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Shot by Robert Reynolds


Dated Gabriel Lowan

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Gabriel Lowan


Gabriel Lowan

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Gabriel Lowan

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Playing with Fire

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Never Turn Back

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Shantel VanSanten


Tyler was a recurring character on Beauty and the Beast. She was the girlfriend of Gabriel Lowan.


There's nothing known about Tyler's life before appearing as Gabe's girlfriend, only that she had just as much reason as Gabe to hate Muirfield, likely in connection to the scar that runs along her spine.

Since she was able to come up with a new medication for Gabe, and was also trying to help him find a cure, she was very likely a biochemist like J.T. and Vanessa.

Season One[]

Tyler was helping Gabe out with finding a way to help him control his condition. When he teams up with Catherine Chandler to find information, he finds out that Vanessa, his doctor, was Catherine's mother. Tyler also shares her suspicion that Catherine is deliberately hiding out the other Muirfield experiment that Gabe has been hunting down.

Gabe confronts Catherine about it, and she brings him to her boyfriend, Vincent Keller. Vincent agrees to give Gabe a blood sample to see if Gabe can stabilize his DNA without using his medication. Tyler runs tests on Vincent's DNA, and later tells Gabe that his plan will work, but it will kill Vincent. Gabe still intends to go through with it.

Before they can kill Vincent, his best friend, J.T. Forbes, figures out Gabe's plan and sabotages Tyler's work. Gabe later kidnaps Catherine to force Vincent to help. However, Vincent kidnaps Tyler in retaliation. Gabe, however, tells Vincent to kill Tyler. When Tyler is left alone with J.T., she knocks him out and escapes. Before she can get back to Gabe, though, she's shot and killed by Robert Reynolds, the head of Muirfield.