Train Station
Location information

New York City


Underground building where train pick up and let off passengers.


Public Transportation


This subway station is located somewhere in New York City; the exact location is currently unknown.




Cat fighting off Agent McCleary

In 2012, Catherine met with an FBI Agent named Agent McCleary, in this train station, and handed him a DNA sample which she thought could relate to her mother's murder case. Almost immediately after handing over the sample, Agent McCleary attacked her, with a knife; she fought him off, but then two other Agents joined in; during the altercation Catherine fell on the train track just as a train was entering the station. However, Vincent quickly killed her attackers and pulled her to safety.[1]


Later that same year, Peter attempted to recreate Vincent's murder of the FBI Agents that tried to kill Catherine on the subway platform, by kidnapping Evan and taking him into an abandon tunnel. However, before Peter could kill Evan, Vincent tracked him down and stopped him by ripping him apart. [2]

  • Catherine on the tracks.
  • Catherine in the tunnel.
  • Evan in the tunnel.
  • Vincent and Catherine in the tunnel.
  • Catherine and Vincent