds. Sam wants full security for their vow renewal ceremony. He suggests Catherine, Tess and Vincent could be the meaningful security team. He also wants JT there. Dana reminds Sam that Cat has Valentine’s plans. Vincent can’t hide his disappointment when he hears that. Catherine agrees to provide security.

Catherine calls Gabe to tell him that, instead of a romantic date next Saturday, they are on bodyguard duty with Vincent. Gabe lies to Cat about being in his apartment. He is in a shady convenience store giving cash to a man. Gabe deflects Cat’s questions and ends up hanging up on her. Cat gets suspicious.

Back at the dungeon, Catherine runs into Vincent. He looks nervous. He can’t say no to her, so he agrees to come to the vow renewal.  Cat rambles about Gabe’s suspicious behavior. Vincent doesn’t want to be the reason Catherine can’t trust anyone. Vincent finds the entrance to the secret chamber, which turns out to be an incineration room, where they find a bunch of bones.

After analyzing the bones, JT concludes that Frank Darnell experimented on humans and then killed the unsuccessful subjects. Tess arrives and complains about her secret admirer who made her look like an unprofessional cop in front of her boss. In her desperation, Tess made Sam’s case official NYPD business.

Catherine suspects Sam is lying. She and Vincent take Sam in for questioning. In the end, Sam confesses to helping Frank with the experiments. Faulty beasts were cremated. Sam didn’t know the victims, but he remembers one name: “Clara”. Also, there was a man who visited the dungeon. They ask if he can identify him and Sam sees the new chief taking down a picture of Gabe in his office. Sam says that he's the guy. When they question that he's pointing out the chief, he clarifies that he was talking about the guy in the picture... he was talking about Gabe.

Vincent tries to ease Catherine’s worries while she looks for the mysterious Clara. He tells Cat he didn’t sense anything suspicious about Gabe. He tells her that compared to him, Gabe is a choir boy. Later, Cat identifies Clara was in the same orphanage as Gabe. JT finds out that Gabe bought a ticket to Mexico. Vincent agrees to go search Gabe’s loft while Cat keeps him occupied. Gabe confesses to Cat that he was planning a surprise romantic getaway to Mexico for Valentine’s Day.

Vincent raids Gabe’s loft and finds a small bottle with a little amount of the missing beast serum left in it. He goes to Catherine’s place where he finds her making out with Gabe. Vincent grabs Gabe and pushes him against the wall. Gabe denies any beast-serum involvement and accuses Vincent of planting it. Cat jumps to Vincent’s defense. Gabe claims he is being set up and he gets upset when he realizes Cat didn’t trust him and asked Vincent for help. Before leaving, Gabe asks Vincent to tell Cat he is not lying since he's tired of repeating himself to her.

Back at the precinct Tess tries to close a case. Captain Ward congratulates her on the other case she closed. Turns out the Dean of the Biochemistry Department called to thank them for getting their particle analyzer back. Tess is confused, wondering where that closed case came from.

Meanwhile Catherine and Vincent conclude that Tony Barnes framed Gabe. Vincent encourages Cat to talk to him and sort things out. Cat tells Vincent that she doesn’t know if she can get over what Gabe did while he was a beast. For her, it wasn't that long ago. 

Tess finds one of Sam’s attackers and discovered he just got an order to terminate Sam.  Catherine goes to Sam and Dana’s. Sam and Dana had a son who died of leukemia when he was 9 years old. His illness was the reason Sam got so involved in clinical trials and he started submitting the kid to experimental treatments until one of them killed him. So they just want to use the vow renewal ceremony as a way to honor their son and what they went through as a couple. 

Vincent wants to clear Gabe’s name because he feels responsible for Catherine’s inability to trust people. Vincent admits he was extremely happy when Cat told him she didn’t know if she could move forward with Gabe. JT points out that Vincent still has feelings for her. Vincent confirms. JT tells Vincent that, due to the current circumstances, this is the time to make a move and woo Cat. But Vincent points out he is the source of Cat’s trust issues. Cat goes to Gabe’s loft to grovel by bringing Mexico to him, carting in several bags of Mexican food. Vincent calls and informs them that all the bones belong to Gabe’s fellow orphans. 

Gabe remembers that Frank Darnell was part of a lawsuit involving a clinical trial. Sam was deposed on the same day so they had to know each other, therefore Sam knew Frank wasn’t Tony Barnes. After his conversation with Catherine and Gabe, Vincent is bummed because he realizes his window just closed.

At the gentlemen’s club, they conclude that Sam may plan to fake his own abduction, or death, and flee to Canada. In order to catch him in the act, Sam has to think Gabe was successfully framed. Therefore, Cat needs another date for the party. They all get uncomfortable, shifting their eyes surreptitiously towards Vincent. Vincent is oblivious to the implication until Cat looks directly at him. 

Catherine and Vincent arrive in the town of Harrison. JT proclaims they look like “Brangelina”. Vincent goes outside to try to sense things since the flowers were distracting. He follows a beep to a basement and Gabe follows him. The beep comes from a bomb, below the chapel.

Vincent takes off his coat and gets ready to get his hands dirty and disable the bomb. Gabe concludes they need to let the bomb explode. Sam needs to believe he died with everyone thinking he (Gabe) was the bad guy. For this to work, Vincent has to save him. Gabe looks worried for a moment, asking Vincent if he would actually save him and Vincent aggravatingly says that he would. After agreeing on the new plan, they go back inside. Gabe starts the charade and takes Sam away before everyone heads into the chapel. Meanwhile Vincent tells everyone about the bomb and sweeps Dana away.

Gabe confronts Sam, who stands silently with a knowing look. Gabe leaves the room. Sam triggers the bomb. Gabe runs into the chapel and finds Catherine. He's wondering why she's still in there and she says she couldn't leave him behind. Vincent shows up, grabs them both and jumps out of the window just as the bomb goes off.

Catherine talks to Dana inside the squad car and informs her that they won’t arrest Sam. They want him to believe his plan was successful, so he leads them to the real Tony Barnes. Dana says she can’t go on pretending she doesn’t know of his betrayal. Cat tells her that they haven't told Sam if Dana survived or not. Dana gets the indication that she, herself has to decide if she want to go into witness protection. Dana accepts and says she was so focused on who he had been five years earlier that couldn’t see who he had become now.

Vincent finds Gabe hiding from Sam in the garden. Vincent gives him some advice on playing dead: Get a home gym and a collection of decent takeout menus, because Catherine doesn’t mind eating in. Vincent apologizes to Gabe for breaking into his loft. Gabe says he should be the one apologizing for trying to kill him.

While Gabe tries to find Catherine, Vincent talks to JT. Vincent mentions that he doesn’t deserve Catherine and he would only harm her. JT tries to get it through his thick head that he is a deserving person who saves people even when they don’t deserve to be saved. Vincent acknowledges that he is back to doing the right thing but that doesn’t erase the fact that he betrayed Cat and made her suffer. He says he loves her enough to let her be with someone who deserves her. JT tries to convince him to win her back but they are interrupted by Tess’s arrival. Vincent makes himself scarce to give them some privacy.

Tess tells JT she didn’t hate the chocolates. Tess also says that giving her a closed case is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. And to show her gratitude, Tess decided to get a room at the inn.

Inside Gabe tells Cat he was making grand gestures (trip to Mexico, coffee, banners… ) to overcompensate for the horrible things he did. Cat tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize because he is a different person now. Cat kisses Gabe, and Vincent sees them. He walks away alone and heartbroken. 


Gabe: (to Tess) You do realize I'm sitting alone in a parking lot, watching her with her ex-boyfriend?
J.T: (sees Cat & Vincent) Oh my god, they look like Brangelina.
Tess: (to Gabe) Uh, he means Sam and Dana.

Vincent: I did the right thing for a change, but I haven't – not to her, especially, for a long time. And yes, I love her – enough to let her be with someone who is worthy.

J.T.: At some point, you'll feel worthier. And then you'll win her back, because this isn't how the musical ends.


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  • Aldrin Bundoc as Skeeze




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