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This page is a time line of important events within the Beauty and the Beast universe. For the sake of convenience, only relevant articles and deaths are linked to this page.


  • September 11th, 2001: In the September 11 attacks, terrorists destroy the Twin Towers in New York City.
  • September 11th, 2001: Vincent Keller lose his two brothers when the towers came down.
  • Late 2001: Vincent resigns from ST. Benjamin's Hospital and joins the army.
  • Between 2001-2002: The united states government implement their Super Soldier program.
  • 2002: Vincent is sent to serve in Afghanistan.
  • Mid-2002: The United States government decides to eradicate the Super Soldiers.
  • Late 2002: Vincent is reported "killed" in action in Afghanistan by the government. The entire report is later revealed to be part of a government cover up because unbeknownst to them, Vincent had survived the extermination.
  • Late 2002: Vincent secretly returns to the United States and goes into hiding.
  • Fall of 2003: Vincent saves Catherine Chandler's life by killing the men that murdered her mother, Vanessa Chandler, before they could do the same to her.


  • Catherine Chandler discovers that Vincent Keller is still alive.
  • Vincent confides in Catherine that he was apart of the government's Super Soldier program.
  • Brooke became Catherine and Heather's stepmother when she married their father Thomas Chandler.


  • September 11th, 2001: Vincent's two brothers, William and Daniel, killed by terrorists (Al-Qaeda).
  • Late 2002: All the super soldiers, except Vincent, are killed by the US government.
  • Fall of 2003: Vanessa Chandler – Mother of Catherine and Heather, killed by two unnamed agents.
  • Fall of 2003: Two unnamed agents – FBI agent, killed by Vincent Keller.
  • 2012: Ashley Webster – Wife of Mr Webster, killed by her assistant.
  • 2012: Agent McCleary – FBI agent, killed by Vincent Keller.

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